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"Welcome, Clint, son of Edith."
Red Skull to Hawkeye[src]

Edith Barton was the mother of Clint Barton.


Edith Barton mothered a son, Clint Barton, who eventually gave her three grandchildren: Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel, after marrying Laura Barton. When Clint traveled to Vormir with Natasha Romanoff to steal the Soul Stone, they were greeted by Red Skull, who addressed Clint as the "Son of Edith", which he knew due to being omniscient.[1]




  • In the comics, Edith Barton was the wife of Harold Barton and the mother of Barney and Clint Barton. She and her drunk husband were eventually killed in a car crash, leaving both Barney and Clint as orphans.


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