"Thank you. You're a real savior. Join us for the ride?"
"I prefer the back."
―Eliza and Grant Ward[src]

Eliza is the mother of Graham.


"Need some help with those?"
"I'm okay."
"It's no problem, really. I promise I don't bite. I'm Zack."
Grant Ward and Eliza[src]

At a bus depot in Atlanta, Eliza and her son Graham were struggling with their bags when Grant Ward approached them, offering to help. Giving the fake name of Zack, Ward befriended Eliza. As they carried the bags, Ward joked to Eliza that he was not needed as Graham was doing all the work.

When the three boarded a bus headed for Dallas, Eliza and Graham sat down and she invited Ward to sit with them for the ride. Ward declined, saying he preferred to sit in the back.[1]





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