The Electroshock Batons are electro-magnetic weapons which are used by Nebula.


Sometime before the Skirmish on Knowhere, Nebula and Ronan the Accuser had traveled to the Kyln in search of the Orb. However, once they arrived, Gamora had already left with the Orb. Using her electrified batons, Nebula had tortured and restrained a Nova Guard from escaping to obtain more information on the location of the Orb.


Nebula deploying her batons to fight Gamora

Once Gamora had breached the Dark Aster, she confronted her sister and resulted in to the two fighting. During their duel fight, Nebula had used her batons to fight against her sister and eventually gained the advantage by managing to brutally electrocute Gamora, nearly killing her.[1]

During the Battle of Titan, Nebula once again used her batons and managed to deliver powerful attacks towards Thanos demanding to know where Gamora was.[2]


  • Electrocution: Nebula's batons are capable of generating powerful amounts of electrical charges to incapacitate and even fatally electrocute her enemies. The electrocution is strong enough for Nebula to nearly kill Gamora and even cause her father discomfort.
  • Enhanced Durability: The batons are demonstrated to be highly durable and robust, being able to withstand multiple hits from Gamora's Godslayer. Nebula's batons are also able to penetrate materials such as armor as she was able use her batons to impale through the helmet of alien soldiers.
  • Collapsibility: The batons are able to retract into small sticks, making it easier for Nebula to carry and conceal from her enemies.
  • Staff Assembly: Nebula’s batons are able to combine together to form one longer staff providing her alternate fighting options. 
  • Weapon Summoning: During the Battle of Titan, Nebula's batons were able to magnetically return to her cybernetic hand after she had thrown it at Thanos. 


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