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"Those wings carbon fiber?"
"Is this stuff coming out of you?"
"That would explain the rigidity flexibility ratio which, gotta say, that's awesome."
Spider-Man and Falcon[src]

The EXO-7 Falcon is a propulsion wingsuit created for the Air National Guard and used by former paratroopers Sam Wilson and Riley. In 2014, Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff stole one for Wilson to use in order to prevent HYDRA from executing Project Insight, although it was destroyed by Winter Soldier. The following year, Wilson received a new version when he became an official member of the Avengers. This version was turned to dust, along with Wilson, as a result of Thanos' Snap, but was restored five years later along with Wilson in the Blip.

Following the Battle of Earth, Wilson was given an upgraded version. However, it was destroyed months later in 2024 by John Walker, with Wilson giving the broken wings to Joaquín Torres. Days later, a vibranium version of the EXO-7 Falcon was created by the Wakandan Design Group and given to Wilson, who used it when he became Captain America.


First Version

Air National Guard

"I heard they couldn't bring in the choppers because of the RPGs. What did you use? A stealth chute?"
"No. These."
Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson[src]

Sam Wilson and Riley pictured in Afghanistan

Created sometime prior to 2014, at least two EXO-7's were built and deployed in Afghanistan. The suits were used by the Air National Guard and were given to Sam Wilson and Riley to use on their para rescue missions, including one mission to extract Khalid Khandil in Bakhmala, since helicopters could not be used due to enemy RPGs. One of the flight suits was likely destroyed when Riley was shot down, and the remaining one was locked away by the U.S. Military at Fort Meade once Wilson had retired from the military.[2]

Fighting HYDRA

Battle of Washington, D.C.
"Where can we get our hands on one of these things?"
"The last one is at Fort Meade, behind three guarded gates and a twelve-inch steel wall."
"Shouldn't be a problem."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

Falcon drops Jasper Sitwell onto the roof

In 2014, Captain America and Black Widow had appropriated the EXO-7 Falcon in order for it to be used by Sam Wilson during their war against HYDRA. Falcon initially used it to help with the capture and questioning of Jasper Sitwell. When Black Widow kicked Sitwell off a rooftop to scare him, Falcon flew down and caught him in mid air, before flying back onto the roof and dropping Sitwell at their feet, causing Sitwell to confess everything he knew about Alexander Pierce's plans with Arnim Zola and Project Insight.

Falcon knocks Winter Soldier off his feet

When their team was attacked by the Winter Soldier, Falcon reclaimed his wings and flew down to assist, knocking Winter Soldier off his feet as he attempted to shoot Captain America. However, Falcon and his allies were then surrounded by members of STRIKE, led by Brock Rumlow, who took them into custody, confiscating Falcon's wings. Before they could be executed, Falcon and his allies were saved by Maria Hill, who also rescued Falcon's wings.[2]

Battle at the Triskelion

Sam Wilson battles against HYDRA's Quinjets

"I'm grounded. The suit's down. Sorry, Cap."
"Don't worry, I got it."
Falcon and Captain America[src]

With a mission to hack into HYDRA's Helicarriers, Falcon flew onboard the ships, battling Quinjets until, Falcon's EXO-7 was destroyed when the Winter Soldier attacked him and tore one of the wings off, before kicking Falcon off the Helicarrier.[2]

Second Version

Joining the Avengers

Falcon using the new wings as an Avenger

In 2015, Wilson joined the Avengers and received a new version of the EXO-7 Falcon created by Tony Stark. Similar in terms of its function, it contained upgrades such as weapons, armor plating, communications, sensors, and a red trim for design. Wilson used his pack to arrive at the Avengers Compound to join the second incarnation of the Avengers team led by Captain America.[3]

Duel at the Avengers Compound

Falcon using the new wings to fight Ant-Man

"He's inside my pack!"

Following a perimeter breach at the Avengers Compound, Falcon intercepted Ant-Man when he had infiltrated their facility, as he used his Combat Goggles to see Ant-Man, forcing him into return to his normal size. However, during the fight, where Falcon then flew above the ground and used his twin guns to try and stop the intruder, Ant-Man was able to shrink down and rewire the wing's controls, making Falcon lose full control of the EXO-7 Falcon.[4]

Attack on the IFID Headquarters

Falcon battles against Crossbones' soldiers

In 2016, Falcon used the EXO-7 against Crossbones and all his mercenaries during Attack on the IFID Headquarters. Watching from high on top of a nearby building, Falcon had used Redwing to locate Crossbones as the attack had begun, before flying into the battle as he picked up Captain America and dropped him in the battle. Having used the speed of the EXO-7 to take out several mercenaries, Falcon used the wings as shields to protect himself and Wanda Maximoff from enemy gunfire, before firing off several missiles.

Falcon knocking out Crossbones' mercenary

As Crossbones and his mercenaries had escaped the facility with the biological weapon, Falcon chased them all into the streets of Lagos, before using his Combat Goggles to find them in those crowds. Flying through the civilians, Falcon found one of the mercenaries and slammed into him at full speed, knocking him out, before he learned that Black Widow was in danger, while Falcon sent Redwing to assist her, managing to take the biological weapon to safety as a result.[1]

Avengers Civil War


Sam Wilson having his wings confiscated

"It's the government's property. Wings, too."
"That's cold."
Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson[src]
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Wilson used it during the Capture of Winter Soldier. Therefore, the jetpack was confiscated by the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. Later, he escaped from the facility in Berlin, and his jetpack was recovered by Sharon Carter, who returned it to him. He used it later during the Clash of the Avengers.[1]

Clash of the Avengers

Falcon locates team Iron Man's Quinjet

"Target his thrusters, turn him into a glider."
War Machine to Vision[src]

The group all suited up in their own uniforms and made their way to the Leipzig-Halle Airport where they would depart to Siberia on a Quinjet to stop Helmut Zemo's plan. While Captain America allowed himself to be cornered and disarmed by Iron Man's team of heroes, Falcon took his position and scanned the airport. Falcon found the Quinjet that Iron Man's team had arrived with in Hangar 5 using Redwing's lenses and alerted Captain America.

Falcon scraps with Spider-Man in the air

Falcon and Winter Soldier then made their way towards the hangar, until Spider-Man followed them. Falcon fought Spider-Man in the air, before Spider-Man managed to bring Falcon to the floor by webbing his flight-pack. With Falcon webbed up to a handrail Spider-Man asked if his wings were made from carbon fiber. Spider-Man lunged towards Falcon, only for the kick to be eased by Barnes, Falcon then controlled Redwing to take Spider-Man outside of the terminal.

Falcon being chased down by War Machine

Falcon and his team ran towards the Quinjet, only to be stopped by Vision, who implored the team to surrender. They refused and the two sides ran at each other, with Falcon tackling War Machine in the air. When Vision tried to attack Falcon, he was stopped by an electric arrow fired from Hawkeye, helping Falcon to fly away. Falcon was chased down by Iron Man and War Machine who tried knock him out of the sky, as Falcon asked Hawkeye for aid.

Falcon uses his wings to fight Iron Man

Knowing they could not all win, Falcon, chased by War Machine, suggested a diversion, as Ant-Man grew to an enormous size and caught War Machine behind Falcon. As Falcon was chased by Iron Man, he disengaged his wings to perform a freefall and launched Redwing, which flew directly at Iron Man. As Captain America and Winter Soldier escaped, Iron Man and War Machine chased them. Falcon flew after them but as he also avoided Vision's laser beam.

Falcon chasing Iron Man and War Machine

The beam, however, hit War Machine's Arc Reactor, disabling the suit. Rhodes fell helplessly thousands of feet onto the ground, despite Falcon and Iron Man's efforts to save him, and was left partially paralyzed by the impact. Falcon was then subsequently neutralized by Iron Man and taken into custody aboard the Raft, his equipment being confiscated. When Steve Rogers later returned to free the imprisoned Avengers, the EXO-7 Falcon was returned.[1]

Infinity War

Rescue of Vision

Falcon fighting against the Black Order

When Wanda Maximoff and Vision are attacked and cornered by Black Order members Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight at a train station in Edinburgh, Falcon swooped in and manages to kick Midnight away from the two Avengers as Steve Rogers and Black Widow helped him in overpowering them, prompting the Black Order to retreat.[5]

Battle of Wakanda

Falcon fighting the Outriders in Wakanda

"Alright, back up, Sam. You're gonna get your wings singed."
War Machine to Falcon[src]

Shortly after the Avengers' arrival in Wakanda, the Black Order set foot on the borders of the African nation with their massive horde of Outriders. The kingdom and the Avengers prepared to counter the attack as Falcon and War Machine soared around the battlefield. When the Outriders start to pour through the barrier, Falon provided air support and began to fire down the Outriders before using the same tactic on the Threshers.

Falcon fires at Thanos while flying at him

Once the Outriders were defeated, Falcon joined the others into the forest to protect Vision and witnessed Thanos' arrival. Falcon unleashed all the firepower he had, before the wings of the EXO-7 Falcon were rendered useless by the Space Stone, and he was knocked out. When Thanos collected all of the Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers, Wilson and the EXO-7 Falcon disintegrated.[5]

Battle of Earth

Falcon uses his wings to kill a Chitauri Gorilla

"On your left."
Falcon to Captain America[src]

However, five years later, the EXO-7 Falcon was restored along with Wilson after Bruce Banner used the Nano Gauntlet to resurrect the victims of the Snap. Wilson then used the EXO-7 Falcon in the Battle of Earth.[6]

Third Version

Rescue of Captain Vassant

Falcon fighting the LAF in the canyons

"You guys fly low, drop me off, I fly up to intercept. No treaties violated."
Falcon to Hill[src]

In 2024, the EXO-7 Falcon suit was upgraded and was used by Falcon while performing contract work for the United States Air Force. Wilson used them during the Rescue of Captain Vassant with great ability. He was able to use the wings to fly faster and was able to combat the LAF and Georges Batroc in the air throughout the canyons.[7]

Chase of the Flag Smashers

Falcon fights the Flag Smashers in Germany

Falcon again used the EXO-7 Falcon when fighting against the Flag Smashers on top of trucks in Munich, Germany. Falcon used the wings of the EXO-7 Falcon to successfully catch Bucky Barnes, who was clinging to the bottom of the truck, and fly them into a field.

Ambush at the Resettlement Camp

Falcon fights the Flag Smashers in Latvia

The EXO-7 Falcon was used by Falcon in Riga, Latvia when he fought against Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers.[8]

Duel against John Walker

John Walker damages the EXO-7 Falcon

Falcon used the EXO-7 Falcon during his fight with John Walker, but Walker was able to pin Falcon down to the ground and detach the wings from the suit. However, the EXO-7 Falcon's thrusters remained intact and were used to pry the shield from Walker's grasp.[9]

Given to Joaquin Torres

The EXO-7 Falcon is given to Joaquín Torres

"Wait, yo, you forgot the wings."
"Keep 'em."
Joaquín Torres and Sam Wilson[src]

After the wings had been destroyed by John Walker, Sam Wilson returned to the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp with the EXO-7 Falcon. Since Wilson had reclaimed the shield, he handed the EXO-7 Falcon over to Joaquin Torres.[9]

Fourth Version

Rescue of the GRC Members

"I wonder how much I can get for your new bird costume."
Georges Batroc to Sam Wilson[src]
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Alternate Universe Versions

Zombie Apocalypse

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  • Mechanical Wings:

    Falcon in flight

    The EXO-7 features a pair of retractable wings for flight. In addition to simply being retractable, the wings are also highly articulated. While the first version was designed purely to facilitate flight and as such, lack durability to withstand ballistic impacts, the wings were vulnerable to high impact strikes and gunfire. The subsequent upgraded version featured armored wings, with enough durability to allow them to move and block gunshots and other attacks. Like Captain America's signature shield, they can be used as powerful melee weapons as well.
    • Flight: The primary purpose of the EXO-7's wings is to facilitate powered flight. Thrust is provided by three miniaturized jet engines, housed in the backpack. They provide something on the order of 1000 lbs of thrust, which is enough rescue a grown adult from free fall, and ascend, thus countering the rescue's downward momentum. The primary control interface is a pair of hand grips, mounted on the wings themselves, and are supplemented with a cybernetic link to a pair of goggles. For safety reasons, the EXO-7 has a built-in parachute, in case it malfunctions or sustains damage. The improved model from the Wakandans has a single blue tinted thruster, replacing the previous three red tinted thrusters, likely using the same magnetic propulsion that their other jets use. With these new wings, Sam as Captain America was able to travel from Delacroix to Manhattan (1331.8 mi, 2143.3 km) in under roughly an hour, meaning he can now fly at speeds up to Mach 1.7. [10]
    • Increased Strength: While the EXO-7 does not provide strength augmentation in the same way as the Iron Man armor, the control grips on the wings allow the wearer to augment punches and other strikes with the powered actuators of the wing. A skilled user can use the wings and engines to increase the momentum behind an attack. These attacks have been known to hit opponents so hard that they thrown backward by several feet, being struck with the force of a moving vehicle. In addition, the user could lift up and carry off others while flying. The tip of the wings are also very sharp and with enough momentum, can penetrate the hide of a Chitauri Gorilla. With his vibranium wings, in addition to his Redwing drones, Wilson was able to support an armored truck with multiple people inside.
    • Shield Manifestation:

      Falcon's wings in shield mode

      The upgraded EXO-7's wings are composed from a impact-resistant carbon fiber material, making it almost immune to small arms gunfire. By utilizing this and the suit's remote control pad on the left gauntlets, the wings can be programmed to form protective shields of various configurations by positioning the wings in a pre-determined formation. The wings can form a backpack-like formation behind the user, or be clamped onto the user's gauntlets and be used in a manner similar to the way that ballistic shields are used, allowing for Falcon to use his weapons while also protecting himself and others from enemy attacks. The newer wings from Wakanda are made of Vibranium, making them as indestructible as Captain America's shield.
"It's okay, he can't see me."
"I can see you."
"He can see me."
Ant-Man and Falcon[src]
  • Combat Goggles:

    Falcon scanning for Ant-Man

    The upgraded version on the suit includes several enhancements to the goggles. They now have a built-in Heads-Up Display or HUD that allows its user to see in various spectrums and zoom in on the smallest of objects or the furthest of distances. The goggles also include a sensor system that tracks incoming foreign objects that could possibly be enemies. Wilson was able to track and see Ant-Man though Lang tried to evade him by constantly changing size and running. It can also sync with the Redwing to obtain its tactical data.
  • Weapon Systems:

    Falcon's Weapon System

    The first EXO-7 harness includes two collapsible machine pistols that are stored at the traditional holster position at the user's hips. The user simply reaches for one and a mechanical aid worn on their forearm grabs the gun, after which it is assembled and extended into the user's hand for them to take. The current version of the suit shows several weaponized additions to his gauntlets. The left gauntlet utilizes a wrist-mounted dual emission machine gun controlled via clenching a fist, while the right gauntlet utilizes a wrist-mounted miniature rocket launcher. The suit later had miniature guided missiles stored on the topside of the jetpack that can be launched via the control panel in the left gauntlet. The missiles' targets are determined beforehand via analysis from Redwing.
  • Redwing: A falcon-shaped drone that assists Falcon during missions. Redwing is stored in a compartment at the back of the EXO-7 and can be flown remotely via a control panel on the suit's left gauntlet. Redwing utilizes a specialized camera to view into 360 degrees and in multiple spectrums. It also has tracking software, allowing Falcon to be able to close in on hidden targets and determine an enemy's weak-spots. Despite being a purely mechanical tool, Falcon himself opts to treat it like an animal partner.[1]



Appearances for the EXO-7 Falcon

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, the Falcon's Wings were originally created by Black Panther at the request of Captain America.
  • When spread, the EXO-7 Falcon's wings have red accents that are a nod to the Falcon's costume as seen in the comics. The latest version shows more similarities to the original costume through the chest piece and increase in red and white on the color scheme.
  • In an early concept of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Vulture's Exo-Suit was a modified prototype version of the EXO-7 Falcon.


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