"What's he got there?"
"One of those prank joy buzzers."
"Yeah, you know me. Always kidding around."
John Garrett, Grant Ward and Leo Fitz[src]

The EMP Joy Buzzer is one of Antoine Triplett's grandfather's Howling Commando items, an electromagnetic pulse device disguised as a prank joy buzzer.


"What the hell was that?"
"An E.M.P."
"Looks like the joke's on you."
Grant Ward, John Garrett and Leo Fitz[src]

Antoine Triplett retrieved his grandfather's Howling Commando gear and offered it to Phil Coulson as a tactical advantage during the undercover investigation on Cybertek and the missions to come. The EMP Joy Buzzer was among these items and Skye, not knowing its function, used it unconsciously to destroy the light bulbs inside the motel's room.

EMP Joy Buzzer2

John Garrett feeling the electromagnetic pulse

Leo Fitz took advantage of the innocent appearance of the device when Grant Ward abducted him and Jemma Simmons in Cuba. As they were taken to John Garrett's presence inside the Bus, Fitz used the device against Garrett, damaging his cybernetic prosthesis and bringing him to the brink of death.[1]


"That's not really a joy buzzer. That's a... E.M.P. Knocks power out in about a 10 foot radius."
Antoine Triplett[src]

The EMP Joy Buzzer creates an electromagnetic pulse that has a 10ft range radius. As with all EMPs, the pulse disrupts all electrical applications within its range. Although the buzzer was made in the 1940's, it was powerful enough to disrupt Garrett's cybernetics which were made in the nineties.


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