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"Sometimes, the paths we're on, they wind around in ways we never would have expected. All you can do is keep moving forward, even on days when honestly, it all just kind of feels like shit."
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

Eleanor Bishop is the former CEO of Bishop Security and the mother of Kate Bishop. Following the death of her husband, Derek, a tough financial situation had forced Bishop to become an associate of Wilson Fisk, cooperating to his operations in New York City, what she had to keep a secret from her daughter. When Kate started investigating the Tracksuit Mafia together with Clint Barton, Bishop hired Yelena Belova and put a bounty on Barton's head. Eventually, Bishop realized that her daughter might be endangered, so she made a decision to quit working for Fisk. Bishop's decision had made her the target of the Tracksuit Mafia and Fisk himself, but she was saved by Kate, before she was arrested for the crimes she committed.


Early Life

Marrying Derek Bishop

Eleanor married Derek Bishop. Together they had a daughter named Kate and lived in the luxurious penthouse in New York City Derek had inherited from his family.[1]

Battle of New York

"Kate! We have to get out of here!"
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

Bishop and her husband argue

On May 4th, 2012, Bishop was arguing with her husband over selling their penthouse when they heard something clatter upstairs. Bishop told Derek that he was going to have to tell Kate and he went upstairs to her room. When he came back down, he told Bishop that Kate was okay and she was going to come down for lunch. As they were eating, Bishop showed Kate a cool trick to drop her food into her mouth, causing her to laugh. Bishop suggested Kate get the checkers board so they could play, to which Kate agreed.

Bishop escapes from the penthouse

As Kate went upstairs to get the board, the aliens known as the Chitauri arrived in the city and flew past their house, blowing a hole in the side of the house. Bishop raced to find Kate and get her to safety. When she found her she was staring at the hole. Bishop swiftly scooped Kate up and ran down the stairs as they were crumbling. Kate repeatedly asked Bishop where her dad was until it was too late to save him.[1]

Derek Bishop's Funeral

Bishop attend her husband's funeral

"I need to protect us."
"Kate, that's my job. Okay? Whatever you need, I'm here for you."
"I need a bow and arrow."
Kate Bishop and Eleanor Bishop[src]

A few days later, Bishop and Kate attended Derek's funeral and burial. Kate put her head on Bishop's shoulder and told her that she needed to protect them. Bishop told her that was not her job since she was the mother, but Kate ignored this and responded she needed a bow and arrow.[1]

Repaying Debt

Bishop attends a meeting with Wilson Fisk

"I know you've been dealing with my husband. But as I'm sure, you've heard, he's gone. So now you're dealing with me."
"I recognize you'd like to get down to business, I respect that."
―Eleanor Bishop and Wilson Fisk[src]

Following the death of her husband, Bishop learned that Derek was indebted to Wilson Fisk, having borrowed money from the crime lord when the Bishops were struggling financially.[3] Fearing of Fisk's retaliation, Bishop met with him in a private place, informing him that Derek had passed away, so she would repay his husband's debts herself.

Bishop agrees to work for Wilson Fisk

Fisk expressed his respect to Bishop's eagerness to get down to the business and extended his condolences for Derek's death to Bishop and her daughter. Fisk told Bishop that Derek's debt was rather significant, so she would have to work hard to deal with it, which Bishop understood. Bishop, however, stated that she would not be working for Fisk forever, to which he agreed, saying that she would be working "until it's done."[4]

Engagement to Jack Duquesne

"It's fast, yes. But, you know, it's kind of nice being swept up in the romance of it."
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

In 2024, Bishop began a romantic relationship to Jack Duquesne, who had been a friend of the family for a while. The couple became engaged shortly after getting together, although Bishop did not tell her daughter, who was away at college.[1]

Charity Gala

Scolding Kate Bishop

Bishop lectures her daughter

"I know that young people think they're invincible and rich people think they're invincible and you've always been both. So take it from someone who hasn't, you're not."
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

In December 2024, Bishop received a call from the dean of her daughter's university, who informed her that Kate had destroyed Stane Tower, which Bishop would have to pay for the reconstruction of. When Kate arrived home for the holidays, Bishop lectured her over the incident, and made her aware that she had already canceled all of her credit cards. Bishop warned her daughter that she is not invincible and she can and will get hurt someday, causing Kate to apologize. Bishop told her daughter that she could make it up to her by coming with her to a charity gala that she was attending that night.

Duquesne helps Bishop with her coat

Kate noticed a number of swords around Bishop's home, asking what they were all doing there, as Jack Duquesne entered the room, holding a rose in his mouth. He was surprised by the presence of Kate, and Kate was surprised by the seemingly romantic relationship Bishop was exhibiting with Duquesne. Bishop told her daughter they would talk more at the gala, and left with Duquesne to go to the hotel.[1]

Conversation with Kate Bishop

Bishop hugs her daughter

"Is there a part of you that could be happy for me?"
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

Bishop and Jack Duquesne arrived at the charity gala and began speaking to other socialites at the party. Meanwhile, Kate learned of their engagement from Armand Duquesne III and went to confront her mother about it. Bishop apologized to Kate for not telling her first, but explained that she enjoyed being caught up in the romance. Kate then excused herself to go get air and Bishop asked her to come back and find her after.[1]

Threatened by Armand Duquesne III

Bishop argues with Armand Duquesne III

"Is that guy threatening you?"
"I... Honestly, I have no idea."
Kate Bishop and Eleanor Bishop[src]

Away from the party, Bishop engaged in an argument with Armand Duquesne III, who was upset over his nephew's engagement to her. She dismissed Duquesne's accusations, but he warned her that he has powerful friends that she would not want to mess with, before walking off. As she walked away, she noticed Kate was eavesdropping. Bishop went back to the party, asking her daughter to join her as well, but she did not follow.[1]

Robbery of the Black Market Auction

Bishop looking for her daughter

"That was crazy. An explosion? Some kind of black market auction?"
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

As Bishop was back at the party, an explosion in the cellar beneath the charity gala caused the lights to flicker in the hotel upstairs. The attendees of the party began evacuating the hotel, as Bishop tried to locate her daughter amidst the chaos.

Bishop finds Duquesne after the explosion

Bishop tried calling Kate's phone but her daughter did not answer. She was found by Jack Duquesne, whom she asks if he knows where Kate was, but he did not know either.[1] Later in the night, Bishop spoke to Kate over the phone, who assured her that she was okay after the incident at the charity gala.[5]

Murder of Armand Duquesne III

"I handled Armand like you asked."
―Eleanor Bishop to Wilson Fisk[src]

Bishop was ordered by Wilson Fisk to eliminate Armand Duquesne III, as his suspicion of Bishop was growing and becoming dangerous. Bishop murdered her fiancée's uncle in his home, leaving his body on the floor, where it would be found Kate Bishop and Duquesne's maid.[3][5]

Averting Kate's Suspicions

Conversation at Bishop Security

Bishop and Duquesne talk to Kate

"What's this I hear about a fire in your apartment last night?"
"I can explain. Can we talk? Without the interloper?"
―Eleanor Bishop and Kate Bishop[src]

The next morning, Bishop went to her office, accompanied by her fiancé. Kate rushed into her office to talk to her, not realizing that Duquesne was there. Kate brought up the murder of Armand Duquesne III that took place the night prior, and began inquisitively asking Duquesne questions, but Bishop interrupted her.

Bishop questions her daughter

Bishop changed the topic, asking her daughter about the strange clothes she was wearing and about the fire that happened in her apartment the night before. Kate refused to answer the questions in front of Duquesne. Bishop invited Kate to join her and Duquesne for dinner that night, which Kate hesitantly accepted under the condition that she could come up with the conversation topics.[5]

Dinner and Fencing

The Bishops and Duquesne talk over dinner

"Jack is hiding something, Mom. Don't you think it's a little strange that the same night his uncle threatens you, he ends up murdered by sword?"
Kate Bishop to Eleanor Bishop[src]

That night, Bishop and her daughter ate risotto with Jack Duquesne, who had prepared the meal. Kate began talking about Duquesne's love of swords, and the two began talking about fencing.

Bishop listening to the conversation

Bishop tried to change the conversation, but Duquesne insisted that his and Kate's common interest was good for their relationship. Kate asked Duquesne if he wanted to get out some fencing gear and go a few rounds, which Bishop tried to prevent to no avail, as Duquesne agreed and left to grab his gear.

Bishop spectates the match

Bishop watched the two fence uneasily as she feared for her fiancé's safety, unaware he was a talented swordsman himself. Kate became increasingly aggressive with Duquesne as he continued to downplay his skill, attempting to stab him in the face after he took his helmet off to prove he was lying about his skill, and successfully getting him to parry her strike.

Bishop and her daughter argue

As Duquesne walked away to change out of his fencing gear, Kate tried to convince Bishop that Duquesne was suspicious, accusing him of being responsible for the murder of Armand Duquesne III. Bishop dismissed the accusation, telling Kate to stop worrying about it and to let the police handle the investigation. Kate tried to explain that the situation was bigger than just one murder, but was interrupted by Duquesne reentering the room.

Bishop and Duquesne watch Kate walk off

Bishop dismissed Kate's concerns as anxieties relating to her uncertainties about the future, and tried to assure Kate that she had a certain future working at Bishop Security already laid out for her, although Kate expressed that she did not want the same future for herself that Bishop wanted. Bishop asked Kate to apologize to Duquesne, which she sarcastically did. When Duquesne tried to offer Kate a butterscotch, she grabbed her jacket and rushed out of the room, much to Bishop's confusion.[5]

Meeting Hawkeye

Bishop sees Hawkeye

"I am letting you know that I cannot lose Kate. I've lost people before. I know in your line of work, you have, too."
―Eleanor Bishop to Clint Barton[src]

When Kate tried to sneak into Bishop's penthouse with Clint Barton to access the Bishop Security database, Barton was met by Jack Duquesne who threatened the intruder with a sword. Kate rushed to stop him, as Bishop also walked into the room, confused as to what was happening.

Bishop talk to Clint Barton and Kate

The four of them sat down at the dining room table, where Bishop began questioning the duo as to what they were doing there. Kate tried explaining that her and Hawkeye were partners working on an Avengers mission, although Barton denied her claims, but eventually admitted that they were in fact working together at the moment. Kate tried to leave, but Bishop told her to stay, and asked that she could see Barton out.

Bishop warns Clint Barton

As she walked Barton to the elevator, Bishop warned him that Kate was not a superhero, which Barton acknowledges that he already knew. When Barton joked that Kate was pretty good at the hero stuff, Bishop responded by saying that Natasha Romanoff was also good but she died anyway. Bishop told Barton that she could not lose Kate, telling him to leave her out of his mission, which he said he could not do but ensured that he would keep Kate safe.

Bishop makes a phone call

After Barton left, Bishop made a phone call to Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, but she did not pick up. Bishop left a voicemail telling her to call her back as soon as possible, as she had an urgent matter.[2] De Fontaine eventually got in contact with Bishop, who asked her to target Barton for assassination so that he wouldn't interfere with her business.[6]

Spending Time with Her Family

Bishop talks to her daughter

"Mom, I really need to talk to you about Jack."
"Hey, could we... Um... Could we change the subject?"
Kate Bishop and Eleanor Bishop[src]

Bishop sat in the living room with her daughter and fiancé, as Duquesne commented on how well Kate was keeping her composure around her idol. After Duquesne walked out of the room, Kate once again tried to talk to Bishop about him, but Bishop once again changed the topic. She asked Kate to help her make some decisions about the Bishop holiday party, and tried to convince her as she tried to reject the proposal.

Bishop and Jack Duquesne dance

Duquesne walked back in the room and, having heard the word "party," requested that there would be dancing. At Kate's comment that Bishop did not dance, Duquesne asked Bishop to dance with him, which she did while as he serenaded her. After the dance, the couple sat back down. When Duquesne misquoted an aphorism, the Bishops made fun of his tendency to recite aphorisms incorrectly. As the family laughed, Bishop expressed her appreciation for being able to be with her family.[2]

Comforting Her Daughter

Bishop cries while talking to her daughter

"I know it's scary now, Kate. But this doesn't have to change who you are. It just means that what you do might look a little different than you dreamed of as a child. And preferably a little less reckless."
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

At nighttime, Bishop witnessed her daughter coming back to her penthouse from a fight with minor wounds. She inquired as to whether Clint Barton was involved with them, to which Kate replied that he instead protected her and told her to stay away from him. Bishop embraced her daughter as she began to cry.

Bishop comforts her daughter

In Kate's childhood bedroom, Bishop tended to Kate's wounds. Bishop comforted her daughter as her dreams of becoming a superhero seemed to be coming to an end, and Bishop assured her she still had a good life laid out ahead for her. The two looked at Kate's first bow hanging on the wall and reminisced about Kate's childhood. Kate admitted that she and Barton had been investigating the death of Armand Duquesne III and found incriminating evidence involving Jack Duquesne and a shell corporation. Bishop agreed to look into it, and told her daughter to go her things from her apartment and come back home.[7]

Jack Duquesne's Arrest

Bishop watches Jack Duquesne's arrest

"I looked into it, honey, and you were right."
―Eleanor Bishop to Kate Bishop[src]

The next day, Bishop called the police on Jack Duquesne for his involvement with Sloan Limited. Kate arrived as two NYPD officers were arresting Duquesne. As Kate hugged her, Bishop told her that she confirmed her claims. Duquesne calmly insisted it was all a misunderstanding and that he had been framed, and as he was escorted by the police, he told Bishop that he understands her decision, Duquesne also claimed, optimistically, he would solve the issue and be back in time for her holiday party. Bishop blankly stared at her fiancé as he was escorted out of the penthouse.[7]

Secret Unveiled

Meeting with Kingpin

Bishop greets Wilson Fisk

"My daughter is home now, and she's getting too close. And that's where I draw the line."
"There are no lines in this business."
"And that is why I have to leave this business."
―Eleanor Bishop and Wilson Fisk[src]

During the morning of Christmas Eve, Bishop attending a meeting with Wilson Fisk. Bishop explained to Fisk that she felt that she had more than paid off her late husband's debt to him, and that because of how close her daughter was becoming to the situation, she believed it was time to cut her ties with Fisk.

Bishop walks away from Wilson Fisk

As Fisk was responding negatively to Bishop's announcement, Bishop threatened Fisk by telling him that she had kept copies of everything in a safe place as an insurance policy against him. Fisk offered Bishop a minute to reconsider, which Bishop said she did not need and walked away. Unbeknowst to Bishop, she was being followed by Yelena Belova, who recorded the meeting and sent the video to Kate.[3]

Bishop Christmas Party

Bishop is confronted by Kate

"Kate, do not go out there, it's too dangerous."
"You're the reason it's dangerous out there, Mom. Just stay put and stay out of this."
―Eleanor Bishop and Kate Bishop[src]

That night, Bishop arrived by limo to her Christmas party at the Rockefeller Center. Meanwhile, the Tracksuit Mafia was about to launch an attack on the party to take out Bishop, and Kate Bishop and her allies were searching for Bishop to protect her. She was quickly found by her daughter, who pulled her away to the pantry. Kate played the recording of Bishop's meeting with Wilson Fisk. Bishop began to explain her actions to her daughter, but was interrupted by Jack Duquesne, who walked into the room looking to speak to Bishop. Bishop then simply told Kate not to worry about it because she had everything under control.

The dysfunctional family heard gunshots coming from elsewhere in the building, and Kate left to go help Clint Barton, telling Bishop and Duquesne to stay there. Bishop ignored her daughter's wishes and left in the opposite direction.

Barton later tasked Orville with going to the pantry to find Bishop, but since she was gone, Barton and Kate asked their other LARPing allies to keep an eye out for her. Grills later located Bishop leaving the building out of a side door and alerted Kate.[3]

Attacked by Kingpin

Bishop cowers in fear at Kingpin

"Don't leave, Eleanor. Come here. Let's talk."
Wilson Fisk to Eleanor Bishop[src]

Bishop was escorted back to her limo by her bodyguard, but when she entered the limo, she found the driver dead in his seat and witnessed her bodyguard be attacked and thrown over the vehicle. The door to the limo was aggressively ripped from the vehicle, and Bishop screamed and cowered in fear as Wilson Fisk showed his face and attempted to grab her from the limo.

Bishop unconscious

Kate Bishop arrived and drew Fisk's attention away from Bishop. While, Fisk resisted all of Kate's attacks and knocked her to the ground, Bishop crawled up to the driver's seat of the limo and drove the vehicle at Fisk, sending him flying through the wall of the store behind him, activating the limo's airbag and knocking Bishop unconscious for a few minutes.[3]


Bishop apologizes to her daughter

"Is this what heroes do, arrest their mothers on Christmas?"
"I'm sorry. I love you, Mom."
―Eleanor Bishop, and Kate Bishop[src]

Bishop regained consciousness as her daughter went to check on her after her fight with Wilson Fisk. Bishop apologized to Kate and promised her that everything was going to go back to normal, but Kate rejected the promise, unable to forgive her mother for killing Armand Duquesne III, hiring Yelena Belova to kill Clint Barton, and framing Jack Duquesne.

Bishop is arrested by the NYPD

As Bishop tried to reason with her daughter, NYPD Detectives Caudle and Rivera arrived to arrest Bishop for her crimes, tipped off by Kate. Kate apologized and told Bishop that she loved her as the police took her away.[3]


"Killing Armand? Hiring an assassin to kill Clint? Framing your own fiancé? That's an unfortunate arrangement?"
"Yes, sweetie. That's how the world works. I've protected you from it. You may not have known what was going on, but I did it for you. I know what it's like to have nothing. And you can't handle it."
Kate Bishop and Eleanor Bishop[src]

Prior to her marriage to Derek Bishop, Eleanor Bishop grew up in a much less financially steady lifestyle, resulting in her developing a realist perspective of the world, having struggled through life. After joining the wealthy Bishop family, she transitioned into a luxurious lifestyle, although her past struggles allowed her to strongly appreciate her new lifestyle. Bishop's view of life often caused her to butt heads with her husband, who grew up rich and never faced the struggles she did, causing Derek to take his lifestyle for granted.

Bishop is a loving mother, basing all of her decisions around what she believes is best for her daughter. She strives to provide her daughter with a better life than she had, attempting to teach Kate not to take her blessings for granted while simultaneously protecting her from the harsh reality of life.

After being forced to work for Wilson Fisk, Bishop's morality became skewed as she committed illegal and immoral acts such as fraud and even murder in an attempt to keep her daughter safe. Bishop fully stood by these decisions, believing the circumstances to be nothing more than "unfortunate arrangements" and having become emotionally numb to the lifestyle after years of working for Fisk.


  • Master Tactician: While working for Wilson Fisk, Eleanor Bishop was able to arrange a shell company, Sloan Limited, to act as the legal front for the Tracksuit Mafia. She named Jack Duquesne the CEO of the company as a failsafe in case anybody went looking into the organization. She also murdered Armand Duquesne III and managed to evade suspicion for almost a week, murdering him in a fashion that pointed suspicion at Jack Duquesne. When Kate Bishop began investigating the murder, the tactics worked as Kate believed Duquesne was the culprit. When Kate began asking questions, Bishop manipulated Kate by dismissing her accusations as a normal reaction to a soon-to-be stepfather and changing the topic, but when Kate began to line all of the evidence up, Bishop called the police on Duquesne to take the fall for everything. Her tactics might have worked longer if not for Yelena Belova tailing her and revealing Bishop as her employer to Kate.
  • Expert Businesswoman: Bishop is an exceptional businesswoman and worked as the CEO of Bishop Security.
  • Physician: Bishop has some basic physician skills, being able to treat some wounds that Kate Bishop acquired during her fight with Yelena Belova and Maya Lopez.








  • In the comics, Eleanor Bishop is the wife of Derek Bishop and the mother of Susan and Kate Bishop. She allegedly died but was actually directing the activities of Madame Masque, Kate's nemesis.


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