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"I am accurtely aware that in my thousands of years observing humans, I never used to feel lonely. I have been alone many times. To be candid, I preferred it. But it wasn't until I met this particular team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that being alone meant... feeling lonely. And I don't care for it."

Enoch was a former Chronicom anthropologist, from Chronyca-2, created thirty two thousand years ago. He was mentored by Atarah, later lover, before they had a falling out and grew to despise each other. He was sent to Earth in order to study and record the history of humans.

During his study, he came into contact with Robin Hinton, whose Inhuman power made her able to see into the future, Enoch became aware of an extinction level event that would destroy Earth itself. While helping Polly Hinton take care and raise her daughter, Enoch began to make arrangements to save humanity, including sending Phil Coulson's team into the future through a Time Di'Alla, and helping Leo Fitz survive in cryostasis so that they could wait seventy-four years to save Fitz's friends. However, because of the alterations S.H.I.E.L.D. made to the timeline, Fitz's and Enoch's services were no longer required in 2091, and so S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to find him and Fitz in space so that they could reunite with the still-living pair in the present.

After being attacked, Enoch and Fitz were forced to go on the run for the next year, while trying to find a way to return Fitz to cryostasis. Unaware that the timeline had been changed. After being reunited with Jemma Simmons, he learned that Chronyca-2 was destroyed and the remaining Chronicoms led by Atarah were trying to save their home through time travel with the reluctant aid of Fitz and Simmons. Enoch helped them escape and once they were reunited and were on their way home, Enoch departed on his own mission to find a new home for his people. His plans were derailed when he learned that all remaining anthropologists became Chronicom Hunters. He took the skin of Isaiah and saved Fitz and Simmons from the Hunters when they attacked the Lighthouse. The trio then fled to deep space, where Enoch supervised FitzSimmons' construction of a time machine and, using a stolen copy of the Time Stream, saw into the future to see how S.H.I.E.L.D. could defeat the Chronicom threat.

Enoch helped them and the rest of the team escape in an upgraded Zephyr One and time travel to 1931 with the intent on stopping the Hunters from wiping out S.H.I.E.L.D. from history. To that end, he, with Fitz and Simmons, created a Chronicom Life-Model Decoy of Phil Coulson to help them navigate S.H.I.E.L.D.'s past. During their mission in 1931, Enoch was left behind after the Zephyr jumped to the next time period, Enoch took a job as a bartender for Ernest Koenig until he meets up with the team again. After a setback in 1955, he eventually reunited with them in 1973 and rejoined the team. After the Time Drive malfunctioned, propelling the team into a time-loop, Enoch was forced to attack and/or kill the members of team to stop them from removing D.I.A.N.A. from Simmons' neck as he was programmed to. The team, however, were able to find a solution, but Enoch was forced to sacrifice his life to save them by removing his Electrochron Displacement Mechanism. He spent his final moments with Daisy Johnson and Coulson, recounting what a privilege it had been to be a part of the family before finally deactivating.


Early Existence

Relationship with Atarah

"The Enoch I invited into my charging pod was reckless but not a traitor."
"I cannot believe I ever granted you access to my data port."
Atarah and Enoch[src]

32,000 years ago, Enoch was built and put in service on the Chronyca-2.[11] Enoch was mentored by Atarah, and the two eventually became the Chronicom equivalent of lovers. However, their relationship soured to the point that they deeply disliked each other.[3]

Departing Chronyca-2

"I was sent here 30,000 years ago to observe and record the evolution of your species. What you would call an anthropologist."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]

He was later sent from his planet to Earth in a Cryo-Freeze Chamber, with the intention of studying humanity and report their progress back to his people.[1] After arriving in the Stone Age, Enoch befriended a tribe of Neanderthals and noted their characteristic brow ridges.[12] Thousands of years later, his pod was discovered by the United States Air Force and was taken to Blue Raven Ridge for storage.[1]

Preparing for the End

Meeting the Hintons

"Enoch has been very helpful. He's helped me to understand... accept... that she lives mostly inside her head now."
Polly Hinton to Leo Fitz[src]

Enoch learned about the existence of Robin Hinton, an Inhuman child who had trouble mastering her abilities which enabled her to gaze into different times. Enoch contacted Polly Hinton and helped her get used to her daughter's newfound powers. Over time, Enoch collected many drawings from Robin who were supposed to describe incoming or past events. Thus, he learned about a possible Destruction of Earth in the future and resolved to act in order to prevent this cataclysm.

Robin predicted that the team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents made up of Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Daisy Johnson, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez could save Earth if they saw the aftermath of the destruction first hand in 2091. She gave Enoch the list of people but told him not to send Fitz yet. Robin also made Enoch aware of the Lighthouse and the Time Di'Alla that is housed there.[1]

Abduction at Rae's Restaurant

Enoch getting ready to capture S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Phillip J. Coulson."
"Yep, that's me. You got us. Nice job. And hey, congrats on the whole power-outage thing. It was very ominous."
"The window closes in two minutes. Take them."
―Enoch and Phil Coulson[src]

On the day of abducting Phil Coulson's team, Enoch spent the day getting ready. He swam in his pool for a while before taking a shower, removing his human skin in the process. Afterwards, he put on a business suit.

Enoch abducting S.H.I.E.L.D.

A group of soldiers under Enoch's command busted in Rae's Restaurant, where Coulson's team were having dinner together after the defeat of Aida. Believing that Enoch and his men were members of the authorities sent to arrest them after the Attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. International Inquiry as expected, Coulson calmly greeted them and joked over their dramatic entrance in the diner. Before he could finish the sentence, Enoch activated a device that emitted a high pitched sound and froze Coulson and all the agents in stasis.

Enoch then reminded his men that their window to take them would close in less than two minutes before agents of the United States Armed Forces arrived to take them into custody. He ordered them to take the agents away,[13] save for Leo Fitz, whom Enoch declared wasn't "on the list." Enoch brought the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to the Lighthouse where he released them from their stasis and sent them through the Time Di'Alla to 2091 to fulfill the prophecy that Robin Hinton foresaw.[14]

Helping Leo Fitz

Leo Fitz threatening Enoch

"I'm taking you to the place where I sent them."
"But you said that's impossible."
"I said where, not when."
―Enoch and Leo Fitz[src]

Six months later, Enoch was tracked down by Leo Fitz and Lance Hunter to his residence. Enoch who seemed to have expected the duo wasn't surprised to see them. When Fitz questioned his friends' whereabouts, Enoch revealed he had sent them to the year 2091 and showed then footage of the Time Di'Alla sending them. Enoch then told the two his history and his study of humanity. Though Hunter thought Enoch was crazy, Fitz asked why he didn't take him. Enoch revealed that he wasn't part of The Seer's list to be sent through. When Fitz demanded to be sent through, Enoch stated that the Monolith can only be activated in the future. Fitz then threatened Enoch to take him to the Seer by holding him at gunpoint.

Enoch introducing the Hintons

Enoch decided to introduce Fitz and Hunter to the Seer; who turned out to be Robin Hinton in a park. Enoch greeted Polly Hinton as Fitz introduced himself. Polly showed Enoch Robin's recent drawings that depict an ancient language that is not known to Earth. When the United States Air Force intercepted them to the park they were in, Enoch calmly distributed earplugs to his allies and used his Chronicom stasis device to help them escape. Enoch then took it upon himself to lead Fitz, Hunter and the Hintons' to the Lighthouse.

Enoch prepares to cryofreeze Leo Fitz

Enoch escorted the four down to the Lighthouse's lower levels and explained to Fitz that he sent his team to the future because Robin had foreseen an extinction-level event in the form of the Destruction of Earth. After Robin drew Fitz saving his friends from the Kree, Enoch revealed the device in which he arrived on Earth that they could use to send Fitz to the future was at Blue Raven Ridge, the place where Fitz was imprisoned. Once Fitz and Hunter retrieved it, Enoch help Fitz enter suspended animation for 74 years and placed him on a Chronicom Vessel.[1]

Before departing with the cryo frozen Fitz, Enoch informed his fellow Chronicom Noah of the Lighthouse's existence and to watch over it until the team returns.[15]

Changed Timeline

Attack on the Chronicom Vessel

Enoch guarding the cryo frozen Leo Fitz

"Apologies, Agent Fitz. We find ourselves in a bit of a conundrum. I was prepared to guard this vessel for the next 73 years, 261 days. But I now must calculate your best chances of survival. An extremely difficult computation, considering the circumstance."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]

Shortly after the Destruction of Earth was prevented, an energy source in the form of a spiral was created very near Enoch's spaceship. The Chronicom apologized to the cryo frozen Leo Fitz for the situation, trying to estimate his chances of survival. He looked at the spiral through a window, as it suddenly got bigger and cut the ship in two. The duo were able to make it to a life pod before it was destroyed.[16]

With their Cryo-Freeze Chamber destroyed, Enoch and Fitz intended to head to Naro-Atzia, the place where it was made and freeze Fitz once again. A year later, still, on the run from whoever destroyed their ship, they boarded the Lazy Comet, pretending to be Sivian workers for Viro. Enoch taught Fitz the language and hid in the walls while Fitz continued the ploy.[17]

Rescue of Sivian Engineers

Enoch is discovered

"Viro could not be reasoned with. You were right in preparing for the most violent outcome."
"It wasn't so hard to predict. There's a part of me that knows how uncompromising hateful men can be."
―Enoch and Leo Fitz[src]

One day, on their way to Naro-Atzia, as Fitz was opening up Enoch's hiding spot, he was caught by his crew-mates, who figured out he wasn't Sivian when he found Xandarian Snails to be disgusting. They opened up the wall Enoch was hiding in and were shocked to see him in the wall. Viro showed up on the bridge and ordered his men to throw Enoch and Fitz into space.

Enoch and Leo Fitz trying to convince Viro

Enoch and Fitz were taken to the airlock, but Fitz managed to halt their execution by trying to convince Vireo that they needed him to repair his ship before they reached Naro-Atzia. Enoch vouched for Fitz by telling Vireo that he was able to make the Xandarian Snails more fertile. At first, Viro still ordered his men to throw them out but was convinced when Fitz volunteered to work for free. Viro ordered them to fix the heat shields and the airlock to earn their keep.

Enoch and Leo Fitz discuss their survival

As they were doing what Viro ordered them to do, Fitz questioned the safety of the ship. Enoch told Fitz the ship was safe before his disdain for Xandarian Snails blew their cover. While Fitz was less than pleased by their chances of survival, Enoch remained confident that they would be able to return Fitz to cryo sleep to and prevent the Destruction of Earth according to Robin Hinton. After Fitz finished the repairs, Viro's men brought them to him on the bridge.

Enoch and Leo Fitz talk with Viro

After watching Viro slurp down his drink, Enoch and Fitz reported that everything he asked of them had been done. Viro was pleased with their work and told them that since he two slaves that work for free, he'll be letting the workers go. Enoch thought Viro meant relieving them but found out that he planned on throwing them out the airlock before they reached Naro-Atzia. Enoch then watched as Fitz tried to bargain for his crew-mates lives, to no avail.

Enoch and Leo Fitz try to figure out a plan

Enoch and Fitz watched from the shadows as Viro's men forcefully took the engineers to the airlock. While Fitz wanted to save them, Enoch recommended they avoid conflict if they are to complete their mission and reunite Fitz with Jemma Simmons. Fitz, however, couldn't stand by and let them die, as he would be unable to look Simmons in the eyes again if he let it happen, so the two came up with a plan that would save them.

Enoch congratulates Leo Fitz's plan

While Fitz distracted Viro, Enoch sabotaged the controls, making the other airlock open, instead of the one Viro intended. After Enoch returned to the hull, he found Fitz in the airlock with the other engineers. Viro thought Enoch had picked the right side and let him go. Viro shut the airlock and prepared the flip the switch. Knowing what was about to happen, Enoch held on to the railing. Viro flipped the switch and the other airlock sucked him and his men out. Enoch then closed the airlock and let Fitz and the others free. Enoch congratulated Fitz on his plan and how he knew how to deal with Viro, who told Enoch he knew how hateful men thought.

Enoch and Leo Fitz change plans

The Lazy Comet finally reached Naro-Atzia, Fitz asked Enoch about their safety. Enoch admitted that it would be difficult to cover up Viro's death, with the engineers facing the death penalty for it. Enoch recommended they could escape by hiding in the Xandarian Snail tanks, but Fitz refused, as he wanted the engineers to survive as well. Enoch suggested going to Kitson, where the engineers could find work, but questioned Fitz's plan to join Simmons in the future. Fitz simply told him that he had the time and they took off to Kitson.[17]

Making a Fortune on Kitson

Enoch and Leo Fitz unload the Xandarian Snails

"I must admit that this journey together, from the moment our ship was attacked until now, barring perhaps that one incident with the MazTats, has been quite stimulating and informative."
"Are you seriously trying to tell me that you're having fun?"
"It would seem that, yes, I am having a facsimile of what you would call 'fun.'"
―Enoch and Leo Fitz[src]

After the pair dropped the Sivian engineers off in Kitson City, they started to unload the Xandarian Snails to Boyle and Toad to pay for a Cryo-Freeze Chamber. When Boyle questioned where they were heading after this, Enoch bluntly informed them of their plan, much to Leo Fitz's annoyance. The scavengers didn't seem to care about it though, and got back to work unloading the snails. Enoch then listened as Toad talked about what a job they did saving the crew from Viro and how they were heroes.

Enoch and Leo Fitz held at gunpoint

When Fitz caught the eye of puffies, Enoch stopped him from eating them, informing him that they were not meant for humans. Enoch assured Fitz they would find him food once they were paid, but were in shock when Boyle pointed a gun at them, demanding the snails and ship. Toad then showed them that the two were most wanted from his datapad. Taking pity on them, Boyle gave them a casino chip they can use at the House of Games and urged them to leave.

Enoch arriving at the House of Games

The two entered the casino where they were greeted by an employee who informed to leave their weapons and robotic companions behind or they would be executed. Before Fitz could urge Enoch to remain, he already walked through the scanner undetected. Fitz followed after him and questioned how he got through. He informed him that his Chronicom biology allowed him to fool any scanner. Fitz simply nodded and claimed to be happy that Enoch made it while patting his shoulder.

Enoch tells Leo Fitz he's having fun

As the two walked down the stairs, Enoch talked about their year-long adventure together and how he's been having "fun," much to Fitz's confusion. Enoch then went on to call Fitz his "best friend." He asked if Fitz felt the same, but he didn't provide an exact answer. Instead, he compared them to Xandarian snails, and how they're moving but not going anywhere. He then pulled out the casino chip and told the Chronicom that they needed more than the one chip they had before entering the main casino, with Enoch close behind.

Enoch and Leo Fitz in the House of Games

When Fitz saw what kind of games and people were present, he became uncertain of their odds of succeeding in winning a fortune. Enoch, however, was confident in their chances. He informed Fitz that he was well-versed in over 10,000 intergalactic games of chance, some of which were being played in the casino they were in. Fitz asked which games he was good at, but Enoch revealed he was only an observer, not a participant. This gave Fitz little hope in seeing Jemma Simmons again and walked off.

Enoch explains how he won

After meeting up with Fitz, the two tried to figure out which game to bet on. Enoch believed a drink could help them decide and ordered two Barracooladas from a waitress. Fitz questioned why he did that, but Enoch assured him that they were "quite delicious." Fitz specified that it wasn't the taste, but the price; they only had one chip. Enoch realized their predicament and found a way to remedy it. He grabbed the chip and placed it on a gaming board. It lit up at that moment and Enoch won a handful of chips because of it. Fitz pulled Enoch to the side and asked how he did that. Enoch began to explain how he deduced the odds, but Fitz cut him off, realizing he was an advanced computer. Enoch felt like that was an insult, but Fitz assured him it wasn't and convinced him to use his advanced thinking to their advantage by calling him his best friend.

Enoch begins to win money

Enoch and Fitz were soon given their drinks and Enoch enjoyed it while Fitz denied it. Fitz deduced that the table behind them was where the most money was being won. Enoch was eager to join their ranks, but Fitz told him it depended on his poker face. Enoch unfortunately informed that his current face was the only one he had. Enoch walked up to the empty seat and bared greetings to the brigands. He sat down next to Wayne and begun to play. Enoch made great progress in winning a fortune, chatting up with Wayne in the process.

Enoch is hustled by Wayne

Enoch continued to make great strides in his fortune, laughing along with Wayne. When the next bet came up, Wayne told Enoch that he was going to sit out of the next round, Enoch thanked him for the heads up and proceeded to place his bets. Fitz tried to stop him, believing it was a trap. Enoch disagreed and informed him that he thinks he found a "like-minded friend" to join their adventure. Fitz, however, didn't believe Wayne was a friend, much to Enoch's disappointment. Enoch placed his bets but was confused when Wayne decided to play. In the end, Wayne won and Enoch lost his fortunes. He questioned if Wayne lied to him, to which he openly acknowledged. This left Enoch in a daze as to him being manipulated.

Enoch and Leo Fitz figuring out what to do

The two sat at the bar in despair with Fitz dumbfounded that Enoch lost all their money. Enoch defended himself, saying Wayne intentionally deceived him. Fitz called it bluffing and compared it to what Enoch does. Enoch, however, saw no comparison. Fitz reminded him that he was a robot passing as human, which was bluffing. Enoch pointed out again that he wasn't a robot. He then asked if Fitz was bluffing when he referred to him as his best friend. Fitz believed it didn't matter anymore and didn't answer. Wanting to make up for his blunder, Enoch recommended other ways to win money, such as the brothels of Kitson. Fitz, however, refused to take part in the brothels.

Enoch bets Leo Fitz

Enoch then suggested a game that didn't require bluffing, but a strategy based entirely on mathematical odds. Fitz asked him why he didn't suggest this before and Enoch told him it was because it was very high stakes. Enoch brought Fitz to where the game would be played where he was examined by Montalban. He claimed that Fitz would fetch a high price, which led Fitz to realize he was the collateral. Enoch informed if he lost he would be sold into slavery. Now terrified, Fitz tried to get Enoch to take his place, He, however, reminded him he had to count the tiles. He told him he would signal him using a high-pitched tone that only human ears could hear. Fitz took a seat and Enoch told him not to get a fourteen without further explanation.[2]

Chronicom Decommissioned

Enoch is reactivated by Leo Fitz

"Shut down. Which can only mean I am decommissioned. I am useless now. I have soiled the integrity of Chronicoms. The name Enoch will be an unspeakable sound."

As the game progressed, Enoch used his high-pitch tone to aide Fitz. Though it looked as though they were winning, Enoch was automatically shutdown and started echoing his high-pitch tone. He was discovered by Montalban, who ordered everyone but Fitz to leave. Montalban locked them in and Fitz was finally able to turn Enoch back on. Enoch felt uncomfortable and urged Fitz to cease. Fitz told him that he set off a "air-raid alarm." Enoch, however, realized that he was remotely shut down and told him that it was a Chronicom Hunter that caused the shutdown and that they were on their way.

Enoch realizes he is decommissioned

Realizing that his shutdown meant he was decommissioned, Enoch became depressed. He sat down and went on about how he soiled what it meant to be a Chronicom. Fitz tried to find a way to escape before they could skin them, but Enoch didn't care if they had his skin, referring to it as his uniform of shame. Fitz tried to convince Enoch that he wasn't useless and to help him. When Fitz questioned what that horrible smell was, Enoch claimed it as the foul stench of the name Enoch. Fitz, instead, referred to the dead poker gamer and Enoch informed him he was a Crepetolian whose blood was made up of 75% sulfur. He proceeded to bang his head on the table.

Enoch questions what his purpose is

Enoch then began to go into an extensional crisis, believing he shouldn't even exist. While he was moping, Fitz spread the Crepetolian's blood across the door and asked Enoch to "spark up." Enoch questioned why he would do that when there was no purpose, saying the both of them would soon be dust and rust. To make Enoch feel better, Fitz called him his best friend and that was his purpose. Enoch believed he was bluffing, but Fitz assured him he wasn't; that he was the time he's known him, he's grown on him.

Enoch is reunited with Jemma Simmons

This gave Enoch the purpose he needed and told Fitz he would do anything for his best friend. He walked over to the door and sparked his fingers to ignite the sulfur. The spark blew the door open, but Enoch was knocked away momentarily. When he came to, Fitz had been taken by the Chronicom Hunter Malachi. As he came out of the room, he noticed a surprised Simmons standing in front of him. Believing Simmons should be in 2091 with the rest of her team, he questioned why she was here.[2]

Learning of Chronyca-2's Fate

Enoch mopes on Zephyr One

"Our homeworld has been destroyed. All that remains of the Chronicom race are aboard this fleet."
"Chronyca-2 is gone? That cannot be."
Atarah and Enoch[src]

Enoch and Jemma Simmons reunited with Daisy Johnson and escaped back to Zephyr One before they were captured by Kitson's enforcement. While fleeing in deep space, Enoch continued to mop over how he was a decommissioned Chronicom; James Davis was irritated by Enoch's constant complaining but let it go when Piper reminded him how he damaged their super-threatening fuse box while he was high on alien puffs.

Enoch is told what happened in the future

Johnson and Simmons tried to get back on topic and asked Enoch who the bounty hunter that took Leo Fitz was. Remembering that Fitz was taken, Enoch swore that despite he now was alone he would never forget his only friend. Simmons tried to ease his sadness by telling him that they were his friends. Enoch, however, reminded her that the last time he saw them, he kidnapped her team and sent them to a dystopian future. Though it wasn't a good start to their relationship, Johnson and Simmons told Enoch sacrificed himself to send them back to the present and save the Earth from destruction.

Enoch and the others are captured

Enoch became confused as to why Chronicom Hunters were after him if he had completed his mission. When Johnson mentioned how they thought they were the Confederacy, Enoch believed it would have been better if it was the Confederacy as the hunters were ruthless and would never release Fitz. After Simmons swore to never stop fighting to get Fitz back, they were attacked. Enoch, Johnson, Simmons, and Piper got to the bridge where they found Confederate Destroyer Ships coming out of hyperspace; Enoch mouthed "oh dear."

Enoch is reunited with Atarah

The agents prepared for the Remorath to come through as Enoch recounted that ships similar to these attacked him and Fitz and destroyed their Chronicom Vessel, with them barely escaping. As the agents prepared for an attack, Enoch pointed out that if they wanted them dead, they would've cut the ship in two. Believing it wasn't the Confederacy Enoch went to open the door, despite the others pleads. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Atarah. They greeted each other in the typical Chronicom fashion, before Enoch introduced her to the others. Atarah informed Enoch that he was to face trial for tampering with the universe; Enoch accepted his fate.

Enoch learns of Chronyca-2's destruction

The Chronicoms locked Davis and Piper in the brig while Atarah led Enoch, Johnson, and Simmons to the bridge. As they were walking, Atarah revealed that the Confederacy ships were theirs now, to which Enoch noted as aggressive even for her. When they finally reached the bridge, Atarah gave Enoch the grim news that Chronyca-2 had been destroyed, much to Enoch's horror. She explained how their planet was destroyed and when the Confederacy showed up they seized their ships to flee.

Enoch is reunited with his "bestie"

Simmons asked what it had to do with them, but Enoch deduced that Atarah wanted to know how they traveled back in time from 2091 so they could do the same and save their home from destruction. Johnson and Simmons were hesitant to give them that information since they had been hunting them for the last year. So, Atarah projected a hologram of Fitz being held at gunpoint by Malachi. Enoch greeted his "bestie," but was horrified when Malachi hit him in the stomach. He then listened as Atarah told them that Fitz was on another ship and if they didn't behave, he would be sent somewhere they would never find him.[3]

Capture of Jemma Simmons

Enoch tries to reason with Atarah

"You claim he is your best friend, but we are the last of our kind. You have knowledge that could aid us. What would motivate him to do what we need?"
"Her. Put Jemma Simmons in danger, and Fitz can do anything."
Atarah and Enoch[src]

Enoch took Atarah to the side and tried to convince her that Leo Fitz wasn't their enemy and demanded she releases him. Atarah denied and urged Enoch to help them instead. Enoch went on to talk about how Fitz had been a loyal companion in the last year. Atarah didn't care, however, and noted that Earth had made him soft. Enoch agreed with her view of him but believed that one had to change to grow. Atarah was disgusted by what Enoch had become and that the Enoch she invited into her charging pod was reckless, not a traitor. Enoch, as well, couldn't believe he granted her access to his data port. Seeing Enoch wouldn't help, Atarah proceeded her way.

Enoch argues with Atarah

Atarah returned to Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons and told them that if they refused to help her she had no further use for Fitz and ordered Malachi to kill him on her order. The hologram of Fitz faded and Enoch demanded she brings him back. He listened as Simmons told her about the time machine in the future, but it was destroyed. When Atarah figured she had no more use for any of them, Enoch tried to convince her that Fitz was their best option of figuring out Time Travel. Atarah tried to convince Enoch one last time to aide them by revealing what would motivate Fitz to help.

Enoch watches Quake and Jemma Simmons flee

After a moment of hesitation, Enoch finally made his choice and revealed that if they put Simmons in danger, Fitz would have all the motivation he needed to figure out time travel; Johnson and Simmons were appalled by Enoch's sudden betrayal. Enoch was then distraught when Atarah ordered her men to kill Johnson, James Davis, and Piper, as they were of no use, but to leave FitzSimmons alive. Realizing Atarah no longer had any leverage over them, Johnson quaked her and her hunters. Before leaving, they gave Enoch a disappointed look and fled to rescue Davis and Piper.

Enoch gases Leo Fitz

After Atarah recovered, he joined her and the others in hunting down the agents. When they finally reached them, he witnessed Simmons give herself up to let the others escape. Enoch then visited Fitz in his cell and briefed him on the situation. When he informed him of Simmons' capture, Fitz asked him to fill in the blanks. He reluctantly told him that he offered Simmons up so that the two of them could be spared. Fitz, however, was furious at Enoch for what he did and ordered him to leave his cell. Enoch pulled out a small device and told Fitz he would always be his friend before releasing gas into the cell, causing Fitz to fall unconscious.[3]

Escape from Confederate Destroyer Ship

Enoch observes FitzSimmons

"I have taken bold action."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

The Chronicoms hooked Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to the Cerebral Fusion Machine believing they can take what information they muster in it to solve the secret to Time Travel. Enoch was wary of this, as the device could kill them, but Atarah reminded him of his belief that the human mind was a powerful thing so two of them would be sufficient.

Enoch tries to persuade the others

Enoch listened in on Atarah's conversation with FitzSimmons in the fusion machine and agreed with the latter that using the machine on humans was too dangerous. Atarah argued that Chronicoms had used it to great effect and that there was no better way to solve the problem that was presented. Enoch reminded her that unlike Chronicoms, humans had emotional problems. Malachi approached Enoch and observed that he might be developing emotions himself. Atarah than brought up their planet's destruction and that they are fighting for their very survival. Enoch agreed that they needed to be at their best, but believed if Fitz were conscious he would call Atarah "the absolute worst."

Enoch escapes with FitzSimmons

Seeing that their minds were at war with each other, Enoch urged Atarah to pull them out or risk losing what information they had. Malachi stopped Enoch from approaching Atarah and she demanded Enoch to finally pick a side: his people or his friends. Enoch chose his friends and took "bold action" and deactivated Atarah, Malachi and the other Chronicoms present, taking Malachi's Chronicom Rifle and Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc. He unplugged FitzSimmons from the machine and ordered them to embrace him. As he activated the disc to escape, he heard Simmons tell Fitz that he was a grandfather. Before the latter could ask what that meant, they teleported away.[18]

Back on Kitson

Enoch and the others are stranded on Kitson again

"It appears we are stranded. Again. An unfortunate circumstance, as we are still wanted on this planet."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

The three teleported back to Kitson, where they caught the attention of the locals before they went back to their business. Leo Fitz questioned Enoch why he sent them back here, but he informed them it was an accident as it was his first time using a Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc. He assured them he made a few adjustments, only to see that another guest took the disc and teleported away. Enoch then stated the obvious that they were stuck on Kitson, which was unfortunate as they were still wanted. This caused Fitz to yell at him as Jemma Simmons groaned that she just wanted to go home.

Enoch and FitzSimmons are captured

To attract attention until the coast was clear, the three pretended to participate in casino games. While Enoch kept an eye on the door, Simmons unconvincingly cheered for the game. He paid little attention to Simmons talking about her time high the last time they were there. When the coast was finally clear, he urged his friends that it was time to leave. As they approached the exit, they were halted by Montalban. He was pleased they returned and believed Mister Kitson would be too. They were then taken into custody.

Enoch and FitzSimmons in Mister Kitson's office

The three were chained and taken to Mister Kitson's office. As they waited, they were told the portraits across the House of Games were of Mister Kitson's grandfather, the first Mister Kitson. When the current Kitson finally arrived, he talked about how his grandfather created the House of Games and that they almost ruined it by bringing Enoch and bounty hunters into the house. They tried to negotiate with Kitson, to no avail. He sentenced Enoch to the brothel; Enoch didn't know what he was feeling. While FitzSimmons were sentenced to death.

Enoch celebrates his freedom

After FitzSimmons were rescued by Izel, she purchased Enoch and the four sat to celebrate their freedom. Enoch thanked Izel for purchasing his release, but she didn't care for him, but Fitz and Simmons insisted she help him, and he was cheap. Enoch took some offense to it. Izel then revealed that she wanted FitzSimmons as her new crew to help her find valuable artifacts, but they declined as they just wanted to go back home to Earth. Izel informed that was where they were headed, so they agreed. Unfortunately, Izel didn't have a ship, but Enoch and Fitz believed they knew where to get one.[4]

Leaving FitzSimmons

Enoch watches Izel work

"Hey! Enoch. Where are you going?"
"My mission is complete. The Earth was saved, and you have secured passage home. I have a new mission to find a home for my people."
Leo Fitz and Enoch[src]

The three took Izel to the Lazy Comet, where they planned on taking the ship back from Boyle and Toad. Enoch watched as Izel "persuaded" them to help them and secured passage to Earth.

Enoch bids farewell to Leo Fitz

Enoch then headed to the exit, but Leo Fitz stopped him and asked where he was going. Enoch explained that since the Earth was destroyed and he and Jemma Simmons secured passage home, he had a new mission - to find a new home for his people. Fitz and Simmons thanked Enoch for everything, though the former added that he had completely disrupt his life. Enoch said your welcome and embraced Fitz. Before leaving he gave Fitz a communicator in case he was ever in trouble and bid farewell.[4]

Contacting Allies

Enoch speaks with Isaiah

"I am hoping to organize our fellow anthropologists, who were safely stationed away from home."
―Enoch to Isaiah[src]

After leaving Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, Enoch returned to the House of Games. In secret, he contacted his old friend Isaiah on the planet Leitner. He asked how the population was doing and received the tragic news that they were still cooking with feces. When Isaiah told Enoch that he knew of Chronyca-2's destruction, Enoch got to the point - he planned on relocating their fellow anthropologist that were safely stationed away. When Isaiah asked if they were the last of their people, Enoch told them that there were others, but he was avoiding them. After they exchanged in friendly banter, Enoch told Isaiah that they needed the gather the fragments of their broken civilization.[5]

Enoch meets with Isaiah

Enoch waited at the House of Games for the next couple of days for Isaiah to arrive with the list of Chronicom anthropologists. He was in the middle of a beverage when Isaiah finally arrived. He apologized for their unfortunate surroundings and asked how their efforts were fairing in tracking down the anthropologists. Isaiah did, but he had bad news; all the Chronicoms on his list had been reassigned. He showed him his list and Enoch was stunned to see they had all been reassigned to hunter. The list soon revealed that Isaiah had also been reassigned as a hunter. Enoch slowly turned to his former friend, before he jumped him.[19]

Despite the sudden betrayal, Enoch was able to kill Isaiah. Figuring the Chronicom Hunters planned on making Earth their new home, Enoch took Isaiah's skin to infiltrate the hunters and "bluff" his way to save his friends.[6]

War Against the Chronicoms

Ambush at the Lighthouse

Enoch and Malachi in the Lighthouse

"I have a strategy that will save your lives and the lives of your fellow agents, but unfortunately, time is of the essence. We must act now."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Enoch took part in the Ambush at the Lighthouse in Isaiah's skin, but made sure not to kill anyone. After taking the command center, he stood with Malachi and Baal-Gad as they insulted his views of humanity. He "bluffed" that his passion for humans was his undoing and watched Malachi order Baal-Gad to follow S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol to flesh out the remaining agents. Malachi found Nick Fury's Toolbox and ordered "Isaiah" to find him the key.

Enoch kills his soldiers

Enoch and his troops got a hold of the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine and took it in to a secret room within the Lighthouse. His two soldiers found Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons hiding and attempted to kill them before Enoch saved them by killing his soldiers first. Seeing that the pin to a grenade was loose, he calmly placed it back into the grenade they were holding and apologized in his regular voice for the confusion.

Enoch explains his plan to FitzSimmons

FitzSimmons realized it was Enoch and came out of their hiding spot. He explained that bluffing was easier if he killed Isaiah took his skin. He gave Fitz his Chronicom Rifle and revealed that the second wave of hunters was coming. Simmons doubted they would survive, but Enoch assured her he had a plan but must act fast. Seeing that Enoch was holding something back, Fitz asked what else he was hiding. He explained that this would be the hardest thing they ever did - change the course of their lives forever. FitzSimmons, however, didn't seem that phased by the idea.[6]

A New Mission

Enoch transports onto a Quinjet

"I need better materials. Not this salvaged scrap."
"It's a good thing we are building a time machine, as it does not matter how long it takes."
"Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence, Enoch."
Leo Fitz and Enoch[src]

Though having lost the Lighthouse, Enoch's strategy worked out, as after having some help, along with time, they were able to learn of the Chronicom's plan to make Earth into Chronyca-3 and eliminating S.H.I.E.L.D. throughout time. However, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were forced to separate once more without knowing each other's location.[6]

Enoch scans Jemma Simmons' brain

To insure that Simmons forgot Fitz' location, she and Enoch got to work creating an implant called D.I.A.N.A. to inject into her neck to suppress her memory. One day, as they were getting closer, Enoch took note that Simmons' brain was one the "better brains" he'd had seen compared to what he had seen in the 19th century, saying it was a strange time for Humanity. Fitz then came in to their workstation and made a joke that he was becoming jealous of all the time Enoch and Simmons were spending together.

Enoch is asked to leave

Though Simmons gave him the good news that she and Enoch were close to a working design for D.I.A.N.A., Fitz was less confident that he could build a working Time Drive with the scrap they managed to salvage, leading Enoch to try and reassure him that it didn't matter how long they took since they were building a time machine, but, it was taken as an insult. Fitz then asked him if he and Simmons could have a moment, and while he agreed, he soon realized he meant alone and left their workstation to grant them their request.[20]

Enoch puts D.I.A.N.A. into Jemma Simmons

Simmons then programmed Enoch to protect the implant at all costs, even if it meant killing her and any other member of the team. She also programmed him with a password command to countermand the kill order, but was prevented from remembering it by D.I.A.N.A.[10] Enoch also provided an idea to create a Life-Model Decoy of Phil Coulson to help them stop the Chronicom Hunters, which Simmons was initially against but later thought it was the right thing to do, as well as missing him incredibly.[6]

Traveling to 1931

Enoch prepares Chronicom LMD Phil Coulson

"A report on NYPD radio of three bodies, found without faces. I believe it to be an Eraser, a particularly invasive Hunter procedure to procure identities."
―Enoch to Alphonso Mackenzie and Phil Coulson[src]

After being transported in 1931 by Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, Enoch dressed Phil Coulson’s Chronicom LMD with a suit to have him being ready to be booted by S.H.I.E.L.D. members Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie. When they arrived, Enoch put the start button on a table and left the room, letting his friends take care of Coulson.[6]

Enoch scanning frequencies

Enoch then went in the all-new lab designed by Fitz and scanned existing frequencies to see if there is something unusual happening in 1931 caused by the Chronicom Hunters. When Simmons showed the lab to the rest of the team, Enoch greeted them as new and old friends, but by shouting. Simmons pointed out to him that he had his headphones on his head, thus Enoch apologized. When Deke Shaw came over to check out his new workstation, Enoch left to let him have space.

Enoch healing Melinda May

A few minutes later, Enoch joined Mackenzie and Coulson with Simmons to tell them that the New York City Police Department reported dead bodies without faces. According to Enoch, it is linked to the use of Erasers, a Hunter tool allowing them to steal identities. While Mackenzie, Johnson, Coulson and Shaw left to investigate the bodies without faces, Enoch used a futuristic S.H.I.E.L.D. tech to heal Melinda May’s injuries from Sarge's Sword.[7]

Interrogation of Cain

Enoch and Yo-Yo Rodriguez

"The rumors are true. You've chosen humans over your own kind."
"You didn't choose anything. You were reassigned."
Cain and Enoch[src]

While his was healing Melinda May, Daisy Jonhson and Deke Shaw came back in a stolen car with Cain, a Chronicom they captured that Jemma Simmons suggested to tie up to get some answers. After Cain was tied up, Enoch told his friends that since Cain is a hunter, he is programmed to resist any form of interrogation, though Yo-Yo Rodriguez was ready to see what her arms can do while Simmons said that she has a better tactic.

Enoch observes Cain's interrogation

When Cain noticed Enoch standing next to Rodriguez, he became disgusted that he humans over his own species, but Enoch retorted that, unlike him, he had not chosen anything because he was reassigned. Simmons then argued that Chronicoms are only hardware and software, which Enoch found rude, with a limited bandwidth, wanting to overload his system to spill some random information that may be useful, like it happened earlier with Phil Coulson's Chronicom LMD.

Enoch warns Jemma Simmons of the risks

Cain’s programming was solid, so Rodriguez said that it’s taking too much time, to what Cain replied that humans won’t never comprehend time’s true nature because Chronicom anthropologists studied Earth for thousands of years, so they know exactly what to do to make sure that S.H.I.E.L.D. never exists. Simmons tried to increase the quantity of data crossing Cain’s mind. Enoch warned her that if she push too hard, his system could shut down permanently but Simmons ask Cain how are they going to attack Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Enoch watches Cain's death

While Cain continued to overload without giving any new information, Enoch argued that if he overloaded completely he will be become useless to them. Simmons soon gave in and unlinked him from her computer but Cain continued to overload his own system to prevent them from getting any further information and continually said « Target F.D.R. », « Target F.R.D. » and finally « Target Freddy » before melting completely, giving the true name of the target, which they relayed to the team.[7]

Guarding the Zephyr

Enoch looks for Melinda May

"Enoch, are you there?"
"I am here, Agent Johnson."
"Any luck reaching the boys?"
"Negative. These primitive analogue communication devices are quite... primitive. It will take some time."
Daisy Johnson and Enoch[src]

After Cain's interrogation, Enoch went back to work in healing Melinda May, but to his surprise, she had broken out of the Healing Pod. Enoch tried to call her name and presenting himself, without success. Enoch then asked himself how could he could have lost her and walked away.[7] Enoch eventually found May but noticed she was not in her right self.

Enoch is contacted by Phil Coulson

A while after finding May, Enoch was then contacted by Phil Coulson through the walky talky's at Ernest Koenig's speakeasy. He informed the Chronicom that they needed to get in touch with Alphonso Mackenzie, as he and Deke Shaw were likely out of range to make contact with the radios. Enoch suggested he could boost the signal on the radio transmitter through Zephyr One's systems. Coulson told him to do what he could as they need to inform the duo of who Freddy Malick really was.

Enoch reveals that Melinda May is awake

Enoch then revealed to the team that May had awoken from her coma. Jemma Simmons, who gone with Yo-Yo Rodriguez to meet up with the team, grabbed the radio from Coulson and questioned what he meant. He clarified that she was up and active again. Simmons told Enoch that it was to soon and they had no idea of the consequences of May's premature awakening. Simmons ordered Enoch to sedate her and put her back into the Healing Pod. He assured her that he would do his best, but mentioned that she wasn't currently in the mood to take orders.

Enoch is "sedated" by Melinda May

Enoch found May doing pull ups in the lab and suggested she get some rest. After finishing her pull ups, May turned to Enoch and noted that she knew him. He introduced himself as the "best friend to Agent Leopold Fitz" and informed her that they had not met, but that he was aware of her alliance with his alternate timeline self, and that he hoped he could be as useful to her as his other self was. Enoch revealed a sedative and told her that Simmons recommended it, but May stabbed it into his shoulder, though he felt nothing.

Enoch catches Melinda May up

May asked Enoch where Simmons and the others were and he informed her that they were currently on a mission. When May questioned why she was still in the Zephyr, Enoch asked her what the last thing she remembered. May told him that she remembered escaping the Fear Dimension, killing Izel, then waking up in the Healing Pod. Enoch added that she died momentarily as well but was saved by Simmons, using technology she had time to develop. May asked how much time, but Enoch simply repeated what he had just said.

Enoch talks with Daisy Johnson

Enoch then pulled the sedative out of his shoulder and told May that she was far from home. Thinking Enoch was referring to space, she asked if she was in another galaxy, only for Enoch to reveal she was in the year 1931. Seeing it as not a big deal, May told Enoch she was hungry and left, with Enoch following her. Enoch then got to work trying to make contact with Mackenzie and Shaw when he was contacted by Daisy Johnson asking if he had gotten in touch with them. He informed that he hadn't, having issues with the primitive technology, but assured her that he will. Feeling he was being watched, Enoch turned around, only to find no one there.

Enoch questions Melinda May's well being

Enoch managed to get in contact with Mackenzie for a minute, before the signal broke out. May then showed up, wearing her S.H.I.E.L.D. suit and decided to leave the Zephyr to go help. Enoch denied it, but May clarified that she wasn't asking for his permission. Enoch then asked her how she was feeling, seeing that she wasn't acting like herself. When she said she wasn't feeling anything, Enoch realized there had been complications waking up prematurely. May threatened Enoch unless he told her where Mackenzie and Shaw were, but Enoch refused. When May contacted Simmons and got no where, she opted to find them herself.[8]

Duel on Zephyr One

Enoch attempts to stop Melinda May

"A machine is still just a machine."
"No need to make this personal."
Melinda May and Enoch[src]

Grabbing an I.C.E.R., Enoch followed Melinda May to the hangar, to try and prevent her from leaving Zephyr One. May was sure he didn't have the guts to pull the trigger and while Enoch agreed he didn't have a intestinal digestive system, he did believe was more than capable of pulling the trigger. At that moment, May slugged him in the face, but did no damage. Enoch then tried to fire on May, only for her to disarm him and continue down the stairs to leave.

Enoch fights Melinda May

Seeing no other option but to fight, Enoch jumped down to the hangar and took off his jacket, saying he did not wish to harm her. May tried fighting the former anthropologist, but Enoch was more then able to hold his own, revealing that since they were at war with the Chronicoms, he had upgraded himself to the Chronicom Hunter combat skill package. May remained unimpressed, calling Enoch a machine, which he took personal.

Enoch is punched by Melinda May

The two continued their fight, with neither one letting up. Cornering May to the end of the Zephyr, Enoch was cut off guard by the agent jumping up and delivering a serious blow to his face. Enoch quickly recovered and halted May from attacking him again. She retreated to the stairs, where she did a flip on one of them and kicked Enoch in the back, causing him to fall on them. May then grabbed Enoch while he was out of it and slammed his face multiple times on the stairs and its railings. Believing Enoch was done, May headed for the Zephyr's button to open the hatch.

Enoch is beaten by Melinda May

Enoch, however, was far from down and went after May again. He punched her in the back, only for May to counter with a back hand and then kicks his legs out. She then opened the hatch, and the two continued to fight. May kicked him into one of the jump seats and then kicked him again. She then pulled down one of the seats onto Enoch's leg to keep him in that spot before bludgeoning him senseless with a fire hydrant, causing some of his head gears to show. Just as May was about to deliver the killing blow, Phil Coulson arrived with the others and stopped her. Seeing no point in fighting Coulson, May gave up and headed back to the lab.[8]

Meeting Ernest Koenig

Enoch talks with Yo-Yo Rodriguez

"Is that a robot?"
"I am not a robot. I am a Chronicom. If you will excuse me, I must go fix my face."
Ernest Koenig and Enoch[src]

After Jemma Simmons was able to get her back into the Healing Pod, Enoch told them that he believed Melinda May was "malfunctioning." Yo-Yo Rodriguez asked Enoch why she attacked him and he told her that she wanted to be on the mission and didn't appreciate his advice. Rodriguez then asked Enoch if he had gotten in contact with Alphonso Mackenzie, but he unfortunately told her he did not. However, he did make progress and that once they were close they should be able to contact them.

Enoch meets Ernest Koenig

Enoch then joined the others on Zephyr One's bridge as Phil Coulson unveiled the Zephyr to Ernest Koenig, who tagged along with them to find Freddy Malick and make sure he was safe. After Koenig awed at the "rocket ship," he turned his attention to Enoch, who was examining his wound that May inflected. Koenig asked if he was one of those "electric men" known as a robot, only for Enoch to correct him, referring to himself as a Chronicom. He then excused himself from the group so he could go and repair his damaged face.

Enoch suggests he joins the mission

When the team reached Hell's Harbor, the team readied for battle against the Chronicom Hunters should they be at the harbor. After Coulson gave his orders to everyone, Enoch suggested he also accompany them on the rescue mission as even though he was slightly damage, being a Chronicom himself, he could handle himself against other Chronicoms should they arrive. Agreeing to Enoch's logic, the team headed out.[8]

Left Behind

Enoch searches for Freddy Malick

"Enoch, do you copy? We're running out of time. Did you find Freddy?"
"Affirmative. Wilfred Malick has made his delivery. He is alive and the future is secure."
"You need to get back to the ship now."
Phil Coulson and Enoch[src]

Enoch, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and Ernest Koenig arrived at Hell's Harbor just in time, as Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw were ambushed by the Chronicom Hunters. While the agents were engaged in a firefight with Luke and Abel, Mackenzie told Enoch and Koenig to go find Freddy Malick who used an opportunity to escape. Enoch followed Malick's trail but was only able found Koenig who was shot in the shoulder. Koenig told Enoch that it wasn't serious and the only thing damaged was his faith in humanity, though Enoch didn't know how to repair that.

Enoch being left behind in 1931

He asked Koenig where Malick was and was informed he fled with his HYDRA contact. Enoch was then contacted by Phil Coulson who needed an update on Malick and Enoch informed him that he made his delivery, therefore, HYDRA will rise and the future was secure. Coulson told him to get back to Zephyr One as soon as possible before the time window closed. Koenig urged Enoch to hurry since his wound won't be a problem and Enoch left him. Enoch ran back to the Zephyr; however, he did not make it in time and the Zephyr jumped away, stranding him in 1931.

Enoch becomes a bartender

While having nothing better to do, Enoch was employed by Koenig to be his bartender as Enoch was quite handy at making Baracooladas. Koenig agreed to hire Enoch but only with two conditions: Enoch must tell him everything he knew about S.H.I.E.L.D. and "robots" although Enoch corrected him, saying he was a Chronicm. Enoch noticed that Koenig will play an important role in the future of the S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as his bar and his grandchildren. Koenig was curious about Enoch's words and said that this is the start of a marvelous friendship.[8]

Lonely Chronicom

Enoch listens to Tom's story

"You know... you might be the best friend that I have."
"Your overture of friendship is the ill-considered product of your forlorn disposition and the nine drinks in your system. I must decline the offer and accept that I am alone in this world, as I have always been."
Tom and Enoch[src]

Enoch remained in the bar for the next 24 years. During this time, he created technology that would allow ordinary telephones of the time to connect to Zephyr One. On July 22, 1955, Enoch's latest customer, Tom's, story. He asked Enoch if he was boring him, but he assured his patron that it was his job to listen to his story of sorrow.

Enoch reunites with Phil Coulson

Enoch then received a call from Phil Coulson, both of whom were glad to hear one another. Enoch was pleased that he'd be leaving The Krazy Kanoe and rejoin the team, but Coulson sadly informed that they'd had to retrieve him later and requested Enoch to get a message to the Zephyr. Enoch informed him that he could actually redirect Coulson's call to the ship itself and started to explain how he accomplished it, before Coulson cut him off. After connecting Coulson with the Zephyr, he continued to listen to his customer's story.

Enoch starts to become bored by Tom

Later on, Enoch was still listening to Tom's story, becoming bored by it as he was working on mini umbrellas, when he received another call. He answered the phone and was greeted this time by Yo-Yo Rodriguez. Enoch was pleased to know that his presence at the Krazy Kanoe had reached everyone and asked if it was time for him to meet up with them. Rodriguez, however, informed him that it wasn't and asked to be connected to the Zephyr. Enoch once again did as requested and told Tom to continue his story as he listened on as he continued to work on the umbrellas.

Enoch figures he is now alone

As Tom kept telling his story, Enoch was eventually called a third time by Deke Shaw. Shaw was extremely happy to hear Enoch, but Enoch instinctively connected Shaw to the Zephyr before the two could properly talk. When Tom stated that Enoch was his best friend, Enoch told him that he was only saying that because he was drunk and came to accept that he was alone in 1955 and that he would always be that way. Enoch was unfortunately left behind again as the team had only seconds before the next jump, and they were over 3,000 miles away from Enoch.[9]

Rescuing the Team

Enoch rescues the team from the Chronicoms

"Come with me if you want to continue to exist!"
"Enoch, you're here."
"Yes. As I have been for the last forty years. Now buckle up."
―Enoch and Daisy Johnson[src]

Enoch continued to work at The Krazy Kanoe as a bartender, but eventually left the S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house around 1972. After the team arrived in 1973, Enoch was alerted to their presence at the bar and arrived just in time in his car to save them from the Chronicom Hunters. He ordered them to get in if they wanted to continue to exist. As the entered, Enoch bitterly mentioned being stranded for the last forty years in New York, for which Phil Coulson apologized. He complimented Enoch's ride, and after he talked about it, he stepped on the engine and sped away to Zephyr One.[21]

Traveling to 1976

Enoch becomes worried about Simmons

"Enoch. Where have you been?"
"Here. Where you abandoned me. For forty years."
"Something's wrong. Without you, I feel like I've been... slipping. Was I supposed to know that we would jump? I keep forgetting."
"Jemma Simmons, you are forgetting?"
Jemma Simmons and Enoch[src]

After returning to Zephyr One, the team traveled to July 4, 1976, the day Project Insight launched. Enoch was currently in the workstation, when Jemma Simmons approached him, asking where he had been all this time. Still angry over his abandonment, Enoch bitterly reminded Simmons of that fact, before asked him for his assistance. She explained that she was starting to forget things, which worried Enoch.

Enoch explains the time drive to Daniel Sousa

When Simmons told him it was getting worse, he questioned if she had told anyone else. She said she was scared to tell them, but wasn't sure why. Enoch assured it was going to be fine told her to follow him. They were cornered by Daniel Sousa, who demanded to know why they had just jumped. When Simmons couldn't answer his questions, Enoch told him that no one understood how they jumped and tried to escort Simmons out, but Sousa refused to let them leave, believing that they were fools for messing with time, despite not knowing how to do it.

Enoch opens Zephyr One's ramp

Deke Shaw then stepped forward in defense of his grandmother. Enoch watched in silence as the two argued before Shaw silenced Sousa by reminding him that every one of them were taken out of their lives to stop the Chronicoms. They were joined by Alphonso Mackenzie and the others, who were prepping for their mission to destroy Project Insight. Enoch remained to the sidelines as Mackenzie gave his orders to the two teams that were being dispatched on this mission and lowered the Zephyr's ramp to let them leave.[21]

Destruction of Project Insight

Enoch offers his advice

"We're less than five minutes from launch. We have to get Coulson and May into position"
"Is there some other way to bypass the security gates?"
Alphonso Mackenzie and Enoch[src]

Enoch joined Alphonso Mackenzie and Jemma Simmons on Zephyr One's bridge to monitor the teams' progress. When Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa didn't respond to Phil Coulson or Mackenzie's attempts at communication to unlock the security gates of the Lighthouse, Enoch questioned if there was another way to access them. This gave Mackenzie the idea for Coulson and Melinda May to use Rick Stoner's access card, who was currently headed to their position.

Enoch mans Zephyr One's controls

After Coulson and May reported they planted the explosives to flood the Lighthouse, Enoch and Simmons waited for Mackenzie's signal. However, the mission took a turn when the Director discovered that his parents were prisoners and if they flooded the base, they would die. Enoch watched Mackenzie abort the mission and manned the controls of the ship to destroy the rocket when it launched at his command. Flying the cloaked ship to where the rocket was, Mackenzie was able to destroy the rocket with the Zephyr's missiles. They're victory was short lived, however, as they realized they gave away their position to the Chronicoms.[21]

Attack on Zephyr One

Enoch takes action

"Three missiles inbound!"
"Prepare yourself for extreme G's!"
―Enoch and Jemma Simmons[src]

Despite their initial concerns, no attack had been executed, much to Enoch and Jemma Simmons confusion. Simmons told Enoch keep scanning for anything suspicious and to re-engage clocking while she checked on the others. After Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez departed to rescue the former's parents, three missiles from the Lighthouse launched and Enoch was able to launch flares from Zephyr One to fool two of them, but the last hit the ship.

Enoch shows the damages to the Time Drive

Once Deke Shaw put a fire out that started after the attack, Enoch revealed that the shielding around the Time Drive had been damaged and he and Simmons explained and if they don't repair it, the Zephyr would be destroyed when it was time to jump, which Enoch compared it to a Xandarian Snail in a liquid factor. Shaw questioned how Enoch could remain calm in this dire situation before Simmons ordered him to look at the power regulator while she and Enoch rewired the control panel. Shaw did as ordered and departed.[22]

Major Misunderstanding

Enoch is deactivated by Deke Shaw

"And... You are a valid member of our family."
"That is the greatest compliment one could be paid. Apology accepted."
Deke Shaw and Enoch[src]

After Deke Shaw departed, the two looked at the control panel, but Jemma Simmons was still having issues remembering things. Seeing that they they needed to fix the problem immediately, Enoch took Simmons to the lab. Once Simmons was unconscious, Enoch got to work on repairing D.I.A.N.A., but was interrupted by Shaw, who thought Enoch had betrayed them. Shaw used a defibrillator and shocked him into deactivation as he turned around.

Enoch accepts Deke Shaw's apology

Shaw eventually found out the truth about Simmons' implant and they rebooted Enoch to finish the repairs. At the behest of Simmons, Shaw apologized to Enoch for deactivating him instead of asking questions and acknowledged his value as member of their extended family. Enoch was pleased to finally feel appreciated and accepted Shaw's apology. At that moment, Enoch finished repairing D.I.A.N.A. and listened to Shaw and Simmons' conversation about Leo Fitz and how Shaw must now carry her secret with them.[22]

Pit-stop in 1982

Enoch and Deke Shaw finish the repairs

"Is it supposed to do that?"
"Unknown. It may have sustained heavier damage than we previously-"
"Get back!"
"Oh, dear."
Melinda May, Enoch, and Jemma Simmons[src]

Everyone soon returned, but Enoch and the others were met with the horrible news that Alphonso Mackenzie's parents had actually been killed and replaced by Chronicom Hunters. Enoch and Deke Shaw finished up the last of the repairs on the Time Drive with only a minute left before they jumped.[22]

Enoch confused by the Time Drive

After they arrived on January 21, 1982 and Mackenzie and Shaw left Zephyr One so the former could grieve his parents, Melinda May joined Enoch and Jemma Simmons on the bridge to report that the two still hadn't returned. Something then began to wrong with the Time Drive and May questioned its stability. Enoch deduced it sustained more damage than they thought, before it started shorting out. Simmons tried to warn Shaw to get back to the ship, but it was too late and they jumped early, leaving Mackenzie and Shaw stranded in 1982.

Enoch reveals when they are

Once they jumped, Simmons asked Enoch how far they jumped. He checked the satellite telemetry and reported that they had jumped approximately 481 days; May 17 1983. The timer to the next jump then began with 20 minutes, so the team began the search for their missing teammates. Despite their best efforts, they couldn't find them with only 30 seconds left. May questioned why they were jumping at all with the Chronicoms defeated, and Enoch listened to Simmons give her explanation that the damage from the missile caused a spontaneous power surge. They then jumped to September, 9 1983.[12]

Skipping through Time

Enoch explains the Time Drive's damage

"But, can't we just disconnect the fuel cell regulator?"
"We would if we could reach it. The field is cycling at a rate of 49 pulses per second, and it appears to disintegrate anything it touches."
Deke Shaw and Enoch[src]

Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez then left to find their friends and returned on October 6, 1983, after Zephyr One jumped again. Jemma Simmons briefed them on the situation and Deke Shaw asked if they could remove the fuel cell regulator, but Enoch arrived to reveal that the field was cycling around the Time Drive at a rate of 40 pulses per second, preventing them from accessing it. May volunteered Rodriguez to use her speed to move fast enough between the pulses, but Rodriguez said she was still recovering from the Shrike.

Enoch pilots Zephyr One

When Simmons couldn't provide an answer to Rodriguez' mysterious illness, Daisy Johnson arrived, still weak from Nathaniel Malick's experiments, and offered her idea of going to Afterlife to see her mother, as she knew more about Inhuman biology then anyone else. Alphonso Mackenzie approved the mission and had May go with Rodriguez. Enoch took control of the Zephyr to pilot them to Afterlife as May asked through the comms if the course to the Inhuman sanctuary was locked in. They then jumped away after the Quinjet departed.

Enoch talks about Neanderthals

Arriving at their next destination, Mackenzie told them they had 10 minutes before the Zephyr is destroyed. After Shaw insulted Daniel Sousa's intelligence, latter sarcastically questioned if he looked like a Neanderthal to him. Enoch then revealed that he spent time with a tribe of Neanderthals and didn't think Sousa resembled one, lacking the characteristic brow ridge. Not knowing how to respond to that, Sousa requested they just see if the Time Drive was deactivated. Enoch pushed the button to do just that, only for it to fail before they jumped to their next destination.

Enoch presents their slim odds

Everyone soon gathered on the bridge as the Zephyr was getting ready to jump again. They were joined by Phil Coulson, who had since gotten a new LMD body and informed them that there was still no sign of the Quinjet. Johnson questioned what would happen if Rodriguez returned with her powers still not working and Simmons revealed they would lose the Zephyr with little time to evacuate. Enoch continued by stating they were close to catastrophic failure, causing Shaw to sarcastically thank him for his analysis.

Enoch and the others prematurely jumping

Seeing no other option, Mackenzie ordered them to abandon ship just as the Zephyr jumped. After they jumped to their next destination, the Quinjet docked with them just as it jumped away seconds later. Rodriguez was then able to shutdown the Time Drive. Enoch and Shaw looked over the drive, with the former "guardedly optimistic" of its chances taking them home. Shaw then talked about his time in the 1980s and asked Enoch if he could play the drums, to which he confirmed. Their conversation was interrupted, however, as the Time Drive started acting up again and they jumped away yet again.[12]

Stuck in a Time-Loop

Enoch offers his assistance

"Enoch, I don't want this! Explain!"
"You programmed me to protect the implant at all costs, even if I had to kill. Even if I had to kill you."
Jemma Simmons and Enoch[src]

The Time Drive caused Zephyr One to jump again, causing the team to bes trapped in a time storm. While Jemma Simmons was seeing to Alphonso Mackenzie’s injuries in the workshop, Enoch came down the hangar’s latter and asked her if she would require assistance in repairing the Drive

Enoch is confused by Daisy Johnson

Simmons accepted Enoch’s aide, but said it would have to come after they tended to Mackenzie. The Director deemed the Drive should take priority, but Daisy Johnson said they could divide their resources and do both. Enoch then watched Johnson leave to extinguish a fire on the bridge. The Time Drive then caused a feedback, propelling the team into a time-loop. During the first loop, Enoch came to ask Simmons if she needed help fixing the Drive but became confused of Johnson’s preexisting knowledge of current events and watched her leave to extinguish a fire on the bridge.

Enoch watches Jemma Simmons die

After many loops, where Johnson and Phil Coulson were the only ones who remembered, the duo eventually found out about D.I.A.N.A. and opted to remove it so Simmons could tell them how to repair the Drive. Aware of this, Enoch’s programming subconsciously activated and he tampered with the lab’s gas line and locked the doors. He then stayed back in the workshop with the others as Simmons prepared to remove D.I.A.N.A. in the lab. She, however, began to cough viciously, causing Enoch and the others to try and get in, but couldn’t as the door was locked, to which he was confused as to how that happened. He then watched in horror as his friend died.

Enoch suspects murder

During the next loop, the same events happened, except Johnson went with Simmons this time, but they both ended up dead after Johnson opened the door. With the revelation that there was toxic gas in the lab, Shaw stayed back in the workshop, while Enoch and Coulson checked their vitals. When Enoch confirmed them as deceased, Coulson expressed his annoyance, but Enoch was to focused on how his friends died to pay no mind. He then noticed that someone had tampered with the gas line, making this a deliberate act of murder.

Enoch is questioned by Coulson and Quake

With Johnson dying in the previous loop with Simmons in the lab, the next one proceeded as the original one did, with Enoch going to ask Simmons if she needed assistance in repairing the Time Drive and her accepting his aide after she tended to Mackenzie's injuries, until she woke up again after the loop reseted and Coulson brought her up to speed on what happened. The two then rounded Enoch, Simmons, and Shaw into the workshop to figure out which of them killed Johnson and Simmons. Coulson ruled Simmons out as a suspect, leaving Enoch and Shaw.

Enoch and Deke Shaw stare at each other

Enoch, however, concurred with Shaw's belief that the action would be shortsighted and counterproductive, despite them wanting to protect Leo Fitz's location. Coulson agreed that it didn't make sense, but confirmed it happened. Simmons defended Enoch and Shaw by telling them that she didn't think they would resort to such drastic measures. Wile Coulson looked for answers else where, Johnson opted to remove D.I.A.N.A., much to Simmons' reluctance. Enoch and Shaw then stared at each other suspiciously.

Enoch is suspected to be the culprit

After going through the loops a couple more times, Coulson and Johnson realized it was Enoch who was committing the murders due to his programming. They brought Enoch, Simmons, and Shaw into the hangar bay to confirm their theory, though Enoch was initially confused of them accusing him of such horrible acts. Coulson explained that Fitz and Simmons programmed Enoch to protect the implant from being removed even if it meant killing them, to keep whatever Simmons needed to forget just that, and because Simmons' memories were blocked, it prevented her from remembering doing it.

Enoch defends D.I.A.N.A.

Enoch, however, believed he would never do such as thing, calling every member of the team his friend. Deciding to test their theory, Johnson attempted to remove D.I.A.N.A. from Simmons' neck, but Enoch halted her and grabbed her by elbowing Coulson to the head and grabbing Johnson's throat, confirming their suspicions, and catching Shaw off guard. Despite Simmons ordering Enoch to stop what he was doing, he informed her he couldn't and explained his programming. Johnson then quaked Enoch off her and into the hangar door, leaving Enoch disturbed by what he has done.

Enoch stops Daisy Johnson

Now knowing Enoch was the variable they needed to take out of the equation before they take out D.I.A.N.A., Coulson and Johnson attempted to remove him in multiple loops. They first tried removing D.I.A.N.A. quickly, but failed as Enoch overheard them when he went to see Simmons in the lab as he did per every loop. In the next attempt, they had Daniel Sousa try and distract Enoch by talking about the ship's dining schedule, but Enoch caught wind of what was happening, restraining Sousa and once again stopping them, reseting the loop.

Enoch is cornered by the team

Deciding to go with a more direct approach, they tried reasoning with Enoch, but failed. They then tried to get Simmons to overwrite his programming, but it required a passcode that Simmons had forgotten, leading to their failure yet again. In their fifth attempt, they got the whole team together to take on the Chronicom. They then surrounded Enoch as he came down the hangar's stairs and demanded they talk. They tried to fight him together, but still failed, ending with Shaw being murdered by Enoch by getting shot in the head. This failed attempt was soon undone when the loop restarted.

Enoch vs the team

Coming up with another idea, Coulson and Johnson had Sousa lead Enoch into a trap while he, Johnson, and Shaw removed D.I.A.N.A. Once Enoch entered the LMD lab, he was surrounded by Mackenzie, Sousa, Melinda May, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez. Enoch told them that he couldn't allow Johnson to remove D.I.A.N.A from Simmons' neck, but the four refused to budge, leading Enoch to defeat them within the next couple of minutes. However, before he could stop Johnson, the loop started again, so they did the exact same thing, but faster and they learned that Enoch's Electrochron Displacement Mechanism was the answer, but in taking it out of him, it will kill him.[10]


Enoch removes his heart

"Fitz. He was my best friend."
"And you were a good friend to Fitz. You were a good friend to all of us."
"As I have always–"
―Enoch and Daisy Johnson[src]

With the answer to save them revealed, Daisy Johnson had Jemma Simmons bring Enoch to the LMD lab. When Johnson and Phil Coulson explained their situation of the time storm and that Enoch's Electrochron Displacement Mechanism was the only way they could repair the Time Drive, he understood what he had to do. Simmons, however, was against it and demanded they find another way, only for all of them to be taken back by Enoch freely removing his Displacement Mechanism.

Enoch is comforted by his friends

Deke Shaw was at a loss of what Enoch had done, but he took comfort in believing they would do the same for him. After Shaw and Simmons left to repair the Time Drive, Enoch realized he wasn't feeling well after removing his mechanism, and started to collapse. Coulson and Johnson caught him and helped him ease to the floor to rest. When Alphonso Mackenzie contacted them that Shaw managed to fix the Time Drive and that they'd be able to escape the time storm at any minute, Enoch questioned if the two of them should head to the bridge for the incoming jump, but Coulson assured his friend that they would be fine without them.

Enoch apologizes to Phil Coulson

Johnson asked if he was in pain, and he confirmed so, but revealed he wasn't troubled by the physical pain. He explained that over the thousands of years he had been on Earth, he had never felt the fear of loneliness until he met S.H.I.E.L.D. and was feeling anxiety over the idea of being alone when he died, but Coulson made it clear that he and Johnson weren't going to leave him. He thanked him, but was still terrified of the idea of feeling lonely when he died. Coulson spoke of "his" experience of death and what it meant for those left behind, which led Enoch to apologize to him for what he had to go through now that he was an LMD.

Enoch dies by his friends' side

After Johnson thanked Enoch for his sacrifice, he solemnly revealed that he had seen the future and that while everyone would survive this War Against the Chronicoms, the team as a whole would dissolve permanently. Enoch then mentioned the cycle of life and death and that not even he could escape it, to which Coulson referred to him as part of the cycle like every other living being. Shedding a tear, Enoch talked about Leo Fitz being his best friend, and Johnson confirmed what a good friend he had been to all of them. Enoch started to say that he had always been that, but finally deactivated before he could finish and the two mourned his death just as the the team jumped to safety.[10]


"It seems Earth has made you soft."
"I do not disagree that I have changed but I believe it is for the better. One must change to grow."
Atarah and Enoch[src]

Enoch generally displayed a very calm demeanor. Even when Lance Hunter or Leo Fitz threatened him with a gun, Enoch did not seem particularly troubled or afraid. He carried his task with a high level of professionalism and took his work very seriously. Despite being responsible for the abduction of most of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, he was willing to help Fitz get to them as soon as he was part of Robin Hinton's prophecies, showing that his actions were not motivated by a desire to wrong others but simply that he followed the instructions given to him. In the end, Enoch was even ready to sacrifice himself so that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who he called his friends, could return to their time.

Powers and Abilities


"I am not a robot, droid, mech, cyborg, or synth. I am a Chronicom. I was designed with internal mechanisms that mask my non-organic structure and mimic human biological function. I can easily fool any scanner."
  • Chronicom Physiology: As a Chronicom, Enoch was a synthetic being and naturally possesses physical capabilities beyond any human being.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Enoch was essentially a highly advanced computer, as his computations could precisely calculate odds, granting him proficiency in mathematics and probability. However, due to his social inexperience, Enoch could not distinguish between the truth and deception.
    • Superhuman Strength: As a Chronicom, Enoch possesses a higher level strength than an ordinary human.
    • Longevity: Enoch claimed he was sent to Earth thirty thousand years ago, which means he had been on the planet almost from the beginning of humanity. Enoch is also well-versed in over 10,000 galactic games of chance, having been an observer.
    • Compressability: Due to being made mostly of plastic alloy, Enoch could squeeze his body into extremely confined spaces. While traveling through space with Leo Fitz, he hid in a small space on the Lazy Comet before he was caught by the Sivian workers.
    • Voice Manipulation: Enoch could alter his voice to emit a high-pitched tone that only Human and Inhuman ears could register. According to Jemma Simmons, the sound was similar to that of a dolphin's.
    • Computer Interaction : Using his robotic parts as a Chronicom, Enoch was basically a super-advanced computer that could hack and override other computer systems and the software and hardware of other Chronicoms. He easily overrode Malachi's, Atarah's, and their Hunters computer system in his successful attempt to rescue Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.
  • Appearance Alteration: Thanks to his synthetic skin, Enoch could physically alter his appearance to look like a Human or other galactic humanoids.


"You are unaware of the varietals of Chronicoms. I, for instance, am an anthropologist. My primary functions are intended for research and sensual gratification."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]
  • Master Anthropologist: Enoch was assumed to be an expert anthropologist since he had been documenting human evolution for myriads of years.
"I'm hoping you have a way to get a message to the Zephyr. It's urgent."
"I can do better than that. I can transfer you directly now that I know the Zephyr is here in 1955. Twenty-four years is plenty of time for a lonely Chronicom to build the hardware."
Phil Coulson and Enoch[src]
  • Expert Engineer: To be added
"I have a strategy that will save your lives and the lives of your fellow agents, but unfortunately, time s of the essence. We must act now."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]
  • Expert Tactician: Enoch has shown to be a brilliant strategist, capable of coming up with unorthodox methods to achieve victory. With the knowledge that the Chronicoms planned to make Earth their new home, Enoch was able to come up with a full proof plan to stop them within a short time period before implicating it.
"Since we are at war, I took the opportunity to upgrade to the Hunter-level combat skill package."
―Enoch to Melinda May[src]
  • Master Combatant: Despite being an anthropologist, Enoch had shown remarkable skills in combat. He was able to take on a handful of Chronicom Hunters and shut them down and kill Isaiah after he surprised him with his betrayal. He later upgraded himself with the same combat skill pack as the Hunters, in order to be more effective in battle, and was therefore able to go toe-to-toe with the highly skilled S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May while holding himself back. Whilst in a time-loop, forced to to stop the team from removing D.I.A.N.A. from Jemma Simmons, Enoch was able to take down every member of the team, no matter how many different methods they used while in a new loop.
  • Pilot: Enoch had enough experience with flying to man Zephyr One's controls and fly to where Project Insight was being launched so Alphonso Mackenzie could destroy the rocket with the ship's missiles.
"Sivians are notoriously xenophobic."
"Are they really? Well, that would have been a nice detail to include when you taught me the language."
―Enoch and Leo Fitz[src]
  • Bilingualism: Enoch spoke fluent English and he taught Leo Fitz how to speak Sivian while in deep space.



Other Equipment

"I came to Earth in a small capsule."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]
"Why? Why did you send them through that thing?"
"To fulfill a prophecy. This speaks of the future. They were needed there."
Leo Fitz and Enoch[src]
"Apologies. It was my first attempt at using an Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc."
―Enoch to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]



  • Enoch's House:

    Enoch being confronted in his house

    After arriving on Earth, Enoch purchased a house that he stayed at for an unknown period of time. He kept much of Robin Hinton's drawings of the future on his fridge and in other rooms. Six months after sending the S.H.I.E.L.D. team to 2091, he was confronted by Leo Fitz and Lance Hunter, who he then helped learn about Robin Hinton's prophecy of the future. He was forced to abandon his house when the United States Air Force tracked Fitz and Hunter's location to it..
  • Lighthouse: As a Chronicom, Enoch settled down at the Lighthouse to monitor human activity on Earth. He later brought Fitz, Hunter, Polly Hinton and Robin Hinton into the facility while helping Fitz to find his missing friends. He also told Noah about it after he accompanied Fitz in the Chronicom Vessel to take the long way to 2091. A year later, under the guise of Isaiah, Enoch went undercover as a Chronicom Hunter to "help" his fellow hunters take control of the Lighthouse, only to help Fitz and Jemma Simmons escape.
  • The Krazy Kanoe: After Enoch was unfortunately left behind in 1931 when Zephyr One jumped to the next time period, he got a job as a bartender at Ernest Koenig's speakeasy. Enoch remained at the speakeasy until he left its employment around 1972 and met up with the team a year later as they were escaping the Hunters from The Krazy Kanoe.





Appearances for Enoch

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In the alternate timeline:


  • Enoch shared his name with a biblical character, known for his extraordinary lifespan and for knowing the language of the angels.
  • Enoch seemed to mainly live on coconut water, as it was the only item in his refrigerator. However, it is likely that Enoch doesn't need sustenance as he does not have a stomach, and only likes its taste. Enoch also enjoys cold Baracooladas as seen on Kitson.
  • Enoch's line in A Trout in the Milk, "Come with me, if you want to continue to exist!", was a riff on "Come with me, if you want to live!" from the Terminator franchise.
  • Enoch could play the drums.

Behind the Scenes

  • Joel Stoffer was credited as "Silhouetted Man" in the end credits of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode World's End.
  • Enoch's name was originally going to be "Silas", but after the scene was shot, the crew decided to change the character's name to "Enoch" because it sounded and worked better.[23]
  • Josh Fried was a stunt double for Joel Stoffer in the role of Enoch.


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