"Believe me I would love for someone else to rule but it can't be you. You're just... the worst."
Thor to Hela[src]

The Duel in the Asgardian Palace was an open confrontation between Thor and Hela.


"Okay. Get up. You're in my seat."
Hela to Thor[src]
Thor king

Thor waiting for Hela upon the throne

Thor, Valkyrie, and Bruce Banner arrived to Asgard in the Commodore. Thor informs them that a man on the ground in Asgard, referring to Heimdall and the plan they have agreed. Heimdall tells the Asgardians that Hela has arrived at the fortress and begins to evacuate them. Hela then broke down the doors to the refuge.

Meanwhile, Thor gives Valkyrie her former outfit to wear into battle. Thor goes to the throne room of Asgard and takes his seat there, awaiting Hela. Hela broke down the doors to the refuge, as the Asgardians use the opportunity to cross the Bifrost Bridge, hoping to escape.[1]


"What were you the God of again?"
Hela to Thor[src]
Thor vs. Hela (Battle for Asgard)

Hela counters Thor's attack from Gungnir

Hela realizes that Thor is in the throne room, and leaves the refuge to go to confront him. Hela arrives at the palace to confront her brother. Thor uses his father's spear, Gungnir, to engage her in a battle, but Hela overpowers him. Hela tells Thor he is worth nothing, knocking him down. She strikes him across the face with a blade, slicing his eye out. Hela pins Thor down and tells him she will get the Bifrost Sword.[1]


Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 20.23.05

Thor channeling his thunderous powers

"You're late."
"You're missing an eye."
Thor to Loki[src]

Hela teases Thor about her victory and his lack of power without the hammer, asking, what was he the god of again. At that moment, Thor sees Odin in his vision, contacting him from Valhalla. Odin tells Thor that Asgard is, in fact, not a place, but a people, and that the spirit of Asgard will live on even if the location does not. He reminds Thor that he is the god of thunder, revealing that Mjølnir was only a tool to channel his power, but that he still has true power within him. He leaves the vision, reminding his son that he is even stronger than him.

Thor comes out of the vision and accesses his true power to strike Hela with lightning. He leaps at the Rainbow Bridge, attacking her forces with giant bolts of electricity, using the strongest powers he has ever channeled.[1]


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