"I found it, you lamebrains! Just where they said it would be!"

The Electro Suit is a fictional powered suit of bulletproof armor that appeared in one of the comics the USO published about Captain America to boost morale during World War II.


One of the many stories about Captain America that the USO published during World War II involved an attempted theft of an experimental Electro Suit the United States Armed Forces developed as a weapon to fight their enemies in the war.

Captain America entered the base where the suit was being kept, and although he initially overpowered the traitor soldiers, one of them was able to knock Captain America down using a charged glove from the Electro Suit.

In their secret hideout, while the boss of the soldiers explained his plan, Captain America cut the ropes that bound him, and proceeded to knock out all the soldiers, even battling a soldier using the now fully charged Electro Suit.

Captain America managed to defeat the armored soldier and hijacked the escape route for the others, but their boss revealed himself to be sergeant Michael Duffy, his former instructor, and that all the theft was planned as a training exercise for Captain America.[1]

Behind the Scenes


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