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"An ideal butler provides service without being asked."
―Edwin Jarvis[src]

Edwin Jarvis was the butler and trusted ally of Howard Stark, and helped Peggy Carter in her mission of clearing his master's name when Johann Fennhoff attempted to convince the SSR Stark was guilty of treason. Gaining a thirst for adventure as a result, Jarvis volunteered to assist Agent Carter once again when Whitney Frost threatened the world due to being consumed with Darkforce: However, when his beloved wife was almost killed by Frost, Jarvis was forced to reevaluate his future. Over the years, he served as a support figure during the childhood of Tony Stark until Jarvis eventually passed away, resulting in the young Stark paying tribute to his elder butler by naming his A.I. system J.A.R.V.I.S. after him.


Military Career

Meeting Ana Jarvis

Edwin Jarvis joined the British Armed Forces and became an aide to a general. On one of the general's journeys over Europe, Jarvis met Ana, a girl of Jewish descent who was working in a hotel in Budapest, Hungary. He also met Howard Stark, a wealthy American inventor and businessman, and they became good friends.[1]

World War II

When World War II broke out, Jarvis was still serving as the general's aide. The general had several letters of transit that could secure Ana's safety from the Third Reich, but the general refused to sign them. Jarvis stole one of the letters and forged the general's signature.

The scandal that ensued when the forgery was discovered caused the accusation of treason for Jarvis. Luckily for him, Howard Stark, who had some unfinished business with the general, used his influence to not only save Jarvis from court martial, but also to secure Ana's safety. Jarvis was dishonorably discharged from the British Army, but he and Stark became quick and loyal friends soon after. Eventually, Jarvis and Ana married and relocated to the United States, where Jarvis became Stark's butler.[1]

Search for Weapons

Working with Peggy Carter

Jarvis meets Peggy Carter

"When you're not humiliating him, that fellow up there is my butler, Edwin Jarvis. He'll help you any way he can."
Howard Stark[src]

Edwin Jarvis was tasked with assisting Peggy Carter in finding the document that had the formula for molecular Nitramene, an invention created by Howard Stark but was stolen. He greeted Carter outside the L&L Automat, Carter responded badly, unaware of who Jarvis was, when she attempted to flee she was stopped by Howard Stark. Stark explained his situation to Carter and she agreed to help and allowed Jarvis to assist her. He explained that she was able to call him any time before 9.00 p.m, when she asked why that was, he explained that was the time he and his wife went to bed.

Jarvis speaks to Peggy Carter on the phone

When Carter found an active bomb of the chemical in La Martinique, she called Jarvis for advice. He was busy preparing dinner for his wife Ana and disliked being disturbed, but he helped Carter nonetheless with Stark's notes to defuse the bomb.[4]

Edwin got off the phone when he head Ana was home. He walked into the kitchen and asked her how her art class was. She talked to him about it and then asked who the man on the phone was. Edwin said it wasn't a man, but one of Howard Stark's women. Ana thought it was another fling, but Edwin told her that she was different. She was someone that Stark actually respected. He then changed the subject by going to the radio, but Ana caught him. He reminded her that Carter wouldn't affect them, but Ana told him not to make promises he couldn't keep.[3]

The next morning, Edwin lied to Ana, telling her that he was evicting a woman from Howard Stark's Penthouse apartment; in reality, he was in L&L Automat helping Carter deal with the death of her roommate who had been murdered by a mysterious assassin. Afterwards they went to see scientist Anton Vanko on leads toward who could have weaponized the Nitramene.

Jarvis and Peggy Carter escape an implosion

Arriving at the Roxxon Refinery, Jarvis was told to stay with the car as Carter investigated. The sat patiently until he received a call from Carter, she told him she needed him to drive her out immediately. Following directions he drove to her location and she leapt on the back of the car. He drove away from the factory and saved her from the implosion of the Nitramene that turned the factory into a wrecked mass. Later he dropped Carter off at her home and called Stark, telling him that Carter suspected nothing.[4]

Wanting to Help

Jarvis gives Peggy Carter a tour of Howard Stark's Penthouse

"There is not a man or woman, no matter how fit he or she may be, who is capable of carrying the entire world on their shoulders."
―Edwin Jarvis[src]

Because she did not have a place to stay, Jarvis gave Peggy Carter a tour of Howard Stark's Penthouse apartment and told her that she could stay; Carter refused, citing that it would be a conflict of interest with her being a Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent and him being under suspicion of being a traitor. However, Jarvis showed her the bedroom and this tempted Carter enough to stay for a rest.

Carter told Jarvis that she was going to investigate the Daisy Clover Milk Factory for the Nitramene using the Vita-Ray Detector; he wanted to assist and asked her many questions on her methods. Jarvis was eventually put out. Later, Jarvis was told to dispose of the car that he and Carter used at the Roxxon Refinery; her colleagues were researching the place. Jarvis left the car in Hoboken with its keys inside.

Jarvis threatens to shoot Leet Brannis

After picking up Carter from the L&L Automat, Jarvis took her to Cedar Grove, New Jersey to see what connection the milkman Sheldon McFee had to the implosive chemical. Jarvis insisted on helping, but Carter wanted him to leave; she was surprised when Jarvis disabled the Daisy Clover milk truck to prevent Leet Brannis from escaping her.

Armed with a shotgun, Jarvis tried to shoot the man in the Green Suit when he ambushed Carter, Brannis, and him. When Carter told Brannis to drive over the edge of the road into a body of water, Jarvis leaped from the truck with the others. He landed on Brannis, fatally wounding him, in his final moments Brannis drew a strange symbol in the dirt. Hearing sirens, Jarvis insisted that he and Carter flee.

Jarvis tends to Peggy Carter's injuries

Back at Stark's Penthouse, Jarvis tended to Carter's wounds, which included a bullet to the leg. As he stitched up the injury, he spoke to her about wanting to help her more in their mission, claiming that no one could handle the pressure alone. When Carter argued that Steve Rogers could, he said that he knew that Rogers relied heavily on Carter herself for strength and guidance. Carter seemingly accepted his offer and told him to continue tending to her injuries.[5]

Fleetmaster Driver

"You're quite the guard dog."
"Security is not within my purview."
Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis[src]

Back at Jarvis' home, he spotted Agent Peggy Carter arriving; Jarvis made his excuses and greeted her outside. Carter explained that she had developed a theory that if she could work out how the thieves got into Howard Stark's vault, then maybe she could figure out how they got out and where they went, thus locating Stark's missing weapons. Once inside Stark's penthouse Carter began to ask Jarvis questions about the night of the theft; Jarvis explained how he could not tell her much as there was a storm, and candlelight and rain always makes him fall asleep.

Jarvis is arrested by the SSR

They were interrupted by a knock at the door, followed by a voice telling them to open the door for the SSR. Carter hid and Jarvis opened the door and was introduced to Agents Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa of the SSR. Jarvis explained that Stark was not at the house. They explained that they knew who he was and had found the bumper from his car; Jarvis quickly lied and claimed the car had been stolen several days earlier. Jarvis refused to let them into the house and Thompson instead asked him to come with him back to the SSR. Jarvis nervously accepted the offer and left Carter alone in the penthouse.

Jarvis is questioned by Jack Thompson

Jarvis was brought to the New York Bell Company Office and questioned by Jack Thompson; Jarvis maintained his lie about the car being stolen. Thompson showed him pictures of Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov and asked if he recognized either of them; Jarvis lied again and claimed to have never seen them before, and claimed to be grateful to Thompson for finding the thieves. Thompson said he believed that the men were in fact working for Stark all along. Thompson then explained that they knew that Jarvis had previously been accused of treason and then threatened to deport Jarvis and his wife if he did not cooperate. Before he could break and confess, Jarvis was assisted when Carter managed to reveal to him that the SSR had indeed found his stolen car report. Jarvis thanked the agents and left.

Jarvis tells Carter the truth about his treason

That night Jarvis was visited by Peggy Carter; he took her to the hole in the ground where the thieves had broken in where they had installed a pulley system and traveled down to the sewers below. Carter claimed that she did not need to ask the truth of Jarvis' past life. As they began to travel down the sewer, Carter changed her mind and asked Jarvis about his past treason as his honor and Stark's word were not good enough. Jarvis agreed and told her the story of how he met his wife Ana and forged a general's signature.

Jarvis and Peggy Carter find Howard Stark's weapons

They discovered a boat with the same symbol that Brannis had drawn before his death. They got on board the boat and found Stark's weapons, including the Constrictor, a weapon capable of breaking bones. Carter first attempted to inform the SSR of their discovery, but Jarvis argued that informing the SSR of her investigation would land her in trouble and could even lead to a treason charge for working for known fugitive Howard Stark. Jarvis tested Carter by asking her the questions that the SSR would ask her; Carter failed the test and it became clear this could not be explained so easily. Carter reluctantly agreed to work from the shadows.

Jarvis rings the SSR

Carter asked Jarvis to call the SSR, knowing that Daniel Sousa was working late and she did not mind him taking the credit for the discovery. Jarvis made an anonymous call to Sousa, putting on an American accent to disguise his identity. He informed the agent of the location of the weapons. When he returned to The Heartbreak to collect Carter, he found her engaged in a fight with Jerome Zandow. Jarvis assisted her in the fight until Carter used the Constrictor to break his arm. They made their escape before the SSR arrived.[1]

Howard Stark's Return

Jarvis negotiates with Otto Mink's men

Jarvis received a call from Howard Stark, explaining he planned on being smuggled back to the USA with the help of criminal Otto Mink. Jarvis met Mink's guards and arranged to pay them their money; however, Stark had warned him that Mink would try to get more money from the deal. This proved to be correct when Mink's men did indeed demand more money; Jarvis had Peggy Carter assist him and attack the guards. With the guards subdued, they welcomed back Stark, but, as a fugitive with nowhere else to go, Jarvis dropped them off at Carter's home at the Griffith Hotel.

Jarvis speaks to Howard Stark

Stark gave Carter a mission to collect an item call the Blitzkrieg Button from the SSR; Jarvis knew that it really contained the last of Steve Rogers' blood. When Carter found out about the lie, she was furious and refused to help Stark again. Jarvis was sent to try to make her understand Stark's reasons for lying to her, but she would not listen. After she left Jarvis met Stark at a shoe shine stand and he expressed his own disgust that Stark's behavior before leaving.[6]

Jarvis attempted to speak to Carter the next day. He explained that although Stark could be thoughtless and vain, he was a good man who had the highest respect for Carter. Carter was still too angry to accept and said that all Stark needed was a servant. When Jarvis compared his job to hers, she was appalled, saying she was a federal agent; Jarvis reminded her of how little her fellow agents respected her. Carter said she would make them respect her.

Jarvis speaks to Roger Dooley

Jarvis was later approached by the head of the SSR, Roger Dooley. Jarvis initially expressed no interest in speaking to Dooley after his previous arrest by the SSR, where he was threatened with deportation. Dooley explained his new knowledge of the Battle of Finow, in which Stark participated. Jarvis lied and claimed to have never heard of the battle or the general involved. Dooley expressed his desire not to capture Stark, but to learn the truth; he gave Jarvis his card and asked him to call if he ever wanted to explain the truth.[7]

Working with Peggy Carter Again

Jarvis is kicked by Edith Oberon

Peggy Carter, after returning from a mission in Russia had developed a theory that a woman was responsible for seducing Howard Stark with the intention of stealing his weapons. She recruited Jarvis to investigate all the women Stark had had affairs with for the last few months, Jarvis claimed that it would take awhile as the list would be excessive. They began to visit the homes of the women, each of them slapping or kicking Jarvis for his part in Stark's break up routine. Carter looked at the wrists of each of the women, believing the guilty woman would have scars on her wrists from being handcuffed to the bed every night. The last woman they investigated was Ida Emke, who could not be found but was believed to be the guilty woman.

Jarvis keeps the SSR Agents away

Carter and Jarvis went to L&L Automat for a meal when Carter noticed that the place was being evacuated. She noticed Strategic Scientific Reserve agents from Washington, D.C. there, trying to be unnoticeable. Knowing they had been found out, Carter engaged the Agents in a fight while Jarvis held the door to stop any other Agents from getting in. They escaped out the back only to be stopped by Agent Jack Thompson. Carter was able to knock Thompson out but refused to leave with Jarvis, claiming to have to first collect Steve Rogers' blood from her hotel room.[8]

Surrendering to the SSR

Jarvis arrives at the SSR with Howard Stark's forged "confession"

Jarvis learned that Peggy Carter had indeed been caught by the SSR. In a moment of panic he devised a plan to arrive at the SSR with a forged confession from Howard Stark; this gained him entry but the plan did not help them escape, as Roger Dooley claimed they would have to wait until Stark arrived before they could go free. Jarvis admitted his lie to a furious Carter.

While they were there, Carter noticed that the man she had saved from Russia, Ivchenko, was communicating with someone using Morse code outside of the window. They desperately tried to convince Dooley and the other Agents of this fact, but they would not believe her. Seeing no other alternative, Carter showed them that the Blitzkrieg Button did indeed contain Captain Steve Rogers' blood. This act of good faith earned them just enough of Dooley's trust.

Jarvis tries in vain to help Roger Dooley

However, as the SSR sent agents of arrest whomever Ivchenko was communicating with, the Russian was able to take over Roger Dooley's mind, who locked Jarvis and Carter in the interrogation room before letting Ivchenko go free with some of Stark's inventions. When they were released, they discovered that Dooley was now wearing one of Stark's unfinished designs, a Stark Heat Vest. Jarvis explained that the vest could not be removed and would continue to heat up until it exploded. Seeing no other alternative, Dooley leaped out of the window and exploded in mid-air.

After Dooley's death the team investigated what had been stolen from the lab, the only missing weapon was entitled Item 17, when they asked Jarvis what it was, he said he had no idea.[9]

Kidnapping of Howard Stark

Jarvis and Howard Stark surrender to the SSR

After the SSR investigated a case where 47 innocent people killed each other after being exposed to Item 17, Jarvis arrived back at the SSR along with Howard Stark. The SSR immediately arrested Stark; Jarvis automatically raised him arms in surrender when the Agents aimed their guns at them.

The SSR questioned Stark and he revealed that Item 17 was in fact a gas called Midnight Oil, a substance he designed to keep soldiers awake for longer periods of time, but instead caused an uncontrollable rage. He explained that the gas had been used against his will during World War II, and was used to slaughter Russian soldiers at the Battle of Finow.

Jarvis helps Howard Stark shave

Stark volunteered to be used as bait to draw out Ivchenko, whose real name was Johann Fennhoff; it was arranged that Stark would give a speech in a public event, announcing he was being cleared of all charges by the SSR. Before the event, Stark had Jarvis hold up a mirror while he trimmed his mustache; when Stark asked Jarvis how it looked, Jarvis replied that it looked like a nest of spiders with very short legs.

At the press event Stark was shot at; in the chaos, Jarvis took Stark to a police car and ordered the driver to take them to the SSR headquarters. Before he could enter the car, the driver drove off with Stark, it was only after the car was gone that Jarvis saw the two other policemen, lying murdered on the ground. Jarvis was able to work out that Stark was most likely taken to his secret warehouse, where he kept his other planes; it was believed that he would be forced to fly one of his planes over New York City while carrying the Midnight Oil.[10]

Raid of Howard Stark's Warehouse

Jarvis pilots a plane ready to shoot down Howard Stark

His theory was confirmed when they arrived at the warehouse. Howard Stark's mind had been taken over by Johann Fennhoff and he was piloting one of his planes while carrying the Midnight Oil. Jarvis volunteered to pilot another plane to shoot down Stark if he could not be convinced to turn around the plane, as he was the only one out of the Agents to have ever piloted a plane, although he confessed he had never been forced to shoot someone down before. Peggy Carter was able to take control of the radio and communicated with Stark, while Jarvis pressured her to make a choice if he would have to shoot Stark down. Stark was convinced to turn back and returned to the warehouse. When Stark landed he berated Jarvis about nearly shooting him down, but hugged his butler nonetheless to show his gratitude.[10]

Parting Gifts

Jarvis was later given permission by Howard Stark to give one of his penthouses to Peggy Carter and her friend Angie Martinelli, who were allowed to live in the Pent-House without paying rent. Jarvis spoke to Carter when they were alone, he explained that he planned to take it easier for the next few weeks, although he looked forward to having an overhaul of the kitchen spices; he did, however, promise to assist her with anything she would ever need at a moments notice.

Jarvis gives Peggy Carter Steve Rogers' blood

Jarvis explained that Stark had decided to destroy all of his weapons, as he believed they were too dangerous for any government to use, he did give Carter one last item, Steve Rogers' blood, Jarvis explained that Stark was unaware that the sample of Roger's blood still existed, as he believed it was lost during Fennhoff's campaign. Jarvis said that although he owed Stark a great debt, Stark did not own his integrity and Jarvis believed that only Carter knew what to do with the blood.[10]


"Miss Carter, since our last adventure, my life has consisted of oiling floorboards, cleaning pools and... transporting exotic livestock. I'm profoundly and exhaustively bored."
―Edwin Jarvis to Peggy Carter[src]

With the adventure with Peggy Carter completed, Jarvis went back to his regular routine helping Howard Stark; this caused him extreme boredom.[11] Longing for adventure, Jarvis decided to train in martial arts. His wife Ana became his sparring partner, learning his strengths and weaknesses.[12]

Los Angeles

Howard Stark went to Los Angeles to get a defense contract; Edwin and Ana Jarvis came also to stay in Howard Stark's Estate. Stark became fascinated with exotic animals and had Edwin collect them, including a flamingo he named Bernard[11] and a koala with a bad temper which forced Edwin to learn how to use a tranquilizer gun.[13] Edwin continued his martial arts training with Ana, who enjoyed hearing about Edwin's adventures, and made a garter that could double as a holster.[11]

Reuniting with Peggy Carter

Jarvis greets Agent Peggy Carter

Edwin Jarvis welcomed Peggy Carter to Los Angeles, meeting her at the airport and told her they could live at Howard Stark's Estate which they would share with Bernard the flamingo. He tried to convince Carter that she needed him, but then confessed that he was utterly bored and wanted to drive her around to keep himself occupied. Jarvis dropped her off at the Auerbach Theatrical Agency which was the cover of the local Strategic Scientific Reserve office.

Later on the day, he picked her up and brought her to the house where he introduced her to his wife Ana Jarvis who had put together an outfit for Carter. As he wanted to leave, his wife pulled him back and kissed him passionately.

Jarvis later waited outside of the Los Angeles County Coroner Building when Andrew Henry came out with his hostage. Before Jarvis could react, he got knocked down by Henry. Daniel Sousa and Carter took him with them as they chased Henry. Jarvis was ordered to stay back and wait for the police as they would follow Henry by foot. Carter handed him a gun for protection before she and Sousa chased Henry.

After Henry was taken down, Edwin drove Carter back to the mansion of Stark, asked Ana to bring her a cup of tea.[11]

Morning Gymnastic

Jarvis challenges Peggy Carter

The next day Edwin was training in the garden when Peggy Carter walked in. He explained to her how he had began to work out and also started to train in boxing, Judo, and fencing. As Carter was skeptical about his skills he challenged her for a sparring match. She initially declined but agreed after he kept assisting while poking her provocatively in the chest. Carter managed to throw him on his back; however, Edwin reversed her and ended up immobilizing her with a pin. Carter was surprised by her defeat and Ana walked in and told her he used his Tortoise of Fury on her, mentioning he was highly proficient fighting off his back. Edwin mentioned Ana was his sparring partner and she knew all his strengths and weaknesses. He then drove Carter to her work.[12]

Howard's Special Car

Jarvis chases Bernard Stark

As Peggy Carter later left with the car, he showed her there was a tracking device in the car and she could send a S.O.S when she found herself in trouble. Edwin was later chasing the flamingo as his wife watched on. She then told him Carter was sending an S.O.S. Alarming Daniel Sousa, they started a search for her. After they found Carter, he comforted her as she was mourning the loss of Jason Wilkes.[12]

At the Set of Stark Pictures

Jarvis drove Peggy Carter to meet Howard Stark who was at his film set shooting an adaptation of the Kid Colt, Outlaw comic book. He offered her a role in his movie; Carter mentioned perhaps she should play the role of cowboy. Stark told her he liked it but doubted the audience was ready for a female lead. Carter then questioned if the audience was ready for movies based on comic books.

Jarvis, Peggy Carter, and Howard Stark at Stark Pictures

Carter and Jarvis showed him the video of the Zero Matter sucking up the vehicles. Stark mentioned this zero matter might be the greatest invention of the century as there was nothing like this in nature. Stark noticed a lapel pin and told them it was worn by members from the Arena Club, a club for wealthy, white elitists. Jarvis mentioned they had tried to recruit Stark for their club but he had declined as there were no female members there.

Jarvis and Carter later went to the pool party Stark was throwing. Carter was surprised at the large amount of female employees present and questioned their usefulness. Jarvis mentioned they were of no use at all. Carter told Stark she had a plan to investigate the Arena Club and to plant listening devices. Stark told her that sounded boring and that she would have a hard time getting in as it was men only. Carter told her the plan she had in mind was far from boring.[14]

Invading the Arena Club

Jarvis accompanied Howard Stark and Peggy Carter to the Arena Club as part of their infiltration plan. Jarvis stayed with Howard Stark as he signaled his production assistants to enter the club, Carter among them, though she split from the group to plant listening devices. Jarvis, supplanting Leopold as a bartender, began to make martinis for the women as the club's management was confused by the flirtations of the women. Eventually, Jarvis went looking for Carter, finding her confronted by a security guard about being in the library. Jarvis assumed that she needed help, pretending she had been looking for the bathroom; calling Carter "Miss Wendy", he took her arm and guided her quickly away from the man. Jarvis and Carter told Stark that they had finished, and the group left the club.[14]

Disembodied Voice

Jarvis speaks to Jason Wilkes

"I have no desire to spend the rest of time as a disembodied voice."
―Edwin Jarvis[src]

Eventually, Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa came to Howard Stark's Estate, fearing that Carter was infected by Zero Matter because objects were floating in her presence. Jarvis watched as Howard Stark conducted tests on Carter; he frowned when Stark dropped a bottle of expensive wine to test the weight capacity of the objects that floated. Stark began to act as a science teacher and that Jarvis and Sousa were his students by asking them to answer science-related questions as he theorized what was happening to Carter. Jarvis and Stark worked on their light-capturing formula which Stark sprayed into the air to reveal Jason Wilkes.

Later, Jarvis saw Carter exercising outside the estate to relieve stress; he wondered if she needed a sparring partner until he watched how viciously she hit the punching bag. Jarvis went inside for a short moment to return to see Carter fighting a masked man; Jarvis assisted in the struggle and when the man had him pinned, he used his "tortoise of fury" maneuver to counter the assault. Jarvis saw Carter shoot the man's hand before he fled.

The next morning, Jarvis asked Carter her condition as he installed a new security system throughout the estate; she said that she felt invigorated, as she now knew that chasing Whitney Frost was worthwhile. Jarvis showed Carter that the alarm of the estate was his voice warning of intruders; Jarvis hated the thought of being disembodied voice throughout time.[14]

Capturing Rufus Hunt

Jarvis and Peggy Carter, trying to learn more about Whitney Frost, followed her husband, Calvin Chadwick, to his campaign office. While Carter waited in the car, Jarvis entered the office, returning with campaign pins for himself and Carter, though Carter promptly dropped hers out the car window. Jarvis and Carter watched Chadwick leave the office and get into his car. Jarvis noticed that Chadwick's driver had a bandage on his hand in the same place Carter had shot their assailant of the night before, realizing that the driver was, in fact, the assassin.

Jarvis and Peggy Carter working together

Jarvis waited while Carter asked for more information; she told him that the man was Rufus Hunt, a former soldier dishonorably discharged and now working as head of security for the Arena Club. Carter tried to come up with a way to capture Hunt without getting hurt; Jarvis suggested using his tranquilizer rifle. Carter agreed, and they formed a plan.

Jarvis, pretending he was a police officer, pounded on Hunt's door and ordered him to come out, acting as a distraction while Carter sneaked around the back of the house with the rifle. The ruse worked despite Jarvis' terrible acting, and Hunt raced out the back only to be confronted by Carter. Jarvis joined Carter as she maneuvered Hunt into the trunk of her car; however, Hunt was still conscious and punched Jarvis in the chest, stabbing him with a tranquilizer dart before Carter knocked him out again. Jarvis fell into the ground as the dart took effect.

Jarvis was unconscious when Carter reached Howard Stark's Estate; she laid him on the couch to recover while she argued with Daniel Sousa.

Later, Jarvis helped Jason Wilkes try to find a formula to return himself to normal. When Carter and Sousa returned to the estate, having planted a listening device on Hunt, Jarvis listened as Hunt reached the house of Whitney Frost. Jarvis and the others listened as Frost confronted Hunt over his capture. Jarvis heard Hunt scream before the line went dead and Carter frantically asked what Frost had done.[13]

Skillful Hands

"Great work."
"For the record, that was nothing like baking a soufflé."
Daniel Sousa and Edwin Jarvis[src]

When Jarvis awakened, Peggy Carter and Jason Wilkes were discussing the location of the body of Jane Scott; Wilkes said that he "felt" where it was at the County Cold Storage Building. Carter asked if Howard Stark owned a hearse, but Jarvis revealed that he owned a Woodie that they could use to transport the corpse to the estate.

Jarvis helping Peggy Carter

Instead of allowing Carter to use the hood of the car to make herself taller, Jarvis lifted Carter, citing that her heels would scratch the paint job. After Carter entered the vent of the building, she asked if Jarvis was coming; he was hesitant, but he joined her. Jarvis did not want to be in the vent because it reminded him of when he would go into his grandmother's basement to get apricot preserves and the spiders that he would encounter there; Carter assured him that there were no spiders in the cold ventilation shaft. The two saw Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick standing over the corpse of Scott as Frost removed the Zero Matter inside it. Frost proclaimed that she needed an Atomic Bomb, as the two quietly listened.

Returning to the estate, Wilkes revealed that Frost wanted a bomb in order to recreate the explosion that created the anomaly which released the Zero Matter; Wilkes told him and Carter that Frost could not be allowed to succeed.

Eventually, Jarvis took Carter to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency and became a member of the crew that would work to foil Frost's scheme, along with Daniel Sousa, Rose Roberts, and Aloysius Samberly. As the five exited the building, Jarvis remembered that he parked the car in another location, spoiling the victorious march they were having.

The team enters the building

Arriving at the Roxxon Warehouse where the bomb was kept, Jarvis and Sousa both voiced to Carter that they did not believe that Samberly and Roberts would be able to get everyone past the guards; however, when the two were successful, Jarvis changed his opinion. Inside, as Roberts and Carter went to fight Frost's assistants, Jarvis, Samberly, and Sousa found the bomb, but Samberly accidentally crossed wires in the electronic door lock, causing it to seal Jarvis alone with the bomb. As Samberly worked to correct the problem, Sousa talked Jarvis through the dismantling of the bomb, comparing the skill needed to extracting a souffle from a oven. Jarvis was frightened, but ultimately placed the two uranium rods in a lead case. Upon exiting the room, Jarvis told Sousa that the two experiences were not the same.

Sousa told Jarvis, Roberts, and Samberly to leave in ten minutes with or without him as he went to find Carter who was confronting Frost. Sousa brought Carter to the car, but she had sustained a wound through her abdomen. While Roberts and Samberly dealt with the uranium, Jarvis and Sousa took Carter, who was bleeding profusely, to the house of the nurse Violet, since going to a hospital was not a viable option. As Jarvis introduced himself, Violet barked for him to boil water to help her care for Carter's injury.

Later, Jarvis brought the car around so he and Carter could return to Howard Stark's Estate, though Violet thought that that was unwise since Carter needed rest. At the estate, Jarvis, telling her to rest, told Carter that adventures with her were only amusing, if she survived them.[15]

Party With Underwood

Jarvis dancing with Dottie Underwood

Jarvis agreed to help Peggy Carter with extracting Zero Matter from Whitney Frost to help Jason Wilkes. Although worried, he went along with Carter's plan to use Dottie Underwood to extract it since Frost cannot recognize her. Carter fitted Jarvis with glasses that could record everything and keep him safe from Underwood as they went to the party. At the party, Jarvis danced with Underwood, but saw that Jack Thompson was present. Knowing his cover would be blown, he decided to distract Thompson while Underwood got the sample. Jarvis peered his head in front of Thompson, forcing his way into conversation. Afterwards, Jarvis tried to find the rogue Underwood on the upper floors. He overheard Daniel Sousa and Carter's conversation where Sousa confessed his love to Carter. Before he could react, Underwood threw a man out of the balcony and Jarvis was forced out by security. Underwood's necklace tracker was suddenly turned off.[2]

A New Threat

Failed Mission

Jarvis sets off the machine

Knowing that she was responsible for Dottie Underwood, Peggy Carter looked for possible locations on Underwood. Suddenly, Underwood's location was pinged, Whitney Frost's house, so Carter and Jarvis went to get her, although Carter knew it was a trap. Jarvis shows Carter a weapon designed by Stark. When he puts in a code, the weapon emits a super sonic wave 180 degrees in front of them. Later, Jarvis and carter arrived at the place of the captor. As enemies approached, Jarvis put in the code, 33-23-33, but it didn't work. He worriedly put it in again, but it still didn't work. He and Carter were forced to be captured. In the basement, Jarvis was tied to the roof and repeatedly said the code, knowing it couldn't have been a mistake. He was able to slip out of the restraints along with Carter and Underwood. He then realized he put in the code for a delayed blast on accident. Suddenly, the blast went off, and they were able to escape past the unconscious guards.

Underwood told Carter that it wasn't a trap for her, it was a trap for Wilkes. They realized that Frost was at Howard Stark's Estate with Wilkes and Jarvis' wife, Ana. Jarvis forced everyone into the car and sped over to the estate. Underwood remarked on how she's never seen either of them so serious. Jarvis arrived to see Frost getting away with Wilkes, and Ana writhing in pain on the ground. She had been shot.

Jarvis is comforted by Peggy Carter

Jarvis and Carter rushed her to the hospital. Jarvis followed the gurney until he was told by the doctors that he had to stop. He then sat down in the waiting room with Carter by his side while Ana went into surgery.[16]

Watching Ana

"I promise I will protect you... to my dying day... if you please, please wake up"
―Edwin Jarvis[src]

Jarvis, who's eyes were puffy from crying, tried to set the radio channel. Carter walked in and tried to comfort him. Jarvis angrily punched the radio, breaking it. Carter told him she'll go to get a new radio, get Jarvis clothes, and other things. She reminded Jarvis that he needed to be there at Ana's bedside when she woke up.

Jarvis at Ana's bedside

Jarvis sat at her bedside, making many promises to her. One of them was that he will protect her until his dying day. She finally woke up in the middle and opened her eyes. She reminded him not to make promises that he couldn't keep. Jarvis broke into tears of joy and kissed her. He went to get the physician.

Jarvis got on the phone with Carter and thanked her, before meeting with the doctor again. The doctor broke the news to Jarvis that Ana now couldn't have children. Jarvis asked if she knew, then said he would tell her himself. Jarvis walked back in and forced on a smile. He told Ana that they need to get a lot of medicine.[3]

New Plans

Jarvis returned home to find Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, and Aloysius Samberly setting up for something. He asked what there were setting up for, but Carter brought him into the other room. She told him to go back and be with his wife, but Jarvis said they needed his help. Suddenly, they got a telegram for Howard Stark with code on it. They asked Samberly what the code was, but he said they were actually design specifications for a machine. Using the designs, Samberly knew he could build a cannon that could eliminate Zero Matter. Carter said it could maybe kill Wilkes, but Jarvis had his heart set on it killing Frost.[3]

Asking a Favor

During the trade for Jason Wilkes, Jarvis drove the truck. Suddenly, Carter radioed for him to leave quickly.

Later, the team prepared to stop Whitney Frost in the desert. Frost had gained the uranium rods and Wilkes had joined her. Jarvis asked Rose Roberts for a favor, to watch Ana while he was gone. He gave her Ana's favorite things, and also gave her his will. Roberts promised to keep him safe.[3]

Seeking Revenge

Jarvis shoots Whitney Frost

In the car to the Mojave Desert, Peggy Carter noticed that something was off and asked Jarvis if he was okay. Jarvis coldly replied that everything was fine. Suddenly, there was an explosion and they saw a Zero Matter rift opening. They quickly set up the Gamma Cannon, but Aloysius Samberly said that he wasn't sure if it even worked. Upon hearing this, Jarvis got in his car and sped over to Whitney Frost, not wanting her to live. He approched Frost and called her name, he then shot her in cold blood. Carter, who was following him asked him what he did. Jarvis looked down at Frost and saw that she was healing. Joseph Manfredi then arrived and knocked both of them out.[3]


"She can't have children. Ana. Her injuries, there were complications.
Mr. Jarvis, I'm so sorry. The things I said, I didn't... I didn't know.
How could you know? Nobody knows. Even Ana doesn't know. Because she is married to a coward, who can't bring himself to tell her."
―Edwin Jarvis and Peggy Carter[src]

Jarvis and Peggy Carter woke up in the back of a truck. Carter quickly took out her Hot Wire and cut through the locks. She threw Jarvis out of the truck and then jumped herself. Jarvis rolled on the ground and was told by Carter to get to the side of the road. Jarvis then angrily yelled at her while she walked away.

Jarvis and Peggy Carter argue

Later, Jarvis instigated Carter and complained about how they were far from anything. Carter then berated him for going against everyone for his own personal vendetta, but Jarvis blamed her for letting Dottie Underwood loose which led to Whitney Frost shooting Ana. Carter told him that she's not a murderer, but Jarvis said everyone around her dies. He then quickly retracted his statement, but Carter said he was right. Carter said that Jarvis thinks of the missions as adventures, but now that there is a consequence, he blamed others. Jarvis then revealed that Ana cannot have children. Suddenly, they saw Joseph Manfredi's men in the distance, Carter fakes passing out and then punched one of them and pointed her gun at the other. Jarvis gave them water and they took the truck.[17]

Back With Ana

"You're not being truthful.
But I am being honest"
Ana Jarvis and Edwin Jarvis[src]

Jarvis returned to Ana, who asked about Peggy Carter. Jarvis told her that he is needed here instead. She also asked about Jason Wilkes, but Jarvis dodged the question and said they needed a holiday. Jarvis then explained to her Wilkes' situation. Ana pushed him to go help Carter. Ana then asked what else he wasn't telling her. Jarvis then explained how she couldn't have kids.

Manfredi's Deal

Afterwards, Jarvis found Howard Stark and they went to the Los Angeles Waste Management Facility to help the others. As Jarvis drove towards the building, he saw Whitney Frost and drove into her. The others got into the car and they drove off.

Jarvis held at gunpoint

The next morning, Jarvis was making mustard for Stark when Joseph Manfredi broke in and held Jarvis at gunpoint. He walked over to Stark and told him if he saw a gun, he was shooting everybody. Stark and Manfredi then threw insults at each other, then hugged, confusing the others. Manfredi explained that he wanted to help them stop Frost, but only so that he can have his old Frost back, the one he loved. They devised a plan to steal Frost's blueprints for a Rift Generator.[18]

Stopping Frost

Jarvis, Stark, and Wilkes preparing to shoot Whitney Frost

Later, while creating the Rift Generator, Jarvis told Peggy Carter that Ana was doing well. They then went to Stark's filming facility and turned on the rift. Jarvis set up golf balls for Howard Stark to hit into the portal. Suddenly, Whitney Frost arrived and walked to the portal. Stark shot the Gamma Cannon at her which expelled the Zero Matter back into the rift. However, the radio signal to the generator stopped working, meaning the only way to shut it off was to hit the switch on the machine. Jarvis got an idea and told them he would be right back. He got Stark's self driving Hovercar and put explosives into it. He then sent it into the rift and detonated it, closing the portal.[18]

Driving Carter

Jarvis watches Peggy Carter and Ana talk

Afterwards, Jarvis returned home with Ana. He offered to take Peggy Carter to the airport, but she said she already got a cab. Heartbroken, Jarvis walked inside. After a talk with Ana, Carter decided to let Jarvis take her. Jarvis sprung out the door and picked up her luggage.

Jarvis brought Carter to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency and asked if she needed a ride to the airport, but she said she had paperwork to do. They then said a farewell before Jarvis left.[18]

Serving the Stark Family

"Master Tony. Do not take his outburst to heart."
"Leave me alone, Jarvis."
"Fathers and sons. That particular relationship... often so difficult to maneuver. For both sides. But time heals all wounds."
―Edwin Jarvis and Tony Stark[src]

During the 1960s, Jarvis prepared lunch for a meeting between Howard Stark and Anton Vanko while the two men were discussing the Unity Project on Arc Reactor technology.[19] In 1970, Jarvis picked up Howard from Camp Lehigh's S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where he worked. Having also bought flowers for his wife Maria, who was pregnant, Jarvis was then asked by Howard to drive him home.[20]

Jarvis became close to Howard and Maria's son, Tony, always being the happiest to see him return home from boarding school, and comforting the boy after his father's outbursts.[19] Tony had even made a stocking for Jarvis during one Christmas.[21] On one occasion, Jarvis found Tony and attempted to comfort him, urging Tony not to take his father's recent outburst to heart. Tony told Jarvis to leave him alone, and Jarvis commented that the relationship between a father and son was often difficult to maneuver, but insisted that time would heal all wounds.

After Tony graduated from MIT and came home from Cambridge, Jarvis found Howard talking to his son while he was relaxing in a pool and informed Howard that his wife was waiting for him in the car. Howard told Jarvis to tell Maria that he would be right out.

Jarvis raised Tony following the death of Howard and Maria, becoming a father-figure for the man until his own death. In his honor, Tony named the artificial intelligence he developed J.A.R.V.I.S..[19]


A traditional English butler, Jarvis always keeps a stiff upper lip, and is immensely punctual, even under the extraordinary circumstances imposed by his master's flings, and his adventures with Peggy Carter. No matter what the situation, Jarvis usually responds with resolve, equanimity, and good humor. Jarvis would only ever lose his temper when his wife was threatened, notably when Jack Thompson threatened her with deportation, and when Whitney Frost shot her, with the latter prompting Jarvis to go so far as personally attempt to kill Frost. Jarvis is also quite supportive of his allies, notably his wife Ana (going so far as to risk being accused of treason to save her from the Nazis), Peggy Carter and Tony Stark, during the latter's childhood.

Though he and Howard Stark do occasionally quarrel, Jarvis' loyalty remains absolute. However, when a hypnotized Stark attempted to spread Midnight Oil over New York City, Jarvis was ultimately willing to shoot down Howard in order to save the lives of innocent people.


"Did he catch you with his patented Tortoise of Fury?"
Ana Jarvis to Peggy Carter[src]

Jarvis surprising Peggy Carter in a spar

  • Martial Artist: Jarvis began training in the arts of boxing and Judo following his experience helping Peggy Carter. He became proficient enough to overcome Carter in their sparring session, throwing her to the floor and immobilizing her with a pin, and later helping her hold off Rufus Hunt. According to Ana Jarvis, he was especially proficient when fighting off his back. As a hobby, Jarvis also trained in the art of fencing.
  • Marksman: Jarvis, as a former member of the British Armed Forces, is capable of wielding various firearms, particularly pistols and shotguns. He shot Whitney Frost, who only survived due to her zero matter.
"Your hidden talents know no bounds."
Peggy Carter to Edwin Jarvis[src]
  • Engineer: Jarvis learned about electrical engineering from his time working for the Stark family.
  • Physician: Jarvis was able to stitch the wounds of Peggy Carter when she was injured. He also assisted Violet tend to Carter when she was impaled by rebar through the abdomen.
  • Pilot: Jarvis piloted a plane to stop Howard Stark if necessary from releasing the Midnight Oil over Times Square. Though Stark was one of the best civilian pilots of his time, Jarvis was confident that he could catch him.



  • Sharps Pepperbox: Ana Jarvis sewed a garter holster as a present for Peggy Carter, giving it to her when they met in Los Angeles, together with a Sharps Pepperbox, so that she could carry a concealed handgun if the need arose. Carter used it as her backup sidearm, and handed it to Jarvis to use it if necessary when Jason Wilkes was kidnapped by Andrew Henry.
  • Tokarev TT-33: Jarvis picked up this pistol from the ground after he and Carter escaped their restraints from being captured on their mission to retrieve Underwood. He used it to hold the latter at gunpoint when he learned his wife was in danger.
  • Colt M1911A1: Jarvis used this handgun to shoot Whitney Frost in cold blood, in revenge for Frost shooting his wife Ana Jarvis. However, thanks to the Zero Matter inside her body, Frost was able to survive unharmed.
  • Winchester Model 1912: A shotgun owned by Sheldon McFee that Jarvis took while helping Peggy Carter to locate the Nitramene stolen by Leet Brannis. Jarvis ended up using the shotgun in a brief shootout against Sasha Demidov, who attacked the truck where they were trying to transport the Nitramene.
  • Savage Model 220B: Jarvis gave this shotgun modified as a tranquilizer rifle to Carter for her to incapacitate Rufus Hunt.







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Behind the Scenes

  • Edwin Jarvis was not present in Iron Man because of the similarities between him and Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Edwin Jarvis' role in Agent Carter was first announced under the name Edward Hutchins, until it was confirmed that the character was actually Edwin Jarvis.
  • Adam Hart was a stunt double for James D'Arcy in the role of Edwin Jarvis.


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