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"Iron Man never stopped protecting us. The events in Monaco proved that."
Pepper Potts[src]

The Duel of Monaco, dubbed the Attack on Tony Stark by the media, was an attempt by Ivan Vanko to kill Tony Stark at the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo for defaming his family legacy. Vanko utilized a new modified apparatus with two electrified whips to wreak havoc on the circuit, resulting in a showdown which involved Stark utilizing his Mark V armor to defend himself.

After Stark destroyed the Arc Reactor powering Vanko's harness, Vanko was arrested and transported to the Batiment B3 in France, ending the duel and earning Stark the acclamation of the stadium attendees.


"Ты должен быть там.[3]"
"Не слушай эту ерунду.[4]"
"Прости. Все, что я могу оставить тебе — это мои знания.[5]"
Anton Vanko and Ivan Vanko[src]

Ivan Vanko mourns his father's death

Anton Vanko died in Moscow the day Tony Stark told the world he was Iron Man. That day Ivan Vanko prepared to make his own armor, including an Arc Reactor in order to kill Stark. He took a plane to Monaco six months later after getting the ticket from a Ten Rings Agent.

Stark and Pepper Potts traveled to Monte Carlo, Monaco. Knowing his death was imminent from palladium poisoning, Stark decided to race his car in the Circuit de Monaco himself.[6]


Ivan Vanko reveals himself on the racetrack

"What I saw you do to Tony Stark on that track, how you stepped up to him in front of God and everybody. That was... Wow. You spoke to me with what you did."
Justin Hammer to Ivan Vanko[src]

While racing in Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Tony Stark's car is attacked by Ivan Vanko, using his homemade armor. After crawling out of his car and dodging many attacks from Vanko, Happy Hogan, and Pepper Potts hit Vanko with their car and pinned him against the fence. As Potts threw Stark his Mark V armor briefcase, the crowd that was once running then began to come back, noticing the now-armored superhero facing his foe as they cheered for Stark.

Ivan Vanko being defeated by Iron Man

Vanko then hit Stark with his whip and Stark grabbed it. Stark pulled himself closer to Vanko and ripped the homemade Arc Reactor from Vanko's chest plate, crushing it. As his suit lost power, Vanko was arrested and his armor was taken from him. However, he taunted Stark with a phrase 'you lose' as he was taken into custody, while the people in the stadiums applauded and clapped for Stark once more.[6]


Ivan Vanko is recruited by Justin Hammer

"They're gonna take your suits, Tony, okay? They're sick of the games. You said nobody else would possess this technology for twenty years. Well, guess what? Somebody else had it yesterday."
James Rhodes to Tony Stark[src]

Tony Stark discovered that Ivan Vanko was the son of Anton Vanko, who collaborated on the first Arc Reactor with Stark's father Howard Stark, who wanted to take revenge from the Stark family making them poor. Further, Vanko correctly predicts the falling health of Stark's health owing to palladium poisoning.

Since Vanko had re-discovered the use of Arc Reactor technology to create weaponized suits just like Tony Stark, the National Guard aimed to confiscate Tony's suits in response to this battle so that this technology can be used responsibly. After becoming sick, and learning he only had a week to live, Tony Stark started panicking and decided to spend the best of his time that he can, irresponsibly drinking with his suit on during his birthday party.

Later on, during Tony Stark's birthday party, James Rhodes confiscated the Mark II armor as a response to Stark being irresponsible, giving it to the National Guard. The National Guard gave the suit to Hammer Industries so that it could be weaponized.

Vanko was promptly broken out of jail by a revenge-seeking Justin Hammer, who put him to work fashioning a line of armored combat suits that he planned to use to upstage Stark at Stark Expo. However, a vengeful Vanko decided to turn on Hammer by using the money and parts given to him to make his own tech for his own revenge against Stark instead. [6]


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