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"Earth, wind, fire, water. Oh, no. They joined forces like the Power Rangers!"
Julius Dell[src]

The Elemental Fusion was a massive illusion created and controlled by Quentin Beck, representing a combination of the four previous Elementals, akin to a tempest storm.


Quentin Beck's Campaign

Battle of London

"It's all the Elementals! They're somehow merged into something else! Something more powerful! It's drawing energy from the Earth's core!"
Mysterio to "Nick Fury"[src]

Now having control of hundreds more Stark Industries Combat Drones, Quentin Beck created a massive illusion of a fusion of the four previous Elementals in London, deeming it the Avengers-level threat he would defeat to secure his place as the worlds greatest superhero. Setting his ultimate illusion loose on the Tower Bridge, in an attempt to also kill his 'loose ends' Ned Leeds, Michelle Jones, and Betty Brant, as well as finally solidify his place as a hero, Beck then contacted Nick Fury, telling him that this elemental was a fusion of the four Elementals he had defeated, Molten Man, Hydro-Man, Sandman and Cyclone, reading right off a script made by his ally Gutes Guterman. Fury, however, didn't buy Beck's story. Soon, Spider-Man arrived from above via skydiving from the Stark Industries Private Jet, piloted by Happy Hogan, falling into the illusion as it began to destroy the bridge.

Once inside, Parker began connecting the drones controlling it with webs, forcing the drones to break formation, something Beck noticed and saw through one of the drones Spider-Man inside the fusion illusion. Furious that he was attempting to ruin his plans, Beck vowed to kill Parker himself. Peter then used taser webs to destroy the interconnected drones, and with not enough Drones and projectors to support such a massive illusion, it fell apart. Beck had the entire illusion shut down, before going to confront Parker, as William Ginter Riva attempted to start the illusion back up. Later, Riva had almost completed his task, only to be forced to abandon starting the illusion up again in an attempt to bring every drone to fire on Spider-Man, as Spider-Man was getting dangerously close to Beck.[1]


The Combined Elemental was created as an illusion resembling a creature made of air, water, earth, and fire. With the holographic system, designed by Quentin Beck, the Elemental Fusion's appearance was utterly realistic, and with Combat Drones, the combined Elemental was able to cause real damage.


  • The Elemental Fusion bears a resemblance to the Elematrix, a creation of Diablo's and the combined creature consisting of the Elementals of Doom.
    • The Elemental Fusion also borrows aspects from Mud-Thing, the fusion of Hydro-Man and Sandman.


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