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"Who's Edgar Brass?"
"Drug dealing butcher who's worse by a mile. They send me after him, I'm as good as dead."
Karen Page and Grotto[src]

Edgar Brass is a notorious drug dealer who operated in New York City and had previous ties to the Kitchen Irish.


"Your organization has had dealings with one Edgar Brass."
"Brass? You're outta ya goddamn mind!"
Blake Tower and Grotto[src]

Edgar Brass was known at the streets of New York City as a ruthless drug dealer. Working within New York, Brass used to had dealings with the Kitchen Irish. According to Grotto, Brass proved himself as a sadistic and brutal man. As Grotto was arrested by NYPD, Samantha Reyes and Blake Tower convinced him to put a wire and collect evidence about Brass' criminal activity. However, Brass, in fact, had nothing with this case, as the DA office was hunting for the Punisher.[1]