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"I'mma track down anyone who would even think of being loyal to you! And I'mma put their ass in the dirt! Right next to Zuri!"
Erik Killmonger to Black Panther[src]

The Duel in the Great Mound was an open confrontation between Black Panther and Erik Killmonger.


"Sup' Princess."
"You'll never be a true King."
Erik Killmonger and Shuri[src]

Erik Killmonger, now the king of Wakanda and supported by W'Kabi and his army, prepared shipments of Wakandan weapons to be distributed to operatives around the world, so they may spread it to other people of African descent so that they may fight back against their oppressors.

Black Panther and Erik Killmonger fall into the Great Mound

Overseeing the ships leaving Wakanda, he sees one of them shot down by T'Challa, making his return as Black Panther. Killmonger orders W'Kabi and his army against T'Challa, but he blasts them away with his kinetic energy. Enraged at Killmonger's evil nature, Okoye and a few of her warriors got ready to attack Killmonger, who reveals he has taken one of the upgraded Habits for his own use. During the fight, Nakia and Shuri join Okoye as they fight Killmonger. With M'Baku and the Jabari Tribe arriving to help the fight, T'Challa focuses his attention on Killmonger, who is about to hurt Shuri.[1]


Black Panther furiously fights Erik Killmonger

"Turn on the train on the bottom track."
"The destablizers won't activate your suit. You won't have protection!"
"Neither will he."
Black Panther to Shuri[src]

T'Challa tackles Erik Killmonger and they fall down into the vibranium mines. There, they continue their fight, evenly matched, until T'Challa has Shuri utilize the mag-lev train's sonic stabilizers to disrupt the vibranium technology in his and Killmonger's Habits, leaving him exposed, T'Challa impaled Killmonger with his own short spear.[1]


T'Challa takes Killmonger to see the sunset

"Maybe we can still heal you."
"Why? So you can just lock me up. Nah. Just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors, who jumped from ships 'cause they knew death was better than bondage."
Black Panther and Erik Killmonger[src]

T'Challa sat down next to Erik Killmonger, who complimented him on the move. He explained that his father stated that Wakanda was the most beautiful place on Earth. Saddened, T'Challa drags Killmonger outside the Great Mound to watch the sunset. T'Challa told Killmonger that Shuri could heal the wound that he inflicted on him. Killmonger declines the offer asking to be buried at sea like his ancestors, stating that when they were brought over to America on boats, some of them jumped out and drowned in the sea, as they knew it was better to die that way than it was to be imprisoned. Killmonger decided to remove the spearhead from his body, and died peacefully.[1]