"This is Duncan and Dotter Design. [...] 211 10th Avenue, suite 305."

Duncan + Dotter Design is an architectural business based in New York City.


Midland Circle Project

"I can show you our most recent work. A building in Hell's Kitchen, designed by my colleague John Raymond."
"Midland Circle."
―Architect and Jessica Jones[src]

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Anna Asher's Visit

Under the alias "Anna Asher," Jessica Jones visited the office of an architect to the business. There, she made some requests on what she wanted her new office building to be. With the notion that she wanted to ahead of her competition, Jones asked to see their most recent project, revealed to be Midland Circle; when asked if she could speak with the architect responsible for the design, the associate mentioned that he was unable to do so. While out of the office, Jones photographed the projection before leaving the building.[1]


Name Position Status
John Raymond Architect Deceased


Name Project Status
Midland Circle Financial Midland Circle Completed


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