"If your boyfriend wants to fix his ride up, might want to go over there and find scraps."
―Diego to Daisy Johnson[src]

El Monte Junk and Salvage is a Los Angeles junkyard used by Robbie Reyes to hide his car.


Ghost Rider's Lair


Mitchell is executed by the Ghost Rider at the junkyard

The Ghost Rider used to park and hide the Hell Charger in El Monte Junk and Salvage. The junkyard happened to be filled with partly destroyed 1969 Dodge Charger, the same model than the Hell Charger, following the use of the cars in movies.

After attacking a group of Aryan Brotherhood members, the Ghost Rider brought one of them to the junkyard for interrogation about their criminal activities. He later executed Mitchell while he was still tied up to a wall of the junkyard.[1]

Duel With Quake

Ghost Rider Vs Quake

Ghost Rider fights Quake at the junkyard

While looking for the Ghost Rider, Quake was directed to the junkyard where she met Robbie Reyes in his human form. She asked him if she could check the sales register but then recognized the Ghost Rider's way of playing with his car keys. The two then began to violently fight each other, partly setting the junkyard on fire and damaging the material. However, the duel eventually subsided and the Ghost Rider decided to spare Quake and to simply leave the junkyard.[1]


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