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"You know how proud of you I am, Foggy? You're a big deal. Which is what you always wanted."
―Edward Nelson to Foggy Nelson[src]

Edward Nelson is the husband of Anna Nelson, and father of Theo and Foggy Nelson. He is the owner of the diner Nelson's Meats.


Running Nelson's Meats

"Your father's arthritis gets a little worse every day. He's having trouble holding onto things, especially when he's tired. I see him with the saws and slicers."
"Ma, I'm sorry. Isn't there anything they can do for it?"
"There's no cure for getting old, Franklin. Your father needs to be on a beach, not slinging meat in Hell's Kitchen. Forty years is enough already."
Anna Nelson and Foggy Nelson[src]

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Moving to Tampa

"Of course, we're gonna have to buy sunscreen by the bucket."
"Better than that rock salt. Enough with the snow and ice. We're getting out of here."
Anna Nelson and Edward Nelson[src]

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  • In the comics, Edward Nelson attended Foggy's wedding with Debbie Harris.

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