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"Is there something illegal in your apartment? Guns? Drugs? I can have a warrant in an hour and have him locked up in three. But you gotta say something."
"And what can you really do, huh? You got him before and he still got out. And not for knocking me around. And even if he didn't kill that guy that your partner framed him for, he's killed others. Plenty others. So, yeah, I'm not talking, 'cause I'm scared of him and because I don't think there's shit you can do to stop him."
Misty Knight and Drea Powell[src]

Drea Powell is the mother of C.J. Powell, and the lover of Dontrell Hamilton.


"Drea been my lady for 15 years, all right? We gonna get into it sometimes."
Cockroach Hamilton to Luke Cage[src]

Drea Powell lived with her son, C.J. in Harlem. After C.J.'s father, Dontrell Hamilton was released from prison, he moved back into their apartment where he would regularly abuse Drea and their son. When Hamilton came to Luke Cage's attention, he went to find him at Drea's apartment. She refused to give up his location, but Cage found out where he was from an elderly neighbor.[1]

When Hamilton returned home after Cage had busted up his illegal casino, he started to beat on Drea, believing that she had given up his location. C.J. tried to stop the abuse, but Hamilton was only stopped by the arrival of Luke Cage, who had been alerted to the abuse by the same neighbor.[1]







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