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"Do you have insurance or something?"
"Insurance is a corporate swindle invented to capitalize on our inner fears."
"Oh, you're totally speaking my language."
Gert Yorkes and Earl[src]

Earl is a former employee at Wizard who notably provided security in the Wizard Headquarters.



"You shouldn't be playing with that."
"Oh, weird. See, I was under the impression that games were meant to be played."
―Earl and Gert Yorkes[src]

Earl talking to Gert Yorkes

During the gala held by PRIDE in Wizard Headquarters, Earl worked in the security staff. While he was reading The Metamorphosis from Franz Kafka, he was approached by Gert Yorkes and began talking with her about their social views, unaware that Yorkes actually distracted him so that Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru could take the elevator to the servers room. As they kept discussing Kafka, Earl noticed the elevator coming up. He tried to call his colleagues but hung up when he saw Yorkes playing with an arcade video game which had been offered to Tina Minoru by Robert Minoru.

Despite trying to protest, Earl began playing with Yorkes. They were noticed by Kincaid, who chastised Earl for letting Yorkes playing with the game. However, Kincaid eventually joined them in the game. As they kept playing, Tina walked by them and Earl immediately stopped playing with Kincaid and Yorkes. Earl remained quiet as Tina went into the elevator. The three then resumed their playing until Tina returned as Earl and Kincaid expressed their admiration for Yorkes. Yorkes then left Earl and Kincaid.[2]

Hipster's Life

Earl eventually fully embraced an anti-capitalist philosophy, ditching his suit and his job at Wizard to adopt a more casual way of life in accordance with his new world views. He once again encountered Gert Yorkes, along with Molly Hernandez, as they were being chased by a PRIDE Drone. Before he could understand what was going on, Earl was robbed of his kick scooter by Hernandez, who threw it at the drone to destroy it. Earl and Yorkes then recognized each other, but before Earl could further explain how he had hoped to meet her once again, Yorkes and Hernandez promptly fled, leaving Earl quite puzzled.[1]