"He's like this big-shot CEO that is all retired now, but he's loaded."
―Emily to Carlos[src]

Emily is Hank Pym's housekeeper who accepted a bribe to trick Scott Lang into robbing the Pym Residence.


Early Life

Emily was a friend of Luis and Ernesto, with her breasts being the first Luis ever touched.[1]

The Bribe

Emily worked as a housekeeper in the Pym Residence and noted that Hank Pym, her employer, would be away for two weeks. Pym gave Emily a large sum of money to spread the rumor that he would be away and that his residence would be open for robbery.[1]

Spreading Rumors

Sitting in the lap of her boyfriend, Carlos, Emily started the rumor that the Pym Residence would be easy to rob because its owner Hank Pym would be gone for two weeks. Thanks to Emily, the rumor eventually got to Luis, who eventually told Scott Lang.[1]




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