Ego's Ship was the ship used by Ego and Mantis to travel across the galaxy.



Ego created the ship using his abilities to manipulate matter. He created the ship so his avatar could travel across the universe.[1]

Destroying the Omnicrafts

Whilst searching for his son, Ego found him being pursued by the Sovereign. Ego climbed onto the top of the ship and proceeded to destroy the entire fleet.[1]

Transporting the Guardians of the Galaxy

Ego left the ship and introduced himself to the Guardians in Berhert. The next day the ship left the planet with Star-Lord, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer as passengers. Ego's ward Mantis put Ego to sleep for the journey to Ego's planet. Mantis then demonstrated her powers to the Guardians. When the ship landed onto Ego's Planet, the passengers exited the craft. When the planet was destroyed, the ship was supposedly destroyed as well.[2]


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