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"Dissect him and strip his remains for parts."
Collector to Ebony Maw[src]

Ebony Maw was a member of the Black Order. He was hired by the Collector, who took over as kingpin of the intergalactic underworld, alongside with the rest of the Order. Maw attended to matters regarding the Collector's new pieces, working alongside the aide Carina. When T'Challa was captured by the Collector, Maw was ordered to dissect him, but his attempt was foiled when he was shot in the back by Carina, who betrayed the Collector for T'Challa.


Working for the Collector

Ebony Maw, alongside the rest of the Black Order, was hired by the Collector operating under his command on Knowhere.[1]

Theft of the Embers of Genesis

Maw was present alongside Taneleer Tivan and his aide Carina when T'Challa was captured by Nebula and bought into Tivan's custody. Tivan expressed his disappointment in the Star-Lord as Maw looked on, and dismissive of the human, ordered Maw to dissect T'Challa for parts. As the Collector departed, Maw flashed his subject and sickeningly devious smile at the prospect of his work.

Maw is shot in the back by Carina

Later, Maw debated with Carina over how best to proceed with the dissection. The pair meddled with the tools for the job, Maw growing frustrated with Carina, correcting her and pointing out her foolishness, even by a slaves standard. T'Challa then broke free from his prison box using his necklace, surprising Maw, who quickly regained himself and stopped T'Challa in his tracks, using his telekinesis to levitate him in the air. Maw then used the glass fragments to form binds around T'Challa's limbs, and coldly began to bring them together. Before he could compete his work however, Maw was suddenly shot in the back by Carina, falling to the floor, his control over T'Challa lost, allowing the Ravager to escape.[1]


Ebony Maw was shown to be cold and callous, taking delight in the prospect of dissecting T'Challa. He held a sense of arrogant superiority, berating Carina and even bringing up her status as a slave. Maw was also haughty, holding little care for the lives of others.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telekinesis: Ebony Maw wielded immense telekinetic power, able to easily levitate T'Challa in mid air, and suspending him. Maw could also manipulate the glass fragments around them into binders, he was able to bind them together to trap T'Challa.


  • Physician: Maw had gained a talent for dissection working for the Collector, and operated the dissection table.


  • Dissection Machinery: Maw operated dissection machinery alongside Carina while working for the Collector, though he was killed before he could use it on T'Challa.






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