"Who knows how many more are coming?"
―Ellen King[src]

Ellen King is an Australian delegate attending the Symposium on Alien Contagion in order to establish international politics regarding the Inhumans.


Symposium on Alien Contagion

"Have you found a cure for them, Doctor?"
"A cure needs a disease."
"Interesting. I'm sure you'll enlighten us all later."
―Ellen King and Sean Lundwall[src]

Ellen King was the representative of the Australian Threat Unit for the Symposium on Alien Contagion set in Taiwan. During the reception at the Symposium, she discussed with Taiwanese delegate Xiao Chen before encountering Glenn Talbot and Phil Coulson, who was posing as Dr Sean Lundwall, an expert in alien biology. King asked Coulson whether there existed a cure for the Inhumans, to which Coulson gently replied that needing a cure required a disease to cure in the first place. King and Chen then departed.

During the Symposium, King listened to Coulson's exposé about the Inhumans and expressed her distrust regarding the name "Inhumans", taking it as a taunt or a mockery. When Russian representative Anton Petrov offered to create an Inhuman Sanctuary in Russia, King disagreed out of fear that it would give the Inhumans the opportunity to gather and organize for a rebellion against regular Humans, although Petrov deemed this perspective unrealistic. With Petrov's idea gaining support around the table, King sent an encrypted message to her associates, ordering her to move Eden Fesi, an Inhuman who was being contained by the Australian Threat Unit.

King later watched as Coulson, who had been betrayed by Glenn Talbot, was arrested while Gideon Malick convinced the delegates that Coulson intended to exterminate the Inhumans.[1]





  • In the comics, Ellen King is a paralegal working for the New York District Attorney's office.



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