The Electric Blaster is a weapon used by Nebula during combat.



Nebula fires at Rocket Raccoon

During the Attack on Berhert, Nebula was freed by Groot and was able to use her blaster to knock out Rocket Raccoon unconscious and blast of the Yaka Arrow Controller from the head of Yondu Udonta consequently causing him to go unconscious from the impact.[1]

Nebula once again used her blaster during the Attack on the New Avengers Facility by reluctantly killing her future self through the heart.[2]


  • Electric Shot: The Electric Blaster is capable of firing powerful electrical blasts to electrocute and stun targets, knocking them unconscious. Nebula used this shot to electrocute Rocket Raccoon  and Yondu Udonta. The blast is powerful enough to instantly kill a person through the chest at close range as Nebula was able to kill the past version of herself with ease.



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