"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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"Go to Empire State University. Sterns has a device that should clean up the contamination."
Rick Jones to the Hulk[src]

Empire State University is a university in New York City.


A Friend Who Can Help

"It's Mr. Blue, isn't it?"
"Mr. Green! It's a pleasure finally to meet you. I must say, I wondered if you were real. And if you were, I wondered what it would look like. A person with with that much power lurking in him. Nothing could have survived me more than this unassuming you man shaking my hand."
"I appreciate your help, Dr. Sterns, but I'm putting you at terrible risk. Do you think you can cure me?"
"I'm very confident, Bruce. Now, did you bring the blood sample? You know, the Army has some data that would really aid my analysis. If only I could get my hands on it."
"Hmmm...I might have a friend who can help."
Bruce Banner and Samuel Sterns[src]
Banner Sterns

Samuel Sterns promises to cure Bruce Banner of the Hulk

Shortly after his arrival in New York City, Bruce Banner entered Empire State University and met with Dr. Samuel Sterns, whom he had been exchanging emails with for some time. Sterns was surprised that someone as ordinary in appearance as Banner was the Hulk, and promised to do his best to cure him in spite of Banner's warning that he would be put at great risk for helping him. Once Banner provided him with a sample of his blood, Sterns informed Banner of some data in the possession of the United States Armed Forces that would be greatly beneficial to his analysis. Becoming the Hulk, Banner fought his way into the base and retrieved the data, bringing it to Sterns at the university. Sterns thanked Banner for his aid and recommended that he talk with Simon Utrecht due to the similarities of their research, which Banner hoped would not lead to similar results.

Sterns later contacted Banner and informed him that he needed Nanites to create a delivery mechanism for the cure. With the help of Rick Jones, the Hulk located the Nanites in a garbage truck and delivered them to Sterns at the university, which amazed Sterns to see the Hulk in person.[1]

Enclave Is On The Move

"Mr. Jones said you...ah...would be coming. Be careful with that scrubber. It's simple to operate. Just set it down in a contaminated area and give it time to work. Once you've cleaned all the contaminated zones, bring it back here."
Samuel Sterns to the Hulk[src]
Sterns Scrubber

Samuel Sterns after clearing Manhattan of contamimation with the scrubber

The Enclave detonated several bombs in the downtown area, causing widespread contamination. Rick Jones contacted Samuel Sterns and informed him of this, leading Sterns to create a scrubber to clear the contamination with. The [Hulk]] took the device to the effected areas and protected it from Enclave attacks as it absorbed the contamination. He then returned it to Empire State University where Sterns placed it in a containment device and allowed it to explode, congratulating the Hulk for completing the mission.[1]

A Mass Mind Control Device

"That should do it. I've retrofitted the radio transmitter according to the data you gave me. It should counteract the Enclave's mind control signals."
"Way to go, Doc. But we still need to take out that antenna. Enclave's using it to lure people into one of their energy-siphoning machines."
Samuel Sterns and Rick Jones[src]
Hulk Sterns Jones

The Hulk with Samuel Sterns and Rick Jones

The Enclave erected a mass mind control device that only their troops were immune to and too control of many citizens. Using some data that Rick Jones had stolen from an Enclave base, Samuel Sterns retrofitted a radio transmitter to counteract the device's signals and fitted the Hulk with it. Using this to his advantage, the Hulk destroyed an antenna that the Enclave were using to lure civilians into an energy-siphoning machine and then destroyed an even more powerful one in Times Square, defeating the Bi-Beast in the process.[1]

We're Not Giving Up

"Bad news. Tests show the fluctuations of your gamma levels make a cure nearly impossible."
"We can't give up now."
"Well, we could elevate your gamma levels."
"No! No way. It's too dangerous."
"It's our last option. But we can't do it with Enclave's constant interference. They've already stolen some critical items. The Enclave has two, and the other is in the hands of the Army."
"It's never simple, is it?"
"I'm afraid not, but I need these items to finish the charger that will elevate your gamma levels. Bruce, we're not giving up.""
Samuel Sterns and Bruce Banner[src]
Banner Sterns call

Samuel Sterns contacts Bruce Banner

Upon finding that Bruce Banner's fluctuating levels of gamma made it almost impossible to develop a cure, Samuel Sterns decided to create a charger to elevate his gamma levels, much to Banner's concern. Sterns sent the Hulk to retrieve a partical fusion array from the United States Armed Forces and a refined gamma solution and an energy field stabiliser from the Enclave. The Hulk returned the items to Empire State University and successfully defended them from the Enclave as they attempted to take them back. The Hulk and Rick Jones then retrieved some chemicals that belonged to Sterns, which the Enclave were using to strengthen the Barbaria.[1]

Our Old Research Data

"Is there any way we can get a look at your original research data? I need more information, but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that if we overshoot by even a small integer, these concentrations carry a extraordinary levels of toxicity."
"The university where I did the research might have what you need."
Samuel Sterns and Bruce Banner[src]

Samuel Sterns sent Bruce Banner to Culver University to retrieve the data from his original experiment. Once there, Banner met up with his old girlfriend Betty Ross. She informed him that her father Thaddeus Ross had confiscated all of their old research, but she had managed to retrieve the more important information before it was carted away. Once they had retrieved the data, Banner was attacked by General Ross, Emil Blonsky and their troops. Transforming into the Hulk, Banner fought his way through them and incapacitated Blonsky. He then rescued Betty from a falling helicopter and departed with her.[1]

We Can Use Their Technology

"We're almost there, Bruce. But we should test the cure before we use it on you."
"How are we going to do that?"
I've been cross-referencing your genetic code with Enclave DNA samples. We can use their technology for our test. We need their genetic simulator."
Samuel Sterns and Bruce Banner[src]
Banner Sterns cure

Samuel Sterns and Bruce Banner prepare to use the cure

Intending to test the cure before using it on Bruce Banner, Samuel Sterns sent the Hulk to steal the Enclave's genetic simulator. Shortly after the Hulk did as requested, the Enclave triggered a bio-weapon to infect a large building in the downtown area. The Hulk brought Sterns from the building and fought off the United States Armed Forces as he used the cure on the building, proving that it worked. They then returned to Empire State University and prepared to cure Banner of the Hulk.[1]

We've Got The Antidote Now

"I think we've nailed it. But there's always a chance this could kill you."
Trust me, if it doesn't work I'm better off dead."
Samuel Sterns and Bruce Banner[src]

Bruce Banner and Betty Ross met with Samuel Sterns at Empire State University. Sterns was confident that he had perfected the cure but warned Banner that there was a chance it could kill him, with Banner replying that if it did not work he was better off dead. Thaddeus Ross, Emil Blonsky and their troops arrived to capture Banner, with Blonsky entering the building by himself despite his orders. Banner transformed into the Hulk as he was tied down, prompting Sterns to use the cure on him, which successfully changed him back to normal. Sterns warned Banner that the cure may have just suppressed the event rather than permanently curing him, which was hard to determine as none of his test subjects had survived. Banner advised Sterns to destroy his research to prevent the United States Armed Forces from weaponizing it, before being hit by a dart and knocked out.


Emil Blonsky threatens Samuel Sterns

General Ross arrived with his troops, ordering them to take Banner and Betty to the chopper and confiscate Sterns' research, advising him to give them his full cooperation. Once they left, Blonsky entered through the window and held Sterns at gunpoint, ordering him to give him more gamma. Sterns warned him that mixing it with the dosage he had already received could created "an Abomination". Blonsky forced Sterns to provide him with the gamma, changing him into a monster similar to the Hulk, who then went on a rampage through New York City.[1]


Bank Teller

Benjamin Pollack wearing an Empire State University shirt.

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