"Every time that I push this switch, I get a shock that runs right up my arm and into my skull."
Alex Doobin[src]

The Electroshocker is one of Howard Stark's dangerous inventions.


The Electroshocker was one of the stolen inventions of Howard Stark that was confiscated by the Strategic Scientific Reserve when they were found aboard The Heartbreak.

Alex Doobin, one of the scientists, tested the item, that gave him a shock every time he pushed its switch. The shock ran through his arm into his skull, melting his glasses the first time he pushed it.

Peggy Carter came to see Doobin, asking for his lunch order, while he was inspecting the Electroshocker. Doobin asked Carter if she saw any other button on the device other than the one that had previously melted his eyeglasses. Doobin admitted that he did not understand the purpose of the Electroshocker.[1]


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