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"For my light will shine through another, and cast out the darkness covering the earth and lead you to your destiny, where you will walk as children of the light and shine as brightly as the sky above."
Karolina Dean

Earth Angel is the twelfth episode of the second season of the television series Runaways.


Victor recruits Chase to intern at PRIDE to prove that they are nothing more than concerned parents, Chase is skeptical. Karolina discovers Frank is holding Leslie at a detention facility and tries to rescue her mom with Nico, Molly, and Vaughn.


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The Runaways are still under the shock of Chase Stein's departure from the Hostel, but have to face another problem: Karolina Dean has been warned by Vaughn Kaye that Leslie Dean was taken to the Crater. Karolina wants to go and rescue her, but Alex Wilder refuses to sanction such an initiative. Meanwhile, PRIDE tests the weapons they have been designing against the Runaways on two employees, Mary and Megan, with success. In the next day, Victor Stein reveals his condition to Chase. He also offers Chase to do an internship at the PRIDE Headquarters, which Chase reluctantly agrees. Later, Victor uses his success in bring his son back home to take the reins of PRIDE.

Wilder reaches out to Livvie, but instead meets with Tamar to reclaim the gun Darius Davis used days ago to have his fingerprints on it. While he is away from the Hostel, Nico Minoru accepts to help Karolina, and they are joined by Molly Hernandez, who overheard their conversation. The three girls meet with Kaye and drive to the Crater. At the facility, an exhausted Leslie confronts Frank Dean, who accuses his wife of having constantly diminished his significance. Leslie reveals her pregnancy to him, and explains that she will asks for a paternity test, which turns out to be inconclusive.

Karolina meets with Frank and asks him to be allowed to see Leslie. Although Franks seems to accept, he actually locks up his own daughter, fearing that she would endanger his leadership over the Church of Gibborim. However, Karolina is released by Susan Ellerh, her grandmother, who regained all of her senses thanks to Leslie. Ellerh and Karolina are able to find Leslie. Leslie and Karolina asks for Ellerh's assistance to escape from the Crater, and although Ellerh would rather have them stay and purge the Church from Frank's influence, she agrees.

On their way out of the Crater, the three women are ordered by Frank to stop. They are on the verge of being apprehended by the Church's security, prompting Minoru and Hernandez to get ready to intervene. However, Karolina activates her Gibborim-based powers and uses her knowledge of the Book of Gibborim to appears as an envoy sent to fulfil a prophecy called the Radiance. This immediately causes the parishioners to side with her and turn on Frank, who is locked up while Ellerh takes oversight of the Crater.

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Thus, the Runaways and Leslie are able to escape from the Crater. They return to the Hostel, and although Wilder advocates against Leslie's presence in their hideout, he is forced to go along. Karolina has a discussion with Minoru, who explains that she has recently been afraid to use the Staff of One, which is why she did not step in earlier at the Crater. Karolina comforts Minoru, explaining the darkness that she feels when manipulating the Staff is a part of her and that she should accept it. In the same night, at the Hostel, Karolina is startled by the sudden appearance of Xavin, who claims to be her betrothed.

At the PRIDE Headquarters, Chase is brought in front of all the members of the organization. They ask him to reach out to his former friends and convince them to follow his path and return home. In exchange, the management of PRIDE will progressively been given to the teenagers. As he is promised that none of the Runaways will get hurt, Chase agrees to fully join PRIDE.


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