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"Hear me and rejoice! You are about to die at the hands of the children of-."
―Ebony Maw[src]

Ebony Maw was a member of the Black Order and one of the children of Thanos.


Zombie Apocalypse

Maw arrives on Earth

In 2018, after being sent from the Sanctuary II to find the Time Stone, Maw, alongside Cull Obsidian, travelled to Earth in a Q-Ship, and descended upon New York City. Upon their arrival in the derelict streets, Maw saw Bruce Banner and called out to rejoice for his arrival.

During his speech however, a portal opened behind Maw, and the repulsor of Iron Man emerged, blasting Maw in the back of the head, taking him by surprise and stunning him, knocking him to the ground.

Maw quickly regained himself, looking back in confusion to see Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong emerge from a portal. They attacked, and he and Obsidian fought back. Maw used his telekinesis against his foes, but was grabbed and overwhelmed by them. The three had turned into zombies, having been infected by a quantum virus, and soon felled Maw, infecting him and Obsidian with the virus.

Maw rose again as a zombie, alongside the zombified Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Cull Obsidian. They turned to Bruce Banner, and now motivated solely by the desire to consume living flesh, Ebony Maw joined the others in pursuing their prey. The zombie Maw used his telekinesis to restrain Banner, allowing for him and his fellows to approach, preparing to devour Banner. However, they never got the chance, as the arrival of a swarm of ants put a quick end to Ebony Maw's zombie hunger, as the ants, controlled by Wasp, swiftly stripped Maw of his rotting flesh, reducing him to his bones, which clattered to the ground.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Zombie Physiology: Maw was infected with an encephalopathic virus that overloaded his brain's limbic system, turning him into a zombie.
    • Infection: Like any zombies, Maw is capable of spreading encephalopathic virus to others by biting or scratching which would turn them into zombies.
  • Telekinesis: To be added
    • Levitation: To be added


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