"One of his businesses is a salvage yard near the industrial canal. Someone's paying him to store vehicles there. A lot. Off the books."
Stephanie Latour to Mayhem[src]

E-Z Slow Salvage Tow Yard is a wrecking yard in New Orleans.


"You get lost on the way to prom?"
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm a cop. I can be wherever I want."
Mayhem and Tandy Bowen[src]

Owned by Brett Latour, the E-Z Slow Salvage Tow Yard was used to park private ambulances that were involved in a human trafficking operation in New Orleans. Both Tandy Bowen and Mayhem, respectively chasing leads from thekidnapping of Mikayla Bell and from Latour's presence at the Rougarou Club where he had been killed by Mayhem, located the salvage yard and went to investigate. They entered the yard together, as Bowen mistook Mayhem for her original template, Brigid O'Reilly.

Bowen and Mayhem soon spotted an ambulance driver. Bowen chased him, causing the lights on the yard to sparkle as she emitted Lightforce, until the driver got into an ambulance and attempted to leave, only to be stopped by Mayhem in her car. The man then switched directions and drove towards Bowen, who took him down by throwing a Lightforce sphere, wrecking down the ambulance. Bowen was then instructed by Mayhem to go watch the yard's entrance, and while she was away, Mayhem interrogated the driver before slitting his throat.

Meanwhile, Tyrone Johnson and O'Reilly had teleported into the yard using the former's ability as they were looking for Bowen. Upon noticing O'Reilly, Bowen returned to Mayhem, and they arrived in time to watch her execute the man they had captured.[1] Taking advantage of everyone's shock at her exact resemblance to O'Reilly, Mayhem then defiantly stated that she would continue to chase the criminals began the human trafficking, offering Bowen to go with her. As Bowen refused, Mayhem drew her gun, causing Johnson to teleport himself, along with O'Reilly and Bowen, to the safety of St. Theresa's Church. Mayhem then left the yard before the NOPD arrived on site.[2]



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