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Duchamp is the Chief of the New Orleans Police Department.


As the Chief of the New Orleans Police Department, Duchamp asked Otis and Adina Johnson to come to the New Orleans Police Department Station to inform them of the Arrest of James Connors. Since the evidence indicated that James Connors was involved in the death of their son Billy, Duchamp told them that there would be a full investigation, although Otis remained doubtful about its results.[1]

Duchamp coordinated a search for Connors after he mysteriously disappeared the night of the Outbreak in New Orleans. Days later, she was approached by Detective Brigid O'Reilly who was back to duty after being severely hurt by Connors. When asked whether they had new leads, Duchamp replied that O'Reilly should remain far from the investigation, since people could infer that O'Reilly was somehow responsible of Connors' absence, as Duchamp suspected that she had a much darker side than she demonstrated.[2]

Duchamp took part in a NOPD operation in an attempt to capture Tyrone Johnson, who was supposed to be in the Clemence Convent, unaware that the NOPD had actually been tipped off by Tyrone himself so the presence of the police would chase off the Uptown Block Kings. Duchamp agreed to let O'Reilly in alone to rescue Adina, who was supposedly Tyrone's hostage. Once O'Reilly was outside with Adina, Duchamp sent a full squad of heavily armed men. She dismissed O'Reilly's protest that Tyrone was unarmed, stating that Kenneth Fuchs, who was still believed to have been murdered by Tyrone at the time, was unarmed as well when he died.[3]





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