"This Ambassador and his wife, the only thing they can't have is a little girl of their own. Now they'll have you."
"They'll never have me."
Stick and Elektra[src]

The Adoptive father of Elektra Natchios was a wealthy businessman and ambassador.


Becoming Parents

Taking in Elektra

Unable to carry a child of their own, a wealthy businessman and his wife chose to adopt a young orphan named Elektra. The young Elektra was brought to them by Stick who left before introductions were made. Elektra stayed with the family for many years until the death of the wealthy businessman several years later,[1] forcing Elektra to take on all her father's dealings with the Roxxon Corporation and other organizations who he had lost money to.[2]





  • In the comics, Hugo Kostas Natchios was Elektra's biological father, a Greek Diplomat who encouraged her daughter to practice martial arts and to attend Columbia University. After he was murdered by a group of assassins, Elektra looked for Stick for her training.


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