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"You must not hear what I just said. You ain't getting in this house. Y'all can leave now."
―Eli Bradley to Bucky Barnes[src]

Elijah "Eli" Bradley is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley.


Hero's Grandson

Isaiah Bradley's Visitors

"Today's your lucky day. He said he wanna see for himself."
―Eli Bradley to Bucky Barnes[src]

Bradley sees Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson

In 2024, Eli Bradley was at his grandfather Isaiah Bradley's house in Baltimore, Maryland, when Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes arrived to meet his grandfather. Initially, Bradley did not let them inside, however, he did after Barnes revealed he knew Isaiah. Bradley stood in the back of the room quietly during the conversation between his grandfather, Barnes, and Wilson. After his grandfather demanded the two leave, Bradley let them out.[1]

Sam Wilson's Return

Bradley speaks privately with Sam Wilson

One evening, Bradley was out playing basketball with a friend when he saw Sam Wilson walking down the street towards his grandfather's house. He recognized him from meeting him a few days ago and asked him what he was doing there, before telling him that he would be back home shortly.[2]

Legacy of Isaiah Bradley

Bradley watches Sam Wilson on the news

A few days later, Bradley and his grandfather were eating dinner, but stopped upon seeing Sam Wilson, in his new Captain America Suit, on the WHiH World News. They listened as Wilson gave a speech about having taken up the Captain America mantle and what that meant to him.

Bradley demands to go with his grandfather

The next day, Bradley answered the door and saw Wilson standing outside. Upon seeing Wilson, Bradley teasingly called him the "Black Falcon", to which Wilson told him he needed to have manners. Bradley then came outside later as Wilson and his grandfather talked on the front porch. When hearing that they were going somewhere, Bradley got excited and asked when and where they were going, to Wilson's surprise thinking that he would not be interested.

Bradley visiting the Smithsonian Institution

Bradley then went with Wilson and his grandfather to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.. They walked through the Captain America Exhibit and to the other side of it, where Wilson showed them a statue of Isaiah and a plaque on his history. Bradley watched as Isaiah, who was emotional, hugged Wilson and thanked him for the memorial.[3]


"What you want, Black Falcon?"
"Hey, you need to learn some manners."
―Eli Bradley and Sam Wilson[src]

At first glance, Eli shows to be protective over his grandfather due to keeping his true identity of being a Super-soldier from the world and always checks their house door on any outsiders who might be familiar to it. When Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson came to meet Isaiah, he facially expressed the displeasure of seeing how devastated his grandfather was in hearing of his past life as a test subject and once Isaiah got uncomfortable to talk more he gladly escorted both the two Avengers out the house. When Wilson came to see Isaiah the second time, Eli informed him that his grandfather was gardening in the backyard and said he'd be back there if any trouble were to happen which implies he's also supportive. When meeting Wilson at the door again, he sarcastically called him Black Falcon before his grandfather showed up complementing him as the new black Captain America. Later on, after Wilson asked that if Isaiah ever lightens up in his downtime the kid says no. Then Sam asks for them to get cleaned up, Eli curiously asks where was he inviting them to which his grandfather lightly taps him from behind after they got to see a statue in honor of his grandfather's past Eli is happy seeing peace towards him.







  • In the comics, Elijah Bradley became the superhero Patriot, a member of the Young Avengers. Although he claimed that he inherited his super-strength from his grandfather Isaiah, his powers actually came from his use of Mutant Growth Hormone. Eventually, he obtained permanent superpowers after receiving a blood transfusion from his grandfather.

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