"My friend, I think she might be a little bit sick. So I'm just gonna go check on her."
"I think she went home, buddy."
Frank Castle and Eddie[src]

Eddie was a mercenary and a member of Marlena Olin's Crew. Together with Marlena Olin, Eddie was sent to capture Amy Bendix but was killed by Frank Castle.


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Together with Marlena Olin's Crew, Eddie was sent to the Lola's Roadhouse by John Pilgrim in order to find Amy Bendix. Olin spotted Bendix when she went to the bathroom and left Eddie outside of the bathroom while they dealt with Bendix. Eddie kept other patrons away from the bathroom before Frank Castle attempted to go through him, saying that he wanted to check on his sick friend. In order to keep Castle away, Eddie said that she probably went home and Castle should do the same.

However, Castle then heard Bendix's scream and punched Eddie before breaking into the bathroom. Eddie pulled out his gun but Olin reminded him that they can not use firearms there. Eddie said that nobody mentioned about someone with Bendix. Mercenaries then pulled out their knives in order to get rid of Castle quietly. They emerged into the fight and Castle successfully confronted them. Eddie attempted to attack Castle only to find himself brutally beaten by him. Castle then broke Eddie's skull on a sink, killing him.[1]


  • Handgun: Eddie had a handgun as his personal weapon and attempted to use it against Frank Castle before Marlena Olin reminded him that they were not to use firearms.
  • Knife: Fighting against Castle at the bathroom, Eddie used his knife against him before Castle killed him.




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