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"Don't try and be a hero. You know that's not you."
―Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]

Detective Edward "Eddy" Costa is a detective of the New York City Police Department. Following a traumatic encounter with Kilgrave, Costa had put his trust in Jessica Jones, as he investigated a series of murders. Once they eventually discovered that the killer was in fact Jones' own mother, Alisa Jones, Costa would continue trusting her, even in the wake of Costa's partner, Ruth Sunday, being murdered. Following the death of Alisa by Jones' hands, Costa continued to work with Jones, as he then assisted her in hunting down Gregory Sallinger, who attempted to murder Jones and was linked to several other murders in New York City. Despite struggling to maintain his family, and career due to all his work with her, Jones would repay Costa for his loyalties, by helping catch Sallinger, as well as Trish Walker following her murder spree.


Police Detective

Kilgrave's Mind Control

"There's a few of us here who remember what Kilgrave did in this precinct. I had nightmares of holding my own gun to my head. The feeling of my finger on the trigger."
"I recommend hypnosis."
"I didn't need that, because, uh, the dreams stopped the day you took that asshole out."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Detective Eddy Costa was working in the 15th Precinct Police Station when Kilgrave took control of everybody in it. He was forced to place his pistol onto his head, with his finger on the trigger, while Kilgrave had spoken to Jessica Jones and Oscar Clemons. Costa sat this way until Kilgrave left, finally allowing him to put his pistol down. That encounter with Kilgrave gave Costa his ongoing nightmares, which then continued until the moment Costa learnt that Jones had murdered Kilgrave.[2]

Powered Killer

Murder of Robert Coleman

Costa and Ruth Sunday visit Jessica Jones

"How shitty must you feel? Guy comes to you for help and winds up dead around the corner from you."
"I had nothing to do with it, or him."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Detective Eddy Costa and his partner, Detective Ruth Sunday, had been assigned to investigate the death of Robert Coleman, as he had been killed due to falling scaffolding. As part of their investigation, Costa and Sunday arrived at the Alias Investigations Office, where they had been met by Jessica Jones, with Costa awkwardly questioning if he should have knocked or just come in, due to it being both a business and a home. Costa had then recognised Jones from meeting her previously, although she had noted that she did not remember him.

Costa asks about Robert Coleman's death

Costa and Sunday explained that they were there due to Coleman's death, as Jones noted that she had witnessed it, to which Sunday questioned why Jones had not stayed to give her statement to the New York City Police Department about what she hsaw, while Jones insisted there were other people who had seen more than her who had spoke to the police. As they explained who the victim was, Jones confessed that Coleman attempted to hire Alias Investigations, but she was overbooked, with Costa commenting that Coleman came to her for her help, and ended up dead.

Costa asking Jessica Jones his questions

Seeing what Costa was hinting at, Jones insisted that she had nothing to do with Coleman's death, while Sunday then questioned if Jones was aware that Coleman filed his police report, claiming someone was attempting to kill him. In response, Jones then turned Costa's words back on him, questioning if he felt guilty that Coleman had come to the police for help and ended up dead due to them also refusing to help him, which Costa had simply chuckled at. As Sunday noted that evidence suggested that a powered person caused the accident, Jones insisted that it had not been her.

Costa getting introduced to Oscar Arocho

Costa listened as Sunday reminded Jones that she was still on probation, following the assault on Pryce Cheng, with Jones insisting they should just read her her rights if they intended to arrest her, to which Costa insisted that they were just there to talk. Jones then told Costa and Sunday to follow her, as they went upstairs in her building, to the apartment of Oscar Arocho, who Jones requested that Arocho tell Costa and Sunday everything that he had witnessed during Coleman's death. Costa stood by as Arocho had then claimed to have only heard the incident.

Costa watches as Jessica Jones leaves

As Sunday questioned if he saw Jones there, Arocho denied it, much to Jones' annoyance, as she accused Arocho was lying, as she then insisted that Arocho and his son had looked her into the eyes at the scene and had witnessed everything. While Arocho stepped back inside of his apartment, Jones had furiously stormed away, while Costa suggested that she could come back to the 15th Precinct Police Station and make an official statement. However, Jones refused, insisting that she would only come to the station once the accident became her real case.[1]

Arrest of Jessica Jones

Costa taking Jessica Jones into custody

"Jessica Jones, you're under arrest for the murder of Nicholas Spanos."
"I don't even know who that is!"
"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Costa had then returned inside Jessica Jones' Apartment Building to investigate Nick Spanos' brutal murder, who had been discovered beaten to death, seemingly by somebody with superhuman strength. Having assumed that Jones was responsible for Spanos' death, Costa immediately drew his weapon, when he witnessed Jones arriving outside of the building and asking Malcolm Ducasse what happened.

Costa reading Jessica Jones her rights

As Jones followed Costa's orders and placed her hands onto her head and got on the ground, Jones reminded Ducasse that Inez Green was still in her car, and she wanted Ducasse to take her away to safety. As Jones was handcuffed, Costa then witnessed Trish Walker charge forward and demanding that they let her go, furiously pushing Ruth Sunday out of her way to try and get to Jones, only to be held down. As Costa explained to Jones that she was getting arrested for the death of Spanos, Jones had insisted she was not the killer, as she had no idea who Spanos was.[6]

Interrogation of Jessica Jones

Costa prepares to question Jessica Jones

"Hey, listen, just in case you come up with anything else for us..."
"One show and tell doesn't make us partners."
"You want to go it alone, that's your call. But there's a lot of people on the force that wanna see you locked up."
―Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]

Costa and Ruth Sunday had rejoined Jessica Jones, as she sat inside the interrogation room, having been joined by her lawyer, Jeri Hogarth. Once they had sat down with them, Costa asked if Jones' room in the 15th Precinct Police Station was comfortable, to which Jones simply made a sarcastic comment. Sunday had noted that Hogarth had claimed that Jones wanted to make a statement about the incidents, as Costa handed back Jones' phone which she had requested.

Costa is shown a photograph of their killer

Jones then brought up a photograph of a woman, who she claimed was the killer of Robert Coleman and Nick Spanos, noting that she also had superhuman abilities which were stronger than hers. Costa questioned if Jones had a name for the killer yet, which Jones had denied, before then explaining that they had both been experimented on by IGH, which she claimed was off the grid and used genetic editing to heal injuries. While Jones noted that IGH's work had side effects, Costa confirmed they gave Jones her strength, as Jones was experimented on.

Costa asking Jessica Jones more questions

However, Sunday also noted that Jones failed to tell them all of this when they had previously questioned her at Alias Investigations Office about Coleman's death, as Jones insisted that this was actually because their New York City Police Department would not be able to handle this killer if they went after her. Costa questioned if Jones would be able to bring down this killer, which Jones did not answer. Sunday then questioned if Jones had actual proof, to which Jones had simply offered to tell them everything she knew, as she started at the beginning of the story.

Costa and Ruth Sunday return to the room

Once Jones had finished explaining everything that she had learnt about the killer, IGH and her investigation in the string of the deaths, Costa and Sunday then went to write up their reports. Eventually, they had returned to the interrogation room, where Sunday explained that they had been unable to match their killer to anyone, to which Jones insisted that the killer was off the grid. As Costa insisted that he believed Jones, Sunday disagreed. Costa presented Jones with security images moments before Spanos' death, showing the killer leaping from a great height.

Costa allows Jessica Jones to be released

As a result, Sunday began to remove all Jones' cuffs from her arms and legs, although she had still insisted that if she had her way, she would keep Jones in custody, since she was convinced that Jones and the killer were working together, as she knew that powered people liked to team up, referring to other hero groups like the Avengers and the Defenders, which Jones scoffed about. Costa had noted that there was no further reason to keep Jones in their custody, as Hogarth thanked him and they then prepared to leave, with Hogarth swiftly leaving them first.

Costa recounts Kilgrave to Jessica Jones

Once Sunday had left the room, Costa had blocked Jones' path and then offered his card, asking her to call if she thought of anything more to tell them, although Jones insisted that they were not partners. However, Costa suggested that, while she could go alone, there were a lot of their officers who wanted to see her behind bars, to which Jones questioned why he could be trusted if he was among those officers who had been targeting her. In response, Costa noted that he was not the only person who remembered Kilgrave coming to the station and controlling them.

Costa allowing Jessica Jones to walk away

Costa described all of his trauma to Jones, noting that he suffered from nightmares of the memory of him being forced to hold his own gun up to his head, ready to pull the trigger if Kilgrave demanded this. In response, Jones simply recommended he try hypnosis to deal with the trauma that he was experiencing, to which Costa simply insisted that he did not need that, as his nightmares had stopped on the day that he learnt that Jones finally broke Kilgrave's neck, making his gratitude to her clear. Without another word spoken, Jones took Costa's card and walked out.[2]

Additional Victims

Costa answers the call from Jessica Jones

"You got something?"
"Well, I know who didn't kill Luanne McClure."
"Is that supposed to be helpful?"
"She was a nurse, killed ten years ago. A guy named David Kawecki is locked up for it."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

While Costa was walking out of the 15th Precinct Police Station, he got the call from Jessica Jones, as he then questioned if she had any additional information for him about the case. However, Jones instead would only say that she knew who did not kill Luanne McClure, as Costa questioned how it was meant to be helpful. Jones explained that McClure was a nurse who had been murdered ten years earlier.

Costa learns about Luanne McClure's death

Jones had gone on to explain that McClure had seemingly been killed by David Kawecki, who was currently locked up in Birch Psychiatric Hospital, and was now serving a life sentence for the murder, but Jones suggested that McClure could actually be added onto the list of victims killed by the unknown, powered serial killer. As Costa questioned exactly how Jones knew about this, she would only say that she was simply telling him the information that she could confirm, before then hanging up the call, which had left Costa both highly confused and concerned.[2]

Jessica Jones' Lead

Costa and Ruth Sunday search for the killer

"So, I'm sitting at my desk, going through some case files, when suddenly I get this text."
"Yeah, I sent it as soon as I could."
"But when I got to my car and drive all the way out there, it turns out the place is empty."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Costa was working on his case files, when he got a text message from Jessica Jones, sending him a picture of an address, with her message saying that the killer was there. Taking two other New York City Police Department cars with them, Costa and Ruth Sunday then drove to the address, as Costa ordered the other officers to go around the back of the residence to surround it. Costa and Sunday then drew their guns and entered through the front of the building finding it empty.

Costa and Ruth Sunday fail to find anything

While Sunday claimed that Jones was setting them up, Costa continued searching, as he and Sunday went down into the basement, where they found a large steel door. Once they got the door open, Costa and Sunday confirmed the building was empty, finding a hospital bed, with restraints for arms and legs, as well as a tunnel, which had seemingly been used by the residences to escape. Costa then returned to the Alias Investigations Office, where he encountered Jones as she was leaving, with Costa noting that he had been attempting to call her, only for Jones to show her broken phone.

Costa asking Jessica Jones about the lead

Costa explained to Jones that he had received the text message from her, only to find the lead had gone cold, with Jones claiming that she had found that building empty. Costa then noted that Jones had not stayed behind, to which she dismissively claimed that she had given him that lead to run with, while Costa had questioned how Jones got the address, to which Jones had simply reminding him that she was actually a private investigator. Costa requested a chance to talk to her inside, only of Jones to insist that she had to go and could not talk to him.

Costa giving Jessica Jones a final warning

While Costa insisted that he would wait for her to be finished, she claimed that she would be working on the case throughout the night, as she had knocked onto her neighbor's door. Frustrated, Costa reminded Jones that he had stuck his neck out for her, and if she had continued to mess him around, he would leave her on her own, with Jones promising to come into the 15th Precinct Police Station the following day and make another statement, continuing to insist that she currently had her hands full at the current moment, as Costa had accepted this and left her alone.[3]

Hunting Alisa Jones

Questioning of Jessica Jones

Costa investigating Alisa Jones' motivation

"Trish is safe, your mother doesn't know she's in the hospital."
"Costa, it's Patsy... It'll leak."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, it was learnt that the killer was actually Alisa Jones, who was really the long-thought-to-be-deceased mother of Jessica Jones, who called Costa to alert him that her mother was in her apartment, resulting in the arrest of the killer.[7] However, Alisa was able to escape from the Eastern Regional Detention Center, resulting in Costa and Ruth Sunday returning to the case to try and track her down before she killed again, seeking the assistance of Jones to do so.

Costa asking about Alisa Jones' location

Costa and Sunday were told by Jones that her mother would not be running, as there was nowhere for her to run to, with Costa questioning if she would return to her childhood home, which Jones claimed she hated, and that there were no other friends left. As he continued to search for any potential leads, Costa had then questioned if Alisa would go to any other family, with Jones explaining that the only family that she had left was Karl Malus, as Sunday noted that she also had Jones. Costa noted that with Malus dead, there must be somewhere else she would go, with Jones denying knowing.

Costa requests that Ruth Sunday back off

Sunday accused Jones of stalling them to protect her mother, which Jones had denied, insisting that she was trying to help them bring her mother back into custody before anybody else got hurt, as Costa watched Sunday insist that her mother should have been sent to the Raft when she had first been arrested. When Sunday claimed that whoever Alisa hurt next would be on Jones, Costa then requested that she give her some more space so that he could speak to her. Jones insisted that she was not protecting her mother, with Sunday noting that she knew who she was, better than anyone else, which Jones had simply denied.

Costa learns about another potential clue

However, Jones had then commented that Malus had known her mother better than anyone, while Costa and Sunday watched Jones go up to her desk and pull out Malus' personal journal, with Sunday accusing Jones of withholding key evidence from them by not handing the journal over to the New York City Police Department. Costa then questioned where Jones had gotten the journal, to which she only claimed that it was through family history catching up with her. Through reading the journals, Jones deduced that her mother experienced destructive tendencies, as this would be fixated onto a single object or a person.

Costa learns of Alisa Jones' mental state

Having read this, Jones deduced that Trish Walker could be her mother's next target, while Costa questioned the motive, to which Jones explained that, in her mother's eyes, it was Walker's initial investigation that had ruined her entire life, and forced her to kill all those people to protect Malus, and that Walker would be responsible for Malus' death. While Jones denied that Walker had been responsible for Malus' death, she insisted that she had to protect Walker before her mother was able to find and kill her, while Costa and Sunday insisted that she should remain inside of her apartment for the time being.

Costa agreeing to go rescue Trish Walker

Although Sunday claimed that her mother may return to the apartment to speak with her daughter, Jones denied that she would, while Costa noted that Walker was safe in Riverbank Medical Center, since Alisa still did not know that she was in there, although Jones insisted that it would eventually leak to the media due to Dorothy Walker's involvement, as the people would want to know where the star of It's Patsy was being treated. Agreeing with Jones' points, Costa then took Malus' journal in the NYPD's custody, as he and Sunday left to give the protection for Walker, with Jones joining them.[8]

Attack on Trish Walker

Costa and Ruth Sunday driving together

"We're gonna need backup at Riverbank."
"I'm telling you, if she sees the cops, she will flatten anybody in her way!"
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Costa and Ruth Sunday drove toward Riverbank Medical Center, with Jessica Jones complaining that the others cars were not moving out of their way, despite Costa's sirens blasting at them. While Costa drove as fast as he could, Sunday had answered a call, informing her that Alisa Jones had just attacked the WNEX Station, in her attempt to murder Trish Walker. Costa questioned if anybody was killed, as Sunday noted that Ian had been mildly injured during the attack.

Costa discusses how to save Trish Walker

Costa insisted they needed more backup at Riverbank, although Jones claimed that if her mother saw the New York City Police Department coming for her, she would escape and kill anybody who attempted to get in her way, and that only she could stop her mother. However, as Sunday noted that Walker had become an open target and would need protection, Jones argued that Walker needed her help, since she would be the only person who would be able to talk her mother down, and could potentially prevent anybody from being killed during their standoff, but Sunday had still insisted that SWAT be called in.

Costa watches as Jessica Jones runs away

However, the car had turned the corner and found itself stuck in some even heavier traffic, with Costa attempting to reassure Jones that they would still be able to get into Riverbank, before her mother would be able to locate Walker. Frustrated and running out of all patience about the situation, Jones then responded by attempting to unlock the door, although Costa noted that the doors would stay locked until they got to Riverbank. In response, Jones had proceeded to kick the door off the car and run down the streets towards the hospital, as Costa and Sunday called after her, before getting back inside of the car.

Costa attempting to arrest Alisa Jones

Once Costa and Sunday had arrived at Riverbank, they found Jones protecting Walker from her mother, as they burst into the room with their guns drawn at aimed at Alisa, and immediately demanded that Alisa get down on the floor and surrender to them. However, Jones requested that they back off, since she insisted that her mother would surrender if they all remained calm, only for Alisa to run to the window in an attempt to leap for freedom, resulting in Sunday shooting her in the leg and knocking her down. Costa ordered Jones to stand back, while Sunday then approached Alisa and had attempted to arrest her.

Costa sees as Ruth Sunday is held hostage

However, while Jones had desperately tried to convince them to back off and leave her mother alone, Costa had then witnessed Alisa swiftly disarming Sunday, before grabbing her into a headlock, while Costa kept his gun raised and aimed at Alisa's head. Despite her dangerous situation, Sunday still ordered Costa to take the shot and kill Alisa, while Jones continued to attempt to convince her mother to allow Sunday to go free, while Alisa insisted that the New York City Police Department would kill her if she surrendered to them, which Jones had simply denied, while Costa still kept his gun aimed at Alisa's head.

Costa witnesses Ruth Sunday's demise

Costa was unable to risk shooting at Alisa, fearing that he would shoot his partner by mistake, only for this inaction to result in Alisa leaping out of the window, and dragging Sunday down with her, as they were unable to get her back to safety before they disappeared out the window. Costa and Jones ran to the window, only to look down at Sunday's bloody corpse on the ground several floors below, and Alisa's footprints, as she had already been able to escape. Jones attempted to comfort a horrified Costa, who demanded that she not move, as he left to get backup in the result of Sunday's death and Alisa's escape.[8]

Protecting Trish Walker

Costa offering comfort to Dorothy Walker

"It's over. Just get out of the way, let us do our job."
"If they find her, they'll shoot to kill, won't they?"
"You're damn right they will. She took out one of our own. You don't need to see it, you shouldn't have to, just give us a statement and go home."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Having moved Trish Walker in their protective custody with multiple officers standing guard outside her hidden room, Costa went to speak to Jessica Jones in private, who was being confronted about putting Walker in danger by Dorothy Walker. Interrupting, Costa requested to speak to Jones alone, to which Dorothy questioned what other disaster she had caused, while Costa remained calm and acknowledged the trauma that Dorothy had just gone through, suggesting she go rest.

Costa telling Jessica Jones to follow him

Once Dorothy had departed to get herself some rest, having also called Jones a menace as she walked away, Jones insisted that she had to see her sister, as Costa allowed her to get past the security officers. On the way, Costa insisted that he needed Jones to go back to the 15th Precinct Police Station and give a detailed statement about what had just happened, although Jones instead questioned what he was talking about, as the situation was not over yet. However, Costa insisted that the New York City Police Department would take it from here and did not require her assistance, which Jones had refused.

Costa tells Jessica Jones to go back home

Refusing to budge about his decision, Costa noted that Jones could either go back to the 15th Precinct with a police escort, or he would use valuable manpower to force her to comply, noting that she should make this easier out of respect for Ruth Sunday's death. However, Jones had noted that Alisa Jones was currently wounded, but that it would not slow her down, questioning if Costa knew how she had survived the car accident that killed Brian and Phillip Jones, as well as how she survived those surgeries IGH put her through, insisting that it was because of her sheer determination.

Costa comments on Ruth Sunday's demise

Jones had then insisted that she was the only one who could stop her, only for a frustrated Costa to comment that she had failed to stop her mother before she killed Sunday. Costa acknowledged that, although they had not agreed on everything, Sunday had been a good cop, who would still be alive if Costa had not listened to Jones' advice, as he once again insisted that this was over, and that she needed to get out of their way and let them do their job. Jones had then asked Costa if the police would shoot and kill her mother once they found her, which Costa simply confirmed, noting that she had killed Sunday.

Costa giving Jessica Jones a police escort

Costa had gone on to suggest to Jones that she did not need to witness her mother's death at the hands of the NYPD, as she should not have to, suggesting that she instead just give the NYPD her statement, and then simply return into her apartment. Costa explained that he had arranged a security detail to stay with Jones until the situation with her mother had been resolved, fearing that Alisa may return to her daughter. While Jones had insisted that she needed to see her sister first, Costa told her not to be a hero, suggesting that it was not who she actually was, before then leaving her behind.[8]

Chase of Alisa Jones

Costa asking Jessica Jones to surrender

"I don't want to see you get hurt. You're one of the good ones, I do believe that, but you have to prove it. Your mother's done. Do you understand what I'm saying? It doesn't matter what she does next. She crossed a line she can't come back from. But you haven't, not yet."
―Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]

Despite Costa's orders for her to not get involved any further, Jessica Jones had soon reunited with Alisa Jones, resulting in them disappearing without a trace. Upon hearing that an RV had been stolen by two super powered women, Costa was able to call the mobile phone of the boy whose family owned the RV, which was left inside of the RV. When his call got ignored, Costa sent a text message to identify himself to Jones, who he knew would be seeing it.

Costa giving SWAT the permission to go in

Jones answered Costa's call, in which he acknowledged that as she was helping her mother to escape, this would make her an accomplice to her crimes once the NYPD caught up with them. Costa told Jones that he did not want to see her get hurt, as he believed that she was a good person, but that he needed her to prove this with her actions. Costa noted that, although her mother would have to go to the Raft and face justice, Jones could still get out of it without her being sent to prison. However, Jones hung up the call, leaving the SWAT team listening, with the location of Westchester from the trace.[9]

Speaking to Trish Walker

Costa greeting Trish Walker in the hospital

"She ran from the police. She's hiding Alisa."
"She's being forced!"
"We only get one mother, that's a powerful bond, no matter how batshit crazy they might be. I think you know that."
―Eddy Costa and Trish Walker[src]

Seeking to learn any information that could help him to find Jessica Jones, Costa returned back into Riverbank Medical Center to see Trish Walker. However, before he could say anything to her, Costa had immediately been threatened by Dorothy Walker, who had warned him not to tell her daughter that Jones needed her help, as Costa simply noted that he was glad to see Walker alive, although Walker had simply made it clear that wanted to help to find Jones and bring her back safely.

Costa gets a warning from Dorothy Walker

Seeing how frustrated Dorothy was by this comment that her daughter had made, Costa asked if she would leave them to speak in private, which she had reluctantly agreed to, but not before warning Costa to not get her daughter involved with Jones any further. Once they were alone, Walker questioned if the car accident that she had seen on the news had involved Jones, as he confirmed that the New York City Police Department believed that they hit the roadblock near Westchester, as Costa had asked if Jones knew anybody in Westchester. However, Walker questioned why this was Costa's only question to her.

Costa and Trish Walker discuss Alisa Jones

Walker argued that it was Alisa Jones who was calling the shots in this situation, although Costa confirmed that Jones was actually aiding and abetting her mother's escape from New York City. However, Walker denied that Jones would help Alisa, noting that she had attempted to murder her, as Costa explained that Jones ran from the police and had been hiding Alisa, while Walker tried to insist that she must be getting forced into doing it, not believing that Jones would actually do this by choice. Despite this, Costa reminded Walker that Alisa was the only mother Jones had, and it was a powerful bond.

Costa asks where Jessica Jones would go

Costa noted that Walker should understand this as well, given her tense yet caring relationship with her mother, and them still attempting to build some form of relationship. As Walker insisted that Jones would not just leave her behind, Costa suggested that Jones might believe that Walker would be better off without her there, reminding Walker of what she had done to herself, due to her own desire to match up with Jones. Costa asked Walker to think, noting that she knew Jones better than anyone else, if there was anywhere Jones would go to in Westchester, only for Walker to then claim that she had no idea.

Costa giving Trish Walker his personal card

Frustrated, Costa handed Walker his card, telling her to give him a call if she thought of anything about where Jones and her mother would potentially go to, which could be helpful for their investigation. As Costa went to leave, he had then told Walker that he would attempt to bring Jones in safely once they found her and her mother. However, Walker asked what Costa meant by claiming that he would only try, as he turned around to look at Walker, only to then walk out from the Centre without another word, leaving Walker to consider how she could help Jones without risking her being shot and killed by the police.[9]

Playland Showdown

Costa discovering that Alisa Jones is dead

"You did the only thing you could, Jones. There was no other way. You did the right thing."
―Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, Costa had been able to track down Jessica and Alisa Jones into a Playland in Rye, New York, where Costa led his SWAT teams inside, as they were ready to take down Alisa if she attempted to flee from them yet again. However, as he approached the ferris wheel, Costa found Jones sitting by her mother's bloodied corpse, who had been shot in the head. Since he understood that Jones had executed her mother to stop her rampage, Costa ordered SWAT to put down all of their weapons.

Costa attempts to reassure Jessica Jones

Although the SWAT teams' commander refused to lower his gun, Costa had then insisted, noting their situation and that they were finally safe from Alisa, as SWAT had finally lowered their weapons. Costa had then calmly stepped over towards the ferris wheel, and quietly took away the gun that had killed Alisa, handing it back to a SWAT agent. Seeing that Jones was shaking and crying, since she was still covered in her mother's blood, Costa then calmly spoke with her, and reassured her that she had done the only thing that she could by killing Alisa, as he attempted to assure her that it had been the right decision.[9]

Local Serial Killer

Partnership with Jessica Jones

"I wanted to restate the terms of our agreement. I throw you a case or two, and you don't break the law. That was the deal."
"Our deal was to not let you catch me breaking the law."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Several months following the conflict with Alisa Jones, Costa had continued to drop cases to assist Jessica Jones' investigation work. Once night, Costa had met with Jones in a bar, where she claimed to be avoiding her work, while Costa ordered another round of drinks for them. Taking a seat, Costa then noted that he had seen that Jones had rescued Cassie Yasdan, after Mitch Yasdan took her to Mexico, although Jones remained depressed about the entire situation.

As Costa told Jones that he had spoken to Mrs. Yasdan, who had told him that Jones saved her daughter, Jones got him to awkwardly admit that Mrs. Yasdan had also insulted her while discussing the situation, although Jones made it clear that she also disliked Mrs. Yasdan. Costa had then noted that he did not force Jones to take this case, as he had just mentioned it in passing, although Jones claimed that Mrs. Yasdan had not been worth helping, to which Costa noted that even assholes needed saving too, just from bigger assholes, as Jones simply claimed that this was a sliding scale, dismissing Costa's comments.

Costa had then suggested that Jones could finish her investigation work, and leave cases like this to the New York City Police Department, noting that they were still committed to the law and were subject to oversight, unlike her, as Jones questioned if Costa had come there to tell her to stop. Costa told Jones that he wanted to restate all the terms of the agreement that they had previously, in which Costa would provide Jones with his cases to look at, if she agreed to not break the law while working them, although Jones insisted that the agreement only involved her not being caught breaking any laws.

Costa then noted that it was hard to ignore all Jones' actions, when a video of her assaulting Mr. Yasdan had gotten eight thousand views on YouTube, noting that while it was entertaining, it was still considered to be assault and would therefore be evidence of Jones commenting a crime. Although Jones stated that the assault had happened in Mexico, and was therefore out of Costa's jurisdiction, Costa recommended that Jones keep her eye on the line. Costa noted that Russell Costa knew that they were meeting there, and he had promised to come home sober, as he left his drink for Jones to have.[10]

Attack on Jessica Jones

"You'll do what you'll do, but you're not used to being the victim."
"My name on your case file, does not make me a victim."
"Those stables in your belly do, and that guy is still out there until one of us finds him."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Costa made a trip into Metro-General Hospital, when he learned that Jessica Jones had been stabbed into the gut in an attempted murder, just outside of the Alias Investigations Office. While Costa waited by her bedside for her to wake up, he saw her suddenly stirring from a nightmare about the assault, as he got up to greet her, only for a panicked Jones to kick Costa in the chest, knocking him over his chair, as he had cursed at her for inadvertently assaulting him, while Jones had sighed.

Once the annoyed Costa got back onto his feet, Jones had noted that she had told the hospital that she did not want more visitors, to which Costa had jokingly noted that he had not brought her any flowers, and then explained that he was simply there to take her statements about the attack, questioning if she knew who her attacker was. Jones questioned what Costa knew, as he asked if she would also share any information she had with the New York City Police Department, only for Jones to question if the knife had led the NYPD anywhere, which Costa simply denied, much to Jones' considerable frustration.

Costa had explained that he had Gillian pull up the Alias Investigations' client list for any potential suspects, as he noted that it would save him time if Jones told him which clients would want her dead, to which Jones had hinted that it could be a lot of them, as she often angered her clients. Costa told Jones that he respected her, or at least he respected all her better qualities, but also insisted that they not waste each other's time by playing these games. Costa had then acknowledged that while he knew Jones would be difficult to work with, she had to accept that she was still the victim in this case.

Annoyed, Jones told Costa that, just because her name was on his case file, she was not the victim, to which he had simply pointed out that the stitches in her stomach from the knife wound, would actually make her into the victim, which Jones scoffed at. Seeing that Jones was still not agreeable and was not willing to talk about what had happened, Costa noted that her attempted killer would still be walking around in New York City until one of them found and captured him. With that, Costa had then advised Jones to not make herself into an easier target, by going outside while in recovery, before he left.[11]

Arresting Andrew Brandt

"Who's the masked hero?"
"What? You think we all know each other?"
"You did good."
"It wasn't me."
"Well, I'm glad you have somebody. There really is strength in numbers. Take care."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Costa was informed by the 15th Precinct Police Station that they had received an anonymous call, regarding information about Andrew Brandt, who they had been trying to arrest for months, who was found trapped by a car inside his hideout, with hard evidence against him which they could use. Brandt had claimed to Costa that Jessica Jones and a masked woman were involved, so Costa returned to Alias Investigations Office to speak with Jones, and explained the situation.

Having explained that Brandt had identified Jones while giving his statement to the NYPD, Costa questioned if Brant was the attacker who tried to kill her, to which Jones simply explained that her attacker was still walking free, which Costa had expressed his regrets over. Costa had then questioned Jones about who the masked woman was, to which Jones questioned if he thought every masked hero were friends. Accepting this answer, Costa complimented Jones work, as he noted that he was glad that she had somebody supporting her, as he told Jones to take care before leaving, advising Jones to lock her door.[11]

Gregory Sallinger Discovery

"You single handedly found a serial killer. Not bad for a day's work."
"I'm come down when you're ready for my official statement. Til then, I'll be drunk."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, Costa was contacted by Jessica Jones, who had informed him that she had identified her attempted killer as Gregory Sallinger, who had been responsible for a string of unsolved murders all throughout New York City. Costa was invited into Long Island City Rail Terminal, where Jones had found the hidden corpses of dozens of Sallinger's victims, as Costa oversaw the recovery of the bodies, before stepping away to speak with Jones about the horrific discovery she had made.

Struggling with his words, in the wake of such a grisly discovery, Costa was then handed over the address for Sallinger's Apartment, while she claimed that she had followed Sallinger there and witnessed him dumping more human remains inside a container. Costa questioned how Jones had learned about Sallinger in the first place, to which Jones would only say that she had been working her case, while Costa questioned who the clients were, and if there was a specific bit of evidence linked to Sallinger, which Jones did not answer, insisting that this was all privileged information, which Costa did not accept.

With Costa insisting that her answers were not actually good enough for the New York City Police Department, Jones then questioned if her finding the serial killer was not good enough for him, to which Costa insisted that part of his job would be building a case against Sallinger, as they still needed to walk the jury through their chain of evidence, in order to prove beyond any other doubt that Sallinger was guilty. However, Jones noted that all the evidence that she had, was inside the tank, where they had found the corpses of all of Sallinger's victims, frustrated by the system Costa was working with.

Costa promised Jones that he would search Sallinger's apartment as soon as they were given a warrant. Jones also advised Costa that they should check the bureau, where she suggested that he found find evidence that would piece all the clues together, which Costa accepted without further questions. Looking back at the recovery of body parts, Costa told Jones that she had single-handedly found a serial killer, which he called not bad for a day's work, as Jones had then promised to come to the 15th Precinct Police Station to make her statement, but would be drunk that night, and had then left Costa behind.[12]

Assisting Jessica Jones

"We've got an APB out, his phone is being tracked, his neighbours are being canvassed, the feds are gonna get involved as well."
"Costa, I need to know what you've got."
"You agreed to let us carry the ball on this."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Once he had gotten his warrant, Costa went to Gregory Sallinger's Apartment to investigate it and search for the evidence he needed, as Costa looked behind the bureau, but had only found some landscape photographs, and no hard evidence that they could use against Sallinger. However, while Costa had been around the back of the building, he had then found Jessica Jones attempting to break inside by leaping up the fire escape, as Costa greeted her and had insisted that they were still handling the situation.

Costa accused Jones of having serious control issues, proved by her arrival in there despite the fact that they were already investigating the scene, as Jones insisted that she could not allow Sallinger to get away. In response, Costa then reassured Jones that they had an APB out on Sallinger, and his phone was being tracked, while his neighbors were being interviewed and the FBI would also soon be getting involved in their investigation, although Jones still insisted that she needed to know what information the New York City Police Department had on Sallinger, as Costa noted that Jones had agreed to step back.

Jones claimed that she had changed her mind about it, as she once again asked what Costa could tell her what evidence he had, to which Costa insisted that they had nothing yet, and instead questioned what Jones really believed he should have found right behind Sallinger's bureau, as he explained that they had only found bleak landscape pictures, which did not classify as useable evidence for their case. Jones insisted that Sallinger must have cleaned out the bureau, as Costa then questioned what had been there, to which Jones simply explained that it had contained photos of eight of Sallinger's victims.

Costa had then attempted to correct Jones about what they had discovered, noting that they had only found the seven victims at the Long Island City Rail Terminal, and that the police had already been able to identify all of them. Costa and Jones were then joined by another officer, who informed him that the media had arrived outside the building and were looking for a statement, as Costa cursed the internet for leaking all the information. Jones told Costa she had copies of all Sallinger's photos, and she would trade them for the victims' names, although Costa just claimed that the photos would not be usable evidence.

With Costa dismissing Jones' offers to assist with his investigation, she reminded him that if there were eight victims, but only seven corpses, there was the chance that she would be able to identify which photo was not among their list of victims, as she would therefore be able to locate the eight victim to get answers, if he was still alive. Knowing that they could never legally agree to this, Costa had warned Jones to back off, threatening to run her for obstruction. However, as Costa walked away, he then secretly dropped the list of the victim's names, allowing Jones to pick this up, to continue with her investigation.[12]

Arrest of Gregory Sallinger

"We work our entire careers hoping for a clear-cut piece of shit like Sallinger, so when we look at the ledger, we know we got at least one right."
"It's not gonna stick."
"Those bodies are clean. No DNA, no prints."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, Costa was informed that Jessica Jones had managed to find and capture Gregory Sallinger, who she brought to the 15th Precinct Police Station, where Costa hoped they would have enough evidence to charge him for the murders of all the victims that they had already found, but it was soon deduced that they did not have enough physical evidence against Sallinger, and therefore would not to be able to hold him in custody any longer, much to Costa's considerable frustration.

Frustrated, Costa went to speak with Jones, who had been waiting for news in the interrogation room, telling her that he had waited for his entire career to catch a scumbag like Sallinger, as Jones deduced that the evidence was not going to stick. Costa had confirmed that the bodies found at Long Island City Rail Terminal had been clean, with no DNA that tied back to Sallinger, while there was no physical evidence found at Sallinger's Apartment, as Costa admitted that the only provable charge that they currently had against Sallinger was trespassing into the restaurant where Jones found and captured him.

Jones attempted to argue that she was their witness against Sallinger, as Costa had questioned if she had watched him the entire time that she followed him to the train yard, which Jones had to admit that she did not, and therefore was not the best witness that they could use. Costa then told Jones that Sallinger was accusing Jones of harassment, and that he hid in the restaurant to get away from her only to then be assaulted, which Jones had denied, while Costa admitted that he always believed her story. Costa then questioned Jones about everything that had happened inside of the kitchen where she had found Sallinger

Jones insisted to Costa that she had done everything right to try and get Sallinger arrested, as she called him and got the New York City Police Department to bring him in so that he could be charged in accordance with the law. However, Costa noted that it was clearly not just Jones and Sallinger who were inside of the restaurant, although Jones continued to insist that Sallinger was the killer. Costa had told Jones that any juries would see Sallinger as the stand up guy, who volunteered with the Willie Dance Community Center, with no priors, while Jones was the super-powered person who had a criminal record.

Costa told Jones that Blake Tower had already passed on the case due to the lack of physical evidence, as Costa instead suggested that Jones needed to find another witness to bring in against Sallinger, or they would be forced to allow him to go free. Clearly frustrated by this, Jones had then questioned exactly how long Costa would be able to keep Sallinger in custody, to which he explained that they could only keep him in there overnight. Jones got up, and insisted that Costa not allow Sallinger out a second earlier, before leaving the station, in an attempt to find another witness to testify against Sallinger.[12]

Search for Evidence

Finding the First Victim

"It has everything to do with you, the super vigilante who found the body, who everybody is calling my super gal pal. It's costing me clout, and I need clout to get jurisdiction over the goddamn body!"
―Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]

Costa received a phone call from Jessica Jones, as she informed him that she had traveled up into Wappingers Falls, and had uncovered Nathan Silva's corpse, hidden under inside of his family's backyard. Jones explained that Silva was Gregory Sallinger's first victim, and would likely have his DNA on it, since he would have been less careful there as he had only been young when he killed Silva, while Costa insisted that they could find the DNA once they had taken possession of the body.[13]

The following morning, Costa attempted to call Jones multiple times, until Gillian answered and handed it over to Jones, much to Costa's annoyance. Costa explained that a hair was found in Silva's hand, which likely belonged to Sallinger, but the New York City Police Department still had not taken possession of the body, explaining that this was because the female vigilante had made it into the New York Bulletin, which had then caused a big reaction within their department, as Captain Strieber wanted to question the vigilante, and was pushing other officers onto the search for her.

While Jones noted that this situation with the other vigilante had nothing to do with the body transfer, Costa noted that it had have everything to do with Jones, as it was costing Costa even more support within the 15th Precinct Police Station, since they knew about his relationship with Jones, and her relationship with this vigilante. Costa explained that he needed the department on his side if he wanted to get Silva's body from the Wappingers Falls Police Department, as Costa began losing his temper at Jones over the phone call, until he finally apologized to her to losing his temper about this situation.

Costa told Jones that he was dealing with his personal issues, as well as these issues within their department, as Jones questioned if he gained some kind of terminal decease that he was having to deal with, which Costa had simply denied. Costa had instead demanded that Jones convince the vigilante to come to the 15th Precinct Police Station for questioning, or suggested that she stop. Jones had then questioned if Costa was still watching Sallinger, as he confirmed that he had people watching Sallinger's Apartment, while Jones had promised to do what she could do for the vigilante, as Costa thanked her.[4]

Adoption Interrupted

"Look, Russell and I are in the middle of some family shit."
"I'm sorry, divorce sucks."
"Nobody's getting divorced!"
"Good, we have less than eight hours to find him."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Taking a work break, Costa and Russell Costa went into the adoption agency to learn more about adopting their child, to be shown a video feed of her. However, shortly after they arrived there, Costa got his phone call from Jessica Jones and went to answer it, only for Russell to request that he leave it and focus onto their child. The Costas were then shown footage of their adopted daughter, who was currently staying in an orphanage in Burundi, as the Costas then held hands, and greeted their future daughter.

While they greeted their daughter, Costa got another call from Jones, as he hung up the call and listened to the advice from the adoption agent, who commented that the cultural change from Burundi to New York City would be difficult for her to adjust to once she had arrived. Although he tried to listen, Costa got a text message from Jones, telling him that Gregory Sallinger was going to kill again, while Russell asked Costa to put his phone away and listen more carefully to the agent, until Costa had finally apologized and then admitted that he had to answer the call, before he then got up and left the room.

Frustrated by this, Russell followed Costa and questioned if this was what their lives were going to be, which Costa denied, as he kissed his husband and promised that their lives would be different once their daughter arrived, as he would be less focused with the New York City Police Department. Once he was alone, Costa advised Jones to stay away from Sallinger, to which she explained that Sallinger had sent her a video, boasting that he was intending to murder someone else by seven pm that day, although Costa insisted that Sallinger was inside of his Apartment and had been watching television.

However, Jones had insisted that Sallinger had gotten past his security detail and was stalking his next victim through the streets, as Costa requested all the videos be sent to him, to which Jones admitted that it had been deleted by InstaYap. Costa told Jones that he and his husband were in the middle of personal stuff, to which Jones then assumed they were getting divorced, which Costa denied was what was happening, while Jones then told Costa to come to Sallinger's Apartment with them, as it would be better for both of them if they turned up there together, as Costa had finally but reluctantly agreed to come.[4]

Search for Gregory Sallinger

"As far as he's aware, he's in the clear, why would he risk it?"
"He might have heard about my trip into his home-town, and that body I dug up."
"Might have?"
"I might have rubbed it in his face, literally."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Having left the highly frustrated Russell Costa back at the adoption agency to learn about their daughter alone, Costa went to meet Jessica Jones, as he pulled his car up in front of her, and then insisted that she walk away, insisting that the New York City Police Department had been watching Gregory Sallinger that entire day. Despite this, Jones walked towards Sallinger's Apartment, while Costa had claimed that he had just been watching his television, which she denied.

Costa insisted that Jones would be playing right into Sallinger's hands if she did this without being certain about the situation, while Jones had continued to insist that he would not be upstairs. Costa then noted a member of the paparazzi photographing Jones, as he claimed that she was becoming too high profile to be getting involved like all this, which Jones begrudgingly agreed with. Once they got up to Sallinger's Apartment, Costa warned that she could get them both sued, only for Joby to answer Sallinger's door, proving that Jones was correct and Sallinger had gotten away, as Costa cursed him.

Costa and Jones then burst inside of the apartment, as Joby attempted to stop them with minimal effort, while Costa had then introduced himself and questioned what Joby was doing there, to which he claimed to have simply answered one job advert to watch television there. Jones asked exactly when Sallinger had left the apartment, to which Joby claimed that it had been in the morning, as Jones then theorized that he had left via a fire escape. Joby explained to Costa that Sallinger paid him two hundred dollars to stay in the apartment and watch television, as Costa had alerted all of the other officers to the situation.

Costa had told Joby to go and wait into the hallway for more questions about how Sallinger had hired him to stay in his apartment, as Jones noted that Sallinger would be going out to commit another murder. Costa questioned why he would risk this, since he believed he was in the clear for the other murders, to which Jones noted that Sallinger might have heard about her trip to Wappingers Falls and the discovery of Nathan Silva. When Costa had questioned what she meant, Jones confessed that she already revealed all the information to Sallinger herself, while she had been mocking and tormenting him.

Costa had then suggested that the entire situation could be Sallinger's final attempt to attack Jones in his revenge for her continuing to torment him, which Jones agreed was likely the case. Costa then went out to put a All-points bulletin on Sallinger, and he would attempt to trace his phone, while Jones suggested that whatever phone Sallinger was using was a burner. Costa had told Jones to leave the apartment, to which she decided to stay and wait for another InstaYap video, before telling Costa that she would force Sallinger to talk, and advised Costa to leave, before she trashed the apartment.[4]

Searching for the Victim

"What is it with you and the shit-storms, Jones!? Every brunette within the city is pouring into the station. My Captain is pissed, he pulled by BOLO."
"So, nobody's looking for Sallinger?"
"We got a call earlier, he was seen shouting at his cell phone at a florist in Tribeca."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Once Costa saw that Jessica Jones had just gone on WJBP-TV to make a public statement, in which she had announced, on Thembi Wallace's programme, that Gregory Sallinger was currently stalking out a brunette woman who he had intended to murder that evening, Costa then witnessed dozens of brunette women coming inside the 15th Precinct Police Station, believing that they could become Sallinger's target. Costa called Jones, accusing her of causing another shitshow.

Costa told Jones about the results of her interview with Wallace and her statements against Sallinger's potential plans, while also noting that Captain Strieber was furious, and had pulled his All-points bulletin on Sallinger, which resulted in no one currently looking for Sallinger. Costa told Jones that somebody had reported to them, seeing Sallinger in distress near Floratech, which Jones began to research. Costa told Jones that he would process all the women who Jones had terrified, while Jones noted that one of these may have actually become Sallinger's intended victim, as Costa told her to be careful.

Costa was later called to the GT Agrochemical Office, where Jones managed to identify Mona Lee as that woman who was being followed in all Sallinger's videos that he had sent to her. However, upon searching their offices, Costa then informed Jones that Sallinger had not been there, as Jones questioned if Sallinger had just been messing with her, as Costa had then suggested that this would be the best case scenario for them. When Jones insisted that Sallinger was not done with his plans, Costa noted that Sallinger got back to his Apartment an hour earlier, much to Jones' considerable surprise.

When Jones then insisted that the New York City Police Department had to arrest Sallinger for the threats that he had been making, Costa admitted that all they could prove he had done, was sneak past their security to go get himself a coffee. While Jones insisted that Sallinger had done something, Costa suggested that all he had done was mess them around. Costa then told Jones that Nathan Silva's body had finally been delivered back inside of their laboratories from Wappingers Falls, and they would be looking at it soon, as Jones insisted that he had to find evidence on the body that could convict Sallinger.

Costa then told Jones that he was beginning to worry about her, as he questioned if Jones had anything in her life, asides Alias Investigations and her determination to stop Sallinger, to which she jokingly said that she had a great bartender. Costa told her that it took more, since he and Russell Costa were trying to get more from their lives by adopting their daughter. Costa then told Jones that he would let her know once the arrest warrant for Sallinger came in, but advised her to keep her head down until then, which Jones had promised him that she intended to do, as she had then walked away from him.[4]

Attack on Gregory Sallinger

"Jones, it was personal. An attack on Mrs. Walker is an attack on you."
"I know."
"Do you know someone hit him back? Just got out of surgery. Sallinger nearly died."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Despite his dismissal of the threats that had been made, Costa was later told that Dorothy Walker had been murdered in that evening, and the suspected killer was Gregory Sallinger, as Walker had been tied down and brutally tortured before having her throat slit. While Dorothy's body was taken away, Costa called up Jessica Jones, as he expressed his sympathies to her, explaining that it had been Malcolm Ducasse who had called this in, and that Trish Walker had found her dead mother.

When Costa asked how Walker was doing in the wake of her mother's brutal murder, Jones told him that she was not okay, as Costa then requested that Walker come into the 15th Precinct Police Station, fearing that she could soon become another target of Sallinger, and they could protect her there. However, Jones promised that Walker was in a safe location, while Costa noted that Sallinger had been careful, and had left no evidence in the Apartment that they had found yet. Costa had then told Jones that this attack had clearly been personal, and had been meant to target Jones personally, which Jones accepted.

Costa told Jones that somebody had attacked Sallinger on the same night, as he had been beaten near to death in his Apartment, and had just gotten out of surgery at Metro-General Hospital, with heavy slashes across his face. As Jones expressed no regret or sympathy over Sallinger's assault, Costa noted that Sallinger was accusing the masked vigilante of attacking him. Costa insisted their evidence from Nathan Silva's body would convict Sallinger, unless that vigilante did anything that could interfere with the case, as he then noted that Sallinger was under a police guard until the vigilante was found.

With Costa commenting about how Sallinger claimed to be in fear for his life in the wake of the assault, Jones had insisted that, if she was to bring in the vigilante, she would need to be guarantees, which included immunity for the crimes she had committed, although Costa had claimed that this would be difficult in the wake of the way things had been playing out. Having been shown a WJBP-TV news report, Costa then advised Jones to put it on, since Jeri Hogarth was giving her news conference, and holding up a copy of the New York Bulletin and showing images of the vigilante, and offering a reward for her capture.[5]

Evidence Lost

"How long could it take? Forty minutes?"
"It's three in the morning, and I have a husband to get home to."
"Me, too. But there are a lot of people waiting on answers. Come on. It's personal."
―Eddy Costa and Irene Bickell[src]

In order got obtain all of the evidence that they needed proceeded as soon as possible, Costa personally went to the NYPD Crime Laboratory, and requested that Irene Bickell process the hairs which were found on Nathan Silva's body, in the hope that they could use this evidence to confirm that it had belonged to Gregory Sallinger and finally convict him of those murders. Costa requested that Bickell finish up, despite Russell Costa waiting for him and Bickell's husband waiting for her, as Bickell had agreed to help Costa.

Costa stood close by, as Bickell carefully removed the hairs sent from Wappingers Falls and examined them, in an attempt to prove that these hairs belonged to Sallinger, as Bickell complained that Costa was breathing on her by standing so close, which Costa denied. However, while they were working, Bickell complained about a terrible smell, which she initially blamed on Costa's breath, only for Costa to look around and realise that was terrible smell was due to there being sewage coming up from the pipes. Despite Costa wanting to finish the work, a security guard then insisted that they had to leave the building.

While Costa attempted to argue that it was only faeces that they had to deal with for a short while, Bickell insisted that there were other toxic materials in the pipes, as she was forced to cover the evidence and swiftly leave the room, while Costa reluctantly relented and left the room. However, once Costa and Bickell had returned into the room, they discovered, to their horror, that a small gust of wind, had seemingly blown all Sallinger's hairs into the puddles of sewage, meaning they lost all evidence against Sallinger. As a result, Captain Strieber placed Costa on leave, blaming him for these disasters.[5]

Ending the Case

Suspended from the NYPD

"I've been placed on leave, effective tomorrow."
"That's bullshit."
"Bodies were piling up, a serial killer kept slipping through the cracks. The department needed a fall guy."
"So the one guy that's actually doing something, they take off the case."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Having been placed onto leave following the recent loss of key evidence, Costa went to the Alias Investigations Office, informing Jessica Jones that it was him when he knocked onto the door. Costa had then told Jones that he had news that he did not want to tell her over the phone, so she had allowed him to come in and told him to tell her the truth. Costa then informed her that the hair on Nathan Silva's body had been lost, due to the NYPD Crime Laboratory incident with a fan.

Jones then questioned what their next move would be in the wake of this incident, as Costa just insisted there was not one, explaining that he had been placed on leave by Captain Strieber, to which Jones called this bullshit. However, Costa had simply noted that this was a result of all the bodies piling up, as well as Gregory Sallinger slipping through their fingers, so as a result the New York City Police Department needed to blame someone for these disasters, which had turned out to be Costa. Jones complained that the department had just fired the only man actually doing something to try and stop Sallinger.

However, Costa explained to Jones that the press were accusing the NYPD of colluding with powered vigilantes, which was also something Costa could easily be blamed for, based on his own friendship with Jones. Despite Jones then promising to tell the press that she acted alone during the investigation into Sallinger, Costa had insisted that this was not the truth, acknowledging that he had taken her side more often than he really should have, potentially because of the friendship that they had been building, to which Jones noted that she did not have many friends, while Costa noted that the masked vigilante was her friend.

Costa had then told Jones that he was actually glad the masked vigilante had maimed Sallinger, and that he was glad that she was still out on their streets of New York City and doing the work that the NYPD were unable to do, noting that she had attempted to do what he was unable to do, by killing Sallinger. Costa acknowledged he might actually be in need of the break from his work to be with Russell Costa and their daughter, before also advising Jones not to try and fight in his corner, noting that his firing was his own fault, before he walked away, while also telling Jones to take care before he then left her.[5]

Return to Service

"Hello, Jones. Haven't seen you on the news lately."
"How'd you like to get back on the job?"
"The last thing I need is you mixing it up with brass."
"Gregory Sallinger just confessed to the murder of Dorothy Walker on tape."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Costa continued with his suspension from the New York City Police Department, taking the opportunity to spend more time with Russell Costa and their newly adopted daughter. While out with a walk with his daughter, Costa got a call from Jessica Jones, as he noted that he had not seen her on the news lately, only for Jones to question if Costa wanted to return to work at the NYPD, to which Costa had insisted that he did not need Jones causing any more trouble for him.

In response, Jones explained that Gregory Sallinger had just confessed to Dorothy Walker's murder, while he was on tape, much to Costa's considerable shock. Jones had gone on to explain to Costa that this had been a single-party permission recording of Sallinger's confession for the murder, which was admissible by New York City law, and that Sallinger could also be charged with kidnapping and attempted murder. As Costa then questioned who Sallinger had attempted to kill, Jones explained that it was her, so Costa had promised to put out an APB on Sallinger to bring him into custody as soon as possible.

However, Jones told Costa that he would not need to, since Sallinger could instead be picked up immediately at the Alias Investigations Office, where he was currently tied up. Costa had then questioned if he should ask Jones how she was able to get Sallinger confessing to Walker's murder on that tape, as well as surviving the attempted murder, which Jones did not answer, while Costa told her not to worry, as he did not want to know the details. Jones then suggested that some evidence was missed at Walker's Apartment, as Costa agreed to investigate the apartment before then hanging up the call to Jones.

Following Jones' advice, Costa led a team of his officers inside the Alias Investigations Office, where they found Sallinger tied up on the floor, while the recording of him confessing to killing Walker to punisher Jones had been playing on a loop. Stepping inside, Costa then looked at Jones' laptop, where the video of Sallinger mocking and tormenting Jones was playing, before he told her his motives for murdering Walker. Costa then had his officers take Sallinger into their custody, knowing they finally had enough evidence to convict him, with Costa reminding them to read Sallinger his rights, while he was taken away.[14]

Assassination of Gregory Sallinger

"I know..."
"Then do something."
Jessica Jones and Eddy Costa[src]

Having finally taken Gregory Sallinger in custody, Costa went to the New York State Supreme Court Building to oversea his trial, hoping to see him be sent to prison for the rest of his life. While going up the stairs to the court room, Costa had seen Jessica Jones also arriving there. However, before they could talk, a scream was suddenly heard coming fom upstairs, as Costa and Jones had immediately rushed back upstairs, only to find Sallinger's corpse, as he had been brutally murdered inside of the court house elevator.[14]

As the police took control of the situation by locking the building down and sending in their SWAT teams to try to find and capture Sallinger's killer, Costa then remained outside and coordinated with the officers to ensure everyone else was safe. Costa found Jones speaking with Jeri Hogarth, as he had informed Hogarth that Officer Sanchez was now ready to take her statement about what she had witnessed. Once Hogarth had walked away, Costa and Jones looked at each other, with Jones acknowledging that the masked viglante was responsible for Sallinger's death, as Costa simply told her to do something about it.[15]

Arrest of Trish Walker

"Please acknowledge that you understand the list of charges against you, for the record. Two counts of murder in the first degree. One count of murder in the second degree. Multiple counts of aggravated assault, kidnapping, breaking and entering, trespassing. And one count of attempted murder."
―Eddy Costa to Trish Walker[src]

Following a prolonged search, during which the masked vigilante was named as Trish Walker, who had then taken Jeri Hogarth as her hostage, before trying to flea New York City before she could be arrested, finally Walker had been found and captured by Jessica Jones, who handed her over to their New York City Police Department. Costa then took charge of Walker's questioning, as they had then sat down together inside of the 15th Precinct Police Station's interrogation room.

Costa informed Walker that due process did not appear to apply to enhanced people, and so the FBI would take charge of the investigation and she would likely be sent to the Raft to begin her sentence for her crimes. Costa then told Walker to acknowledge the charges made against her, which included the murders of Carl Nussbaumer, Jace Montero, as well as Gregory Sallinger, as well as charges of assault, trespassing and attempted murder against Jones. As Costa questioned if Walker understood all their charges, she called herself the bad guy, bowing her head in complete shame over her own actions.[15]

Partnership with Erik Gelden

Costa introduces himself to Erik Gelden

"Erik Gelden? We have a mutual friend. She wanted us to meet. I'm Detective Costa. Jessica thought we could help each other."
"She did, did she? Red sweater, on his phone."
"What'd he do?"
"I don't know, but it's bad."
―Eddy Costa to Erik Gelden[src]

Following the advice from Jessica Jones, Costa went to meet up with Erik Gelden at a bar, having been told that he had the power to be able to sense if somebody was guilty of some crime. Taking a seat next to him, Costa greeted Gelden, before explaining to him that they had one mutual friend in Jones, who had wanted them both to meet each other. Costa had then introduced himself, telling Gelden that Jones believed that they could help each other in the near future, which Gelden had simply chuckled at.

Accepting this arrangement, Gelden then told Costa to look for a man behind them, wearing a red sweater, who was currently using his phone, as Costa then questioned what the man had done, which Gelden just could not answer, but he reassured Costa that he could already sense that what the man did was bad. Gelden got up and paid for all his drinks, before shaking hands with Costa, who told him that it was good to meet him, before Gelden walked out of the bar, and Costa went to speak to the man in the red sweater, accepting Gelden's tip that he was secretly guilty of something bad and intending to learn what it was.[15]


"You want to go it alone, that's your call. But there's a lot of people on the force that wanna see you locked up."
"And you're the only white hat in a sea of black hats."
"Not the only one."
―Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Eddy Costa is a wise and honorable man, as Jessica Jones considered the only white hat in a sea of black hats. After being brainwashed by Kilgrave, he suffered from nightmares of losing his free will, until Jones killed him. Afterward, Costa believed that Jones was a good person, and believed that he owed a debt since she had ridden the world of Kilgrave. Despite this, Costa was still lawful, as he and the police went on a hunt for Alisa Jones due to her killing his partner Ruth Sunday. Losing Sunday had a great effect on him, as he refused to listen to Jones on the police going to kill her mother, stating that she killed one of their own.


"Maybe leave the heroics to trained professionals who are committed to the rule of law and subject to oversight."
―Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]
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Costa threatening to shoot at Alisa Jones

  • Glock 19: Costa pulled his service gun to arrest Jessica Jones for the murder of Nick Spanos once he realized she returned to the scene. Costa did not give her a chance to leave, and Jones surrendered in shock for the scene. Costa, his partner Ruth Sunday and the officers under his command also took their weapons to follow a lead on their wanted killer to the Malus Residence; and then both detectives took them to the hospital in order to stop Alisa Jones, with Sunday even shooting at her leg, but she was unable to prevent her from escaping, dying in the attempt. Once Costa was reinstated into the NYPD, during their investigation of Gregory Sallinger, he and a group of officers had entered into the Alias Investigations Office with their guns ready to arrest Sallinger, finding him tied up on the floor, and with his a recording of his confession playing in a loop.


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  • 15th Precinct Police Station: Costa worked in the 15th precinct when Kilgrave arrived and forced everyone to hold their guns on each other. He interrogated Jessica Jones in the precinct along with Ruth Sunday. He continued working at the station and gave Jones information about his investigation into Alisa Jones and Gregory Sallinger. He was in the station when Jessica Jones announced publicly that Sallinger would be killing a brunette woman, causing countless brunette women to go to the station. When Trish Walker was arrested, Costa sat with her in the precinct and read Walker the list of crimes she was being charged with.
  • NYPD Crime Laboratory: Costa had Nathan Silva's hair analyzed at the NYPD's crime laboratory, and stayed with Doctor Irene Bickell, hoping to get the sample analyzed quickly. However, Jessica Jones caused sewage to poor into the lab, forcing Costa to leave so that Jones could contaminate the sample.






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