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"They were born in stable orbits. Within the black holes, creatures formed from the primary elements. Air, Water, Fire, Earth. The science division had a technical name. We just called them Elementals."

The Elementals were a series of illusions created by the use of projectors and drones utilized by Quentin Beck to wreak havoc across the world. To mask their nature, Beck claimed that the Elementals were superpowered entities from Earth-833 that emerged from an inter-dimensional rift caused by the Snap.


"They first materialized on my Earth many years ago. I was part of the last battalion left trying to stop them. All we did was delay the inevitable."
"The Elementals are here now."
Mysterio and Maria Hill[src]

The Elementals were made as threats for Quentin Beck's Campaign, conceived sometime after the Battle of Earth in October 2023. Their true objective was two-fold: deceive Peter Parker in relinquishing the E.D.I.T.H. glasses, and gaining the public acclaim Quentin Beck craved as a "new hero". Incorporating his illusion tech, Beck had recruited several ex-Stark employees to build up the narrative: Guterman scripted a cosmic origin of relative believability, while Janice Lincoln had created the suit, and William Ginter Riva built and operated the battle drones to be the inner working of the Elementals wreaking havoc.

They were interspersed around the world in late-June to early-July of 2024, making a global threat only he could stop. Nick Fury bought into the story given the last few years. Starting in Ixtenco, Mexico with Sandman, Beck debuted himself to 'Nick Fury' and 'Maria Hill' upon commencing the fight. Upon his 'victory', Beck worked with Nick Fury's Crew to defeat Cyclone in Morocco. Using the Hydro-Man in Venice, Beck was able to secure the trust of his true target: Peter Parker. After the battle with Molten Man, Beck successfully attained the E.D.I.T.H. glasses and staged the final Elemental attack to assure his fame as Mysterio in averting an Avengers-level threat, as well as kill Parker's friends who might know of his deceptions.

The final Elemental was exposed by Spider-Man during his last confrontation with Beck, during which Beck died from a drone gunshot misfire to the abdomen. Following Beck's death on Tower Bridge, Riva ensured Parker's identity was exposed to the press and incriminated Parker for Beck's crimes with doctored footage.[1]



  • Element: Earth
  • Description: Sandman is an Elemental with the ability to manipulate the element of Earth. With the activated projectors and Stark Industries Combat Drones, Sandman was depicted as powerful enough to destroy whole villages, such as Ixtenco. It was "defeated" by Quentin Beck, Talos, and Soren in the aftermath of Ixtenco's destruction.


Cyclone Profile
  • Element: Air
  • Description: Cyclone is an Elemental with the ability to manipulate the element of Air. Much like the other Elementals, it required the use of projectors and the Stark Industries Combat Drones to make the illusion of Cyclone photorealistic. Beck released Cyclone in Morocco, where it ran rampant until it was "defeated".


  • Element: Water
  • Description: Hydro-Man is an Elemental with the ability to manipulate the element of Water. It could hijack and usurp major water traffic corridors to create various floods. Beck activated the projectors and released the Stark Industries Combat Drones to mask the Water Elemental illusion in Venice, Italy, where Hydro-Man ran rampant in the Grand Canal. In the aftermath of its "destruction" at the hands of Beck, speculation of Hydro-Man's human identity was left up to discussion: the news media company BuzzFeed speculated that Hydro-Man was Morris Bench.

Molten Man

Molten Man
  • Element: Fire
  • Description: Molten Man is an Elemental with the ability to manipulate the element of Fire. Depicted as the strongest and the most dangerous of the four Elementals, Molten Man has been poised to have been the one to have killed Quentin Beck's family on Earth-833. Theoretically, per Beck's falsified story, it would feed upon metal to expand exponentially and could consume landmasses once it was strong enough. Beck released Molten Man in Prague, where it was "destroyed" during the Carnival of Lights.

Elemental Fusion

  • Description: The Elemental Fusion is an Elemental with the ability to manipulate all four aforementioned primary elements. It was programmed to be the most powerful of the Elementals after Molten Man. It was set to attack London, only to have its disguise exposed by Spider-Man.


  • In the comics, the Elementals consists of Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, and Zephyr, a team of four beings with elemental powers that landed on Earth from a different universe prior to the edification of Atlantis.
  • Despite being simply referred to as Elementals, they bare a heavier resemblance to the Elementals of Doom, four giant mindless creatures summoned by Diablo to battle the Fantastic Four on more than one occasion. The Elementals of Doom similarly combined into the Elematrix at one point.

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