"Still no word on Vision?"
"Satellites lost him somewhere over Edinburgh."
Thaddeus Ross and James Rhodes[src]

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland.


Secret Life

Wanda IW 9

Vision and Wanda Maximoff spending time together

Due to having grown closer but siding in opposed factions during the Avengers Civil War, Vision and Wanda Maximoff reconnected, began a secret relationship and regularly reunited in Edinburgh once Maximoff was rescued from the Raft.[1]

Attack on Vision

"Give up the stone and she lives."
Corvus Glaive to Vision[src]

While Vision and Wanda Maximoff prepared to part ways one more time and return to their respective associates, they watched a TV news report showing the Attack on Greenwich Village. Seconds later, Vision was stabbed from behind by Corvus Glaive, a member of the Black Order. As Scarlet Witch attempted to stop him, she was thrown away by Proxima Midnight. Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight then attempted to forcefully remove the Mind Stone from Vision's head.

AIW Blu Ray Release 06

Vision defending himself from Corvus Glaive

A fierce battle engaged as Scarlet Witch rejoined the fight. Vision and Corvus Glaive fought on top of a nearby church, with Corvus Glaive deflecting the Mind Stone's blast which damaged the streets and nearby vehicles while Scarlet Witch dueled against Proxima Midnight. Scarlet Witch was able to rescue Vision from Corvus Glaive and they attempted to flee, but Proxima Midnight shot them in the sky, forcing them to land in a nearby train station, where Vision and Scarlet Witch were assisted by Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow.


Black Widow, Falcon, and Captain America watching the Black Order escape

The Avengers managed to defeat the Black Order, wounding Corvus Glaive in the process. Knowing that she was outnumbered, Proxima Midnight took Corvus Glaive and herself back into their Q-Ship, which swiftly left Edinburgh. The Avengers left the city as well in their Quinjet.[2]


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