"I'm here for the EMP Beads, I've developed an update."
"Update? It worked perfectly."
Shuri and Black Panther[src]

EMP Beads are Wakandan devices created by Shuri to emit an electromagnetic pulse, disabling any electric equipment.


Black Panther took EMP Beads for his mission to rescue Nakia from a group of criminals. Once he left the Royal Talon Fighter, Black Panther threw his EMP Beads at the vehicles used by the traffickers. The beads immediately got stuck onto the hood of the vehicles and delivered a powerful EMP which forced all the vehicles to stop and made them unable to start again. Black Panther then took advantage of this distraction to attack and take down the bandits.

Once Black Panther returned to the Golden City, Shuri requested to be given back the EMP Beads so that she could improve them. Although Black Panther considered that the beads worked fine enough, he handed over the beads to his sister.[1]


The EMP Beads can create an electromagnetic pulse. As with all EMPs, the pulse disrupts all electrical applications within its range. The beads are powerful enough to deactivate trucks.


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