"Sire, the Aether. Shall we destroy it?"
"If only we could, but its power is too great. Bury it deep, somewhere no one will ever find it."
―Einherjar Lieutenant and King Bor[src]

The Einherjar Lieutenant was a member of the Asgardian army of elite warriors, the Einherjar.


The Einherjar Lieutenant served the Asgardian Army, the Einherjar, under King Bor's command during the battle against the Dark Elves led by Malekith in Svartalfheim. The Einherjar Lieutenant and his comrades followed their king's lead and were able to defeat the Elf army.

Following the end of the battle, the Lieutenant approached King Bor, and asked him what they should do with the Aether. Bor ordered him to bury it deep where nobody would be able to find it.

The Lieutenant complied to the order, hiding it in a secure place where it remained hidden for 5000 years.[1]


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