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"I'm not deaf. Just hard of hearing."
Clint Barton to Maya Lopez

Echoes is the third episode of the first season of Hawkeye.


After escaping a new threat, Clint and Kate join forces against an expanding criminal conspiracy.


Maya Lopez holds her dying father in her arms

In 2007, a young Maya Lopez attends a school surrounded by children who do not share her deafness. But by examining her teacher's mouth movements, she is still able to understand the curriculum. Her father William cannot afford to send her to a deaf school, so he instead advises his daughter to continue learning through observation. In karate academy, Maya's observational techniques allow her to mimic and easily overpower her opponents. Several years later, Maya was returning from sparring when Ronin launches an attack on her compound. Hiding from the ninja before he escapes, she finds William fatally injured, and embraces him for the last time before he passes on.

In the present day, the Tracksuit Mafia holds Clint Barton and Kate Bishop captive in an abandoned store. Lopez attempts to interrogate them about Ronin's return, but Barton and Bishop's failure to understand American Sign Language forces Kazi Kazimierczak to step in as an interpreter. Barton tries to tell Lopez that Ronin died to Black Widow. Unconvinced, Lopez turns her attention to Bishop and attacks her, believing her to be her father's murderer. Kazimierczak intervenes and pulls her away, but as they are talking about Bishop, Barton uses the opportunity to break his duct-tape restraints and run out. While he is able to retrieve his bow and quiver, Lopez smashes his hearing aid into bits.

Hawkeye Arrow.png

With an arrow, Barton releases Bishop, allowing her to overpower Kazimierczak. Making their way outside, the two hijack a car and hit the road, with the Tracksuits tailing them. Barton is unable to hear Bishop, so he instead commands her to use his remaining supply of "trick arrows" and disrupt the Tracksuits' pursuit. When Lopez catches up to Barton on the Manhattan Bridge, Bishop reclaims her bow from the opposing vehicle and fires a gas-releasing arrow into it, causing it to crash. Blocked by the traffic ahead and with Kazimierczak and Lopez rushing towards them, Barton has Bishop fire a normal arrow into the air, which he shoots with a Pym Particle arrow, enlargening it and causing it to crash on the Tracksuits' pickup truck. As the Tracksuits get out on foot, the archer duo leap from the bridge's roadway and onto a train on the lower deck. Compromised, the Tracksuits begin to move out of the store to maintain a low profile as Kazimierczak advises Lopez to look into Barton.

Remembering the Pizza Dog back at the safehouse, Barton and Bishop return to the apartment, where Barton receives a call from his son Nathaniel, with Bishop helping father and son communicate. Barton gives himself another day before he can return home, but Nathaniel assures him it'll be okay if he is unable to make it in time for Christmas. Later, they visit an audiologist in Chinatown to get the hearing aid fixed before heading to a restaurant for lunch. There, Bishop tries to encourage Barton to elevate his branding and recognition, but he insists he was never a role model. She convinces him otherwise, pointing at how they stuck together during their conflict with the Tracksuit Mafia.

Hawkeye and Swordsman.png

Taking the dog out for a walk, Barton reveals that there's another individual apart from Lopez who is the leader of the Tracksuits. With Bishop remaining suspicious of Jack Duquesne for his black market dealings and possible connection to Armand III's murder, they sneak into her penthouse and breach into Bishop Security to obtain information about the Tracksuits. Looking up Kazimierczak, they discover his employment at Sloan Ltd.-- a name familiar to Barton. But when Bishop attempts to view information on Duquesne, she is locked out of the system. As someone else enters the suite, Barton leaves to investigate. However, he is caught and threatened by Duquesne, wielding Ronin's sword.


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