"Never would have thought Scarfe would be cute as a kid."
"That's not Scarfe. That's his son, Earl."
"Never knew he had a kid."
"Earl's dead. Scarfe forgot to lock up his gun one night. Earl found it and accidentally shot himself. Scarfe cracks a lot of jokes, but he rarely smiles. There's a difference."
Perez and Misty Knight[src]

Earl Scarfe was the son of Rafael Scarfe.


Unfortunate Demise

"Gotta get home and see Earl."
"Big plans?"
"I told him he could wait up, watch the Mets game with me."
Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

Scarfe was raised alone by his father, Rafael Scarfe. One day, he promised him that when he returns from work, they could watch New York Mets game together.

However, before his father returned, Earl managed to gain access to his sidearm and accidentally fired a bullet into himself. Returning home, Rafael found the body of his son and was absolutely miserable. At the precinct, Rafael said that it was a judgment of all things that he had done.[1]




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