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"Every billion years, new Celestials must be born. I plant Celestial seeds into host planets across the universe."
Arishem the Judge to Sersi[src]

The Emergence is a cosmic event signifying the birth of a Celestial, while simultaneously destroying the planet it was created on. In the wake of the Blip, there was a planned Emergence on Earth wherein the Celestial Tiamut the Communicator was to be born, although its birth and Earth's subsequent destruction was prevented by the Eternals.


In order for a Celestial—a being made of extraordinary amounts of energy—to be born, it requires the presence of a large amount of intelligent beings on a planet that a Celestial's seed was planted on. At first, the Celestials employed the Deviants to wipe out all of the planet's apex predators to ensure intelligent life could thrive. However, when the Deviants evolved and betrayed their original purpose to become apex predators themselves, the Celestials created the Eternals, a race of synthetic beings, to eradicate the Deviants and protect sentient life on the planets seeded with Celestials. The Celestials also wiped the Eternals' memories of their missions to past planets to ensure obedience, storing their memories in their birthplace, the World Forge.[1]

The Emergence can be delayed by a sudden drop in global population, such as when the Infinity Stones were used to cause the Snap. In the final moments leading up to an Emergence, the host planet is wracked by global earthquakes and tsunamis. The nascent Celestial breaks out of the crust fully formed, its immense size eventually causing the world to break apart and killing everything except the Eternals.[1]

Centuri-Six's Emergence

"Everyone in Centuri-Six is going to die."

At one point, a Celestial's seed was planted on the planet Centuri-Six. The Eternals were tasked with wiping off the Deviants and letting intelligent life thrive. When the necessary energy was reached, a Celestial emerged, killing everyone on the planet. The Eternals' memories from this mission were then stored in the World Forge.[1]

Earth's Emergence

Earth's Emergence begins

"The planet Earth was chosen to host the Celestial Tiamut. In order to grow, Tiamut needs vast amounts of energy from intelligent life. The Deviants prevented this by consuming humans until the Eternals eliminated them. Now, the human population of this planet has reached the required amount. It is time for the Emergence to begin."
Arishem the Judge to Sersi[src]

The Emergence on Earth was delayed in 2018 due to Thanos's Snap.[2] However, five years later, the Avengers initiated the Blip which restored Earth's population,[3] swelling the number of intelligent life that when Ajak and Ikaris met to discuss how long they had Ajak estimated they only had seven days left until Earth was destroyed.[1]

The other Eternals became aware of the Emergence when Arishem revealed the true nature of their mission to Sersi, who inherited Ajak's Celestial Communication Sphere after her death. As most of them have grown to love humanity, they began plotting ways to stop the Emergence. They originally planned to share their energies with Druig via Uni-Mind so he'd have enough power to put Tiamut back to sleep, also musing if they could help humans develop space travel so they could relocate elsewhere before Tiamut wakes again. As a backup, Sersi could conceivably transmute Tiamut into other materials, though it would result in his death. Phastos sent Makkari across the globe to find out where the point of Emergence is, which she determined to be at an active volcano in the Indian Ocean.

However, Ikaris scuppered the plan as he was loyal first and foremost to the Celestials, and Sersi realized it was he who killed Ajak. Ikaris departed the group for the Emergence point with Sprite in tow, intending to ensure Tiamut's Emergence.

During the resulting conflict, Ikaris prevented Druig from using his powers on Tiamut, forcing Sersi to execute the backup plan. Part of Tiamut's head and left hand had begun to break out of the Indian Ocean, causing massive tsunami like tidal waves which destroyed nearby islands. However, Ikaris was conflicted between his loyalties and his love for Sersi, ultimately becoming unable to kill her. The Eternals on-site eventually formed the Uni-Mind, and with the surprising addition of Tiamut himself, Sersi was able to transmute the entire Celestial and stop the Emergence.[1]


"You have chosen to sacrifice a Celestial for the people of this planet. I will spare them, but your memories will show me if they are worthy to live. And I will return for judgment."
Arishem the Judge to Sersi, Kingo and Phastos[src]

Two weeks later, the sky in London, England turned cloudy and Arishem appeared above Earth. Arishem had come to abduct Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos to express his displeasure at them for stopping the Emergence in favour of humanity. However, he agreed to spare humanity under the condition that the Eternals' memories could demonstrate their worthiness. He then left with the three Eternals through a singularity, leaving the people of Earth in shock.

Afterwards, humans began sending news teams to cover the mysterious appearance of an "enormous stone figure in the Indian Ocean" though what actually happened isn't public knowledge yet.[1]


  • The Emergence is inspired by the Earth X comic series.[4]


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