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"Your internal compass isn't broken, Dex. It just works better with a North Star to guide you."
"What if I can't find one?"
"Then you'll rely on our structure. A tidy physical space. A disciplined vocation. You will build your life on pillars of order."
― Eileen Mercer to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Doctor Eileen Mercer was a psychiatrist in Riviera Psychiatric Institute.


Therapy Sessions

Helping Dex Poindexter

"Hi, Benjamin. My name is Dr. Mercer. Before we begin talking, I hear you like using your hands, so I want you to have these pencils so you can draw while we talk."
"I'm sorry?"
"My name is Dex."
"Oh, my mistake. Dex it is. That's a good name. Makes you very unique. Well, Dex, if you want, you can call me by first name, Eileen."
― Eileen Mercer and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Doctor Eileen Mercer was assigned to Benjamin Poindexter after the young boy killed Coach Bradley with an expertly thrown baseball. Over the years, she became Poindexter's confidante and surrogate mother, allowing him to manage his psychopathic tendencies through routine and structure. Mercer later became diagnosed with cancer, and was almost killed by Poindexter, who was unable to accept her diagnoses. Mercer was able to calm him down, and advised him to listen to her tapes for comfort, and keep his morality in check.[1]


Dex's North Star

Despite her death, Benjamin Poindexter would listen to her tapes to calm himself, and for comfort when times were hard on him. Poindexter would later become corrupt, and tired of the rules and having his morality kept, burned all of Mercer's tapes and become a loyal agent for Wilson Fisk.[2]



  • Grandmother



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