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"May you walk in the light. And may this child bring blessing to you and to the Universe."
Susan Ellerh to Leslie Dean[src]

Elle Dean is the second daughter of Jonah and Leslie Dean, and the sister of Karolina Dean. She was adopted by Xavin.


"It's the prophecy."
"It says my child will lead a world very far from here. That she will save countless innocent lives."
Xavin and Leslie Dean[src]

Elle was conceived during an affair between Leslie Dean and Jonah. Shortly after the affair, Leslie was forced to keep her pregnancy with Elle a secret for as long as possible, since Jonah would have likely wanted to keep the child for himself.[2]

Having had a stressful pregnancy, Leslie gave birth to Elle in secret with the help of Tamar, Xavin and Molly Hernandez. After Xavin learned that her prophecy meant that she was to raise Elle as her own, it was decided that Xavin would take the baby and raise her on the another planet where she would be safe. During a battle against Elle's father and the rest of his family, Xavin was able to quickly transport the child off Earth to safety.[1]


Elle's eyes glowing during an echography

  • Hybrid Physiology: Just like her sister Karolina Dean, Elle is part Human and part-Gibborim, and as such she displays attributes due to her extraterrestrial heritage.
    • Bioluminescence: Elle's body can suddenly glow with bright colors. This power manifested even before she was born. During an echography of Leslie Dean, the nurse was thus extremely surprised when Elle's eyes seemed to glow with a white light.





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