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"Sometimes all one can do is wait."

Enoch was a Chronicom anthropologist created thirty two thousand years ago. He learned of the imminent Destruction of Earth by the seer Robin Hinton. Enoch then took matters into his own hands by sending a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to 2091 to help prevent the extinction level event. He was eventually contacted by Leo Fitz who wanted to know where his friends were. After figuring out he had to go to a dystopian future, Enoch helped Fitz to survive for the next 74 years in cryostasis until they reached his friends in 2091. He then helped S.H.I.E.L.D. to get back to their timeline, sacrificing himself in the process.


Arrival in 2091

Putting a Plan into Motion

"Good morning, Fitz. Rise and shine."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]

Enoch waking Leo Fitz up

In the future of an alternate reality, while Leo Fitz was asleep, Enoch put a plan into motion and gave Fitz the identity of Boshtok, a vile marauder with unlimited wealth to impress the Kree Watch leader Kasius,[6] Enoch woke Fitz up from his cryosleep and informed him of his plan, giving him his helmet and arrival time to the Lighthouse.[7]

Leo Fitz's Right-Hand Man

Enoch and Leo Fitz disguised as bitters

"It was a rather fun pursuit, constructing your alias. No longer are you Leopold Fitz, but instead, Boshtok, a vile space marauder of unlimited wealth."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]

The duo arrived at the Lighthouse with the intent of purchasing the captured Daisy Johnson, who come to be known as "Destroyer of Worlds." Enoch and Fitz were with the other bitters as Enoch introduced Fitz to Karaba and Gaius Ponarian, the latter of whom Enoch is disgusted by. The two retreated to a corner where Enoch went over Fitz's identity as Boshtok. They were soon interrupted when Fitz spotted Jemma Simmons. Enoch made a joke about introducing them before letting Fitz talk to her.

Enoch watches Ben's execution

As Fitz had dinner with Kasius and the other bitters, Enoch stood to watch with the other consultants of the buyers. He later attended a fight to the death with the others with Melinda May being the one to fight against Kasius' prized Inhuman, Ben. Fitz, however, was able to halt the fight when it looked like May was going to lose, and trick Kasius to send May to the Earth's surface. After the match, Enoch stood helplessly as Sinara executed Ben for lying to Kasius about Johnson's friends not being from the past.

Leo Fitz gives Enoch orders

After Ben's execution, Enoch caught up with Fitz as he tried to reunite with Simmons but was prevented by Ava. He informed him that their plan had hit a snag as Kasius' brother Faulnak, who was wealthier and more feared than Fitz was, was arriving to purchase Johnson. When Kasius refused to let Fitz purchase Johnson from him instead of his brother, Fitz assigned Enoch to rescue May on the surface after Enoch gave him an I.C.E.R. for his plan to help Johnson and Simmons escape.

Enoch shoots a Kree

Enoch disguised himself as a Kree and made his way to the elevator to the surface. He met a Kree soldier, who he greeted as a brother. When the soldier questioned his decision to go to the surface as the Vrellnexians would kill any person that went down there, Enoch shot him with his I.C.E.R. and calmly told the unconscious soldier he wasn't a person and proceeded to the surface.[6]

Rescuing Melinda May

Enoch meets Melinda May

"How are you not eaten by those things?"
"They have no interest in me, as I have no tender insides for them to extract."
"Thought Fitz was done building robots."
"I am not a robot."
Melinda May and Enoch[src]

While Leo Fitz rescued Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson from Kasius, Enoch, in the process of find Melinda May killed three Vrellnexians. When he met May she mistook him for a Life-Model Decoy which Fitz built. Just as Enoch explained to her his hierarchy, she realized Enoch was the "son of a bitch" that kidnapped them and failed to strangle him. Enoch assured her he was here to help and the duo was hit by a Gravity storm and was pinned to the ground by a mysterious man who arrived at the location.

Enoch reunites with Robin Hinton

Enoch and May were then taken to an old and rusty Zephyr One which acted as a secret base to the True Believers, a faction of humans who believed and followed the prophecies of Robin Hinton. Enoch greeted May as she woke up and watched as Hinton introduced herself to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent after waiting so long to see her again.[1]

Reuniting with Fitz and the Team

Enoch and the others listening to Melinda May

Enoch and Melinda May were later reunited with Phil Coulson and his team which escaped from the Lighthouse. When Coulson and May hit a brick wall with Robin Hinton, they asked if Enoch knew how to reach her. Unfortunately, Enoch had no way of reaching her in this state and simply suggested to wait until she opened up. After Samuel Voss murdered Hinton to keep her from revealing anything to the team, Enoch stood with everyone else as May revealed that Flint was their ticket home.[2]

Escaping the Gravity Storms

Enoch talks with Phil Coulson

"Hey, Plastic, make yourself useful. Secure this in the back."
"Plastics are quite useful, if not often appreciated."
Melinda May and Enoch[src]

In the aftermath of a minor clash between team S.H.I.E.L.D. and the True Believers, Enoch questioned Flint's geokinetic ability to Phil Coulson, but got little answers. Enoch soon realized that the team was trying to repair Zephyr One instead of evacuating to the caves for shelter. Enoch tried to talk them out of their dangerous plan, to no success. Melinda May then ordered him to place supplies in the back.

Enoch suggesting to retreat

As the gravity storms increased, Enoch strapped himself in, only for the Zephyr's engines to blow up. Enoch suggested once more to evacuate to the caves and tried to go first, before being knocked down by another hit. Enoch helped the others prepare to leave, before Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons revealed the Zephyr's anti-gravity capabilities, giving them away to get to the Lighthouse.

Enoch compliments the plan

Enoch once again buckled himself in next to Coulson as he explained their slim odds of surviving. May told to "observe" and "share" less. As the Zephyr took off they encountered difficulties, with Enoch believing he would vomit if he had a stomach. After a brief duel between Daisy Johnson and Sinara that resulted in the latter's death, the team made it through the gravity storms. Enoch complimented their risky plan and the team headed towards the Lighthouse.[3]

Ultimate Sacrifice

Enoch contacts S.H.I.E.L.D.

"My battery chemistry will consume my body in an exothermal reaction violent enough to decimate several levels of the Lighthouse."
"So it's not great for the guy that's standing next to you flipping the switch."
"That person... would be completely atomized."
―Enoch and Deke Shaw[src]

Once in the Lighthouse, everyone in Zephyr One except Enoch left using the Containment Module while the former stayed back in order to operate the cyclotron which would be responsible for activation of the Monolith which could send the agents back to the past. After a Kree Watch Commander finished his sweep of the Zephyr, Enoch came out of his hiding place and informed his allies that he will have the machine ready for Flint to activate.

Enoch kills a Kree

While wiring the cyclotron used to open the portal, Enoch was interrupted by a Kree Watch soldier trying to get into the room. Enoch calmly contacted Phil Coulson and informed him of the situation. When Coulson questioned how long he would be able to hold off the Kree, Enoch proceeded to shoot the warrior twice in the stomach before he was able to get in and told Coulson he calculated he could hold out for roughly twelve minutes.

Enoch and Deke Shaw agree to self-sacrifice

Enoch was soon ambushed by another Kree, and when on the brink of death, Enoch was saved by Deke Shaw. When Shaw quipped about where guns had been his whole life, Enoch bluntly answered where they had been physically, before Shaw looked over injuries. Enoch, mortally wounded from the attack, and realizing the machine was damaged suggested using the dying battery in his body as a power source for activating the machine in an act of self-sacrifice. Shaw agreed to the plan despite Enoch's warnings that the explosion would kill him.

Deke Shaw hooks Enoch up to the machine

With the Lighthouse already evacuated, Enoch began wiring himself to the machine. While S.H.I.E.L.D. slowly reassembled in light of Kasius' death, Enoch began drifting into unconsciousness. With this, Shaw activated the cyclotron, which in turn triggered the Time Di'Alla to open, transporting S.H.I.E.L.D. back to the present day timeline. However, almost immediately after their departure, Enoch's battery combusted, destroying him in a brutal explosion, that also destroyed several levels of the Lighthouse.[4]

Although Enoch himself was destroyed in the explosion, a shard of the Time Di'Alla struck Shaw, sending him into the past with the others as well, instead of killing him.[8]


"Modifying the cell stack could create a thermal feedback capable of delivering more than enough power."
"Thermal feedback? What happens to you in that scenario?"
"I will expire, knowing I returned my friends home."
―Enoch and Deke Shaw[src]

Despite not often seen smiling, Enoch also displayed some sense of humor. He declared that creating Leo Fitz's alias as Boshtok the Marauder was quite amusing.

Enoch appears to be, as expected from a functioning robot, completely loyal and committed to his very defined missions. He waited alongside Fitz for more than seventy years and willingly sacrificed his life to help Phil Coulson's team to get back to their reality, all for his mission, to help to prevent an extinction-level-event.

Powers and Abilities


"I think this vessel is too damaged to power the Monolith."
"Then what can?"
"Me. My battery has sustained me for more than 32,000 Earth years."
―Enoch and Deke Shaw[src]
  • Chronicom Physiology: As a Chronicom, Enoch was a synthetic being and naturally possesses physical capabilities beyond any human being.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Enoch was essentially a highly advanced computer, as his computations could precisely calculate odds, granting him proficiency in mathematics and probability.
    • Superhuman Strength: As a Chronicom, Enoch possesses a higher level strength than an ordinary human.
    • Longevity: Enoch claimed he was sent to Earth thirty thousand years ago, which means he had been on the planet almost from the beginning of humanity.
    • Compressability: Due to being made mostly of plastic alloy, Enoch could squeeze his body into extremely confined spaces. In 2091, Enoch squeezed himself in a combined space in Zephyr One to hide from the Kree Watch Commander.

Enoch using synthetic skin to pose as a Kree

  • Appearance Alteration: Thanks to his synthetic skin, Enoch could physically alter his appearance to look like a Human or other galactic humanoids like Kree. Enoch disguised himself to look like a Kree Watch Sentry to head to the destroyed surface of Earth in order to rescue Melinda May from the Vrellnexians.


  • Master Anthropologist: Enoch was assumed to be an expert anthropologist since he had been documenting human evolution for myriads of years.
"While you were asleep, I had time to put a plan in motion. We have a few days before we arrive at the Lighthouse. That should give me enough time to prepare you."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]
  • Expert Tactician: To be added
  • Bilingualism: To be added



Other Equipment

Enoch operating the Isochronus Cyclotron

"Original Enoch fueled up the Monolith machine and went all supernova."
Deke Shaw[src]
  • Isochronus Cyclotron: In 2091, Enoch prepared this device with the power of the Time Di'Alla fragment to send the S.H.I.E.L.D. team back to their own time. When the time machine was severely damaged by a Kree Watch soldier who about killed him, Enoch was forced to have Deke Shaw hook himself up the machine to power it and ended up sacrificing his life to operate it and send his friends home.







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