"I'm paying you to be my eyes and ears in there."
Darius Davis to Eldridge[src]

Eldridge is a member of the Crips.


Dismissed from Security

"What, you get a splinter or some shit?"
"Got fired. We all did."
Darius Davis and Eldrige[src]

Eldrigde was a member of the Crips gang sent by Darius Davis to spy on the PRIDE Construction Site which was being managed by Davis' former best friend Geoffrey Wilder. Eldridge posed as a security officer working under the orders of the Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc.. However, Eldridge was dismissed with the rest of the security when Jonah and the Church of Gibborim took over the site, replacing them with their own security.

Eldridge met with Davis in the latter's car and told him of the situation, which made Davis remark that whatever Wilder had been working on had entered its final phase.[1]





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