"They threatened me, said you were dangerous!"
―Elias to Donnie Gill[src]

Elias was the owner of a small café in Marrakech, Morocco.


"Marrakech has a long history of giving shelter to travelers hiding from the past."
―Elias to Donnie Gill[src]
Donnie Gill was resting at Elias' café in Marrakech and fixed his radio for him. Elias told Gill that he had a gift and that there was no need to hide, insinuating that he knew Gill was on the run from HYDRA. Gill realized this and demanded to know to whom he was talking and Elias said that they had threatened him and told him that Gill was dangerous.

Gill froze Elias solid and later pushed his body down while escaping two HYDRA agents, causing Elias' carcass to smash into pieces.[1]




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