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"You're gonna learn about pain. You're gonna learn about loss. Every morning... I look for 'em, Bill. I look for 'em, but then I remember. It's gonna be the same for you. When you look at your ugly, mangled face, you're gonna remember what you did. You'll remember, Bill! You're gonna remember me!"
Punisher to Billy Russo[src]

The Duel at the Central Park Carousel was an open confrontation between Punisher and Billy Russo.


"Let's meet tonight. Midnight. How about by your painted ponies, Frankie? How you feel about that? Finish this where it all started."
Billy Russo to Punisher[src]

Billy Russo and the Punisher make their deal

Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle set up a trap where Russo would get Curt's gun and tried to use it to hold Curt hostage and kill him. Billy managed to shoot Curt in the shoulder but Punisher sniped Billy and missed. Russo then took cover to avoid getting shot. Frank called Curt's phone and told him to give the phone to Russo. Frank then told Russo that the fight is between them and should not involve Curt which lead to the agreement that a duel would take place, one on one.[1]


The Punisher arriving at Central Park

"You come out. You come out where I can see you, or I kill these kids right now!"
Billy Russo to Punisher[src]

Punisher arrived at the Central Park at midnight and called Dinah Madani from Homeland Security who immediately left her post at Homeland and traveled to the Park. Castle and Russo had a skirmish at the carousel's tree-line which quickly draw toward the carousel itself. Russo then took two employees from a nearby shop and stabbed them. These teens are then tied up to the carousel. When Castle didn't engage Russo in combat, Russo threatened Castle by saying that the teenagers will die of blood loss if he did not come to fight.

The Punisher being shot down by Billy Russo

Castle immediately attacked Russo in a gunfight on the spinning carousel. Russo began taunting Castle. Russo was hit in the face with a ricochet bullet which lead him to threaten his hostages if Castle did not reveal himself. Castle came forward and lowered his gun. Russo began to mock Castle for his sentiments and how they were a weakness, and how he did not share that weakness seeing as Russo had no one his whole life. As he mocked Frank he began shooting him to disable Castle. Castle pointed out how Russo had Castle and was a part of his family, but Russo denied having any attachment towards them. When Russo was about the kill Castle, Madani arrived, gun-drawn, but Russo shot her in the head with no hesitation.

Billy Russo holds the Punisher's blade at bay

Having seen this, Castle went berserk and beat Russo down. Castle then pulled out a knife and attempted to stab Russo in his face. Russo managed to block the attack but was pushed against the mirror of the carousel. With his back against the wall and a blade inches away from his face, Russo pulled out a hidden blade, stabbing Castle in his arm and stealing the knife from him. Now with the upper hand Russo began slashing and stabbing Castle, even stabbing Castle in the shoulder pinning him to the wall. Russo mocks Castle one more time, calling him pathetic for his actions. Just before Russo could finish Castle off, he picks up a broken shard of glass and stabs it deeply into Russo’s gut. Russo backs away in pain and pulls the glass from his stomach, bleeding out and gasping for air. Though he tries to stab Castle again, Russo is too exhausted from his wounds and blood loss to put up a fight against Castle who manages to gain the upper hand once again and easily block Russo’s attacks. When Russo was disabled, Castle rubbed his face on the carousel's broken glass which resulted in an extremely painful punishment for Russo. Russo's face is completely destroyed and he was evidently in pain, and when he tried to stab Castle, he breaks Russo's arm and proceeds to smash his face against another mirror, scarring more of Russo’s face. Castle then retrieved his knife off the ground and holds it against Russo's neck, making Russo look at his now disfigured face.

Punisher smashes Billy Russo's face

Russo, completely defeated, begs Castle to kill him. Castle, now seeing the sad state his former friend is in decided against killing him, because for Russo "dying’s easy." Castle then repeatedly smashed Russo's face into the broken mirror, swearing Russo will now know the pain and loss that Castle does every time he "looks at his ugly mangled face" every day, like Castle must wake up every morning and realize his family is gone. After a total four times of being smashed into the mirror, Castle swears to Russo that Russo will remember what he did to Castle and that Castle was the one who took everything from him before throwing Russo’s face into the mirror one last time causing Russo to pass out from the pain. After freeing Carl and Hayley from their restraints, Castle then held the wounded Madani in his arms until the police arrived.[1]


Billy Russo recovering from all of his injuries

"We've redirected the narrative for recent events. Lewis Wilson and Russo are the only suspects anyone needs right now."
"You're officially still at large, but we wiped your prints and DNA from the criminal justice system and replaced them with those of a dead man. We've done what we can to give you your life back. Pete Castiglione is a free man."
"You were betrayed. Some kind of justice was done, and we hope that's enough for you."
Marion James and Rafael Hernandez to Frank Castle[src]

Three days later, Dinah Madani is in good condition at a hospital while Billy Russo was in a coma after extensive surgery. Rafael Hernandez and Marion James are in this scene with Castle in which his criminal records are erased because he did save the CIA from scandal.[1]