"People think I'm a little strange. They call me Creepy Ed. They think I can't hear 'em, but I can."
―Ed Zatner[src]

Ed Zatner is a medical examiner assistant working at the Sacred Saints Hospital.


"That's kind of a tall order, Karen."
"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry but... Look, Ed, I'd owe you big time."
"How big?"
―Ed Zatner and Karen Page[src]

Zatner is visited by Karen Page

Working at the Sacred Saints Hospital, Ed Zatner became known as "Creepy Ed", due to his unusual appearance and behavior. While eating on his break at work, Zatner was visited by Karen Page and Dinah Madani. As Zatner cheerfully greeted his visitors, Page asked him about three bodies that were brought to the morgue, following the shootout at the Valhalla. Zatner confirmed that the bodies were already at the morgue and they had yet to be processed.

Page asked Zatner if she and Madani could examine the bodies before they're officially processed, prompting him to reply that this would be a major favor. Page insisted that it was really important and, if allowed to proceed, she will owe Zatner a favor, knowing what he could ask. Zatner agreed to help them and, donning his usual work shoes, led Page and Madani to the morgue. Checking the first body, Zatner informed Page and Madani that the powder burns show she was, in fact, shot at a close range, as were the two other women.


Zatner talks with Dinah Madani

Comparing all evidence, Madani guessed that the women were murdered by Billy Russo, not by Frank Castle. They thanked Zatner for help he provided and Madani noted that he should work with police more often. Blocking the door, Zatner said that he had tried several times, however, they did not want to work with him and that they called him names like "Creepy Ed." As Madani left the morgue, Zatner called in the favor Page owed him; she handed over her high-heeled pumps and started wearing them with his morgue scrubs.[1]The Punisher: 2.11: The Abyss</ref>




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