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"I hope these dwarves are better at forging than they are at cleaning."
Rocket Raccoon[src]

The Dwarves are an ancient race of skilled forgers and blacksmiths who hail from the realm of Nidavellir ruled by King Eitri. They were close allies of the Asgardians, and after being asked by Odin to create the mighty weapon Mjølnir they forged it for him.

After being forced by Thanos to create the Infinity Gauntlet for him, the Dwarven race was completely exterminated by him in order to prevent further weapons forging. Eitri was the sole survivor of the massacre.


"Three hundred dwarves lived on this ring. I thought if I did what he asked, they'd be safe. I made what he wanted. A device capable of harnessing the power of the Stones. And he killed everyone anyway. All except me."

The Dwarves with Thor

The Dwarves were close allies of the Asgardians, having forged various weapons for their soldiers, the most prominent being the hammer Mjølnir.

They were forced by Imir to create a special axe for him which could match any opponent and break the fabric of reality. When Thor found out what Imir wanted, he battled and defeated him with his lightning strike. After his defeat, he lay on the ground in crisp from Thor's lightning.[1]

The Dwarves also were attacked by Thanos, who forced them to forge the Infinity Gauntlet for him to harness the combined power of the six Infinity Stones. Thanos later betrayed and killed all of them except King Eitri who was spared though had his hands crippled by the Mad Titan.

Eitri meets Thor back on Nidavellir

Later, Eitri was visited by Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot who journeyed to the realm to find Eitri and reinvigorated his spirit to forge a new weapon for Thor to kill Thanos, an axe-hammer called Stormbreaker.[2]


The Dwarves are a very skilled and advanced race of smiths, able to create objects with properties that can be regarded as magical, like Mjølnir, Gungnir, Hofund, Infinity Gauntlet, and Stormbreaker.

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