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"I need you to transport me here."
"I say yes."
"I said no. It's painful."
Auran and Eldrac[src]

Eldrac was one of the Inhuman residents of Attilan. After his Terrigenesis, he merged with a wall and gainded the ability to teleport people to any location. When Attilan's protective dome had been compromised by Maximus, Eldrac helped the remaining Inhumans to escape to Earth, however he was seemingly destroyed, as the dome collapsed on top of him.



"If you don't, I will kill your entire family and bring all their pieces to you in a garbage bag."
Auran to Eldrac[src]

Eldrac was approached by Auran who was seeking passage to Earth in order to track down Medusa. When Eldrac refused due to the process being painful for him, Auran threatened his entire family, saying that she will kill them if he did not cooperate. He grudgingly opened a portal for her but she was hesitant to enter it, reminding him of the threat on his family, saying that she would follow through on the threat if he did anything to harm her whilst inside the portal. Eldrac complied and teleported her to Earth, only to leave her legs stuck in stone when she arrived.[1]

Sending Auran's Reinforcements

"That's a lot of people."
―Eldrac regarding Auran's reinforcements[src]

Maximus ordered Eldrac to transport Pulsus, Locus, Flora, Sakas and Mordis on Earth, as a back-up for Auran.[2]

Later, Eldrac was once again asked by Maximus to send backup to Auran as she had lost half of her teammates and needed more people to fight the Inhuman Royal Family. Among the miners chosen to be teleported thanks to Eldrac was Loyolis.[3]

Left in Ruins

"Hurry! The city's destruction is my own. But you must leave now."
―Eldrac to Black Bolt[src]

When Maximus triggered the collapse of the protective dome surrounding Attilan in an attempt to keep the throne, Crystal required Eldrac's help to evacuate the city as Lockjaw could not deal with it on his own. Eldrac agreed to help and painfully endured the teleportation of hundreds of Inhumans towards Earth. Later, as the city was falling into ruins, Eldrac managed to emerge one last time from his already half-destroyed wall and provided Black Bolt with an escape, thus achieving the evacuation. The building then collapsed on Eldrac, killing him.[4]


  • Inhuman Physiology: Eldrac is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis and gained superhuman powers.
    • Portal Physiology:

      Eldrac teleporting Auran to Earth

      Eldrac is fused with a wall and can open a way into it to transport others where they want to go. He can transform and reveal his face to others or go dormant by hiding in the wall. However, the process is painful for him and Auran had to threaten his family for him to cooperate.
      • Portal Manipulation: Eldrac can influence the location in which they are teleported, as he purposely left Auran's legs in stone as a punishment for threatening him and his family. He can also open multiple portals at a time and send people to the same or different locations simultaneously.





  • In the comics, Eldrac the Door was transformed into a large, architectural-like, disembodied head after Terrigenesis and is able to create portals inside his mouth. Unlike his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart, he is no longer able to speak.
  • Eldrac's method of teleportation is very similar to that of the Monolith, although with the stone breaking apart and liquidizing rather than fully becoming fluid.


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